Color Coordinated

Portbello Road
June 2007

My iTunes: Wonderwall by Oasis

I can't get enough of doors. I am drawn to them.

Yesterday, once again, I found myself wandering the streets of Notting Hill with our family who is visiting with us. I have been going there quite a bit lately. The next post later today will also be from this same area but a different take completely. I sure hope you all aren't getting tired of this neighborhood. I always find something worth capturing when I am here. When I saw this shot....it was framed in my head before I even raised my camera. Isn't it lovely? The greens, the oranges and the whites are so soothing...what a wonderful way to be welcomed home at the end of a long day.

Although I don't have my computer back yet...I am back to my regular posts and will be making my way to each of you. I have gone through all my images and am pretty excited about some shots I will be sharing....

Have a relaxing Sunday!


Beverly said...

And a happy Sunday to you. I love your photos of doors.

Moi said...

They are Anna..and they are special to me coz they are the colors of my national lag (India): the tricolor...:)
Beautiful pic.....every time u mention Notting Hill, I cant help but think of the movie.....it's one of my fav. romantic comedies...though my husband has other views on the chick-flick ;)

Moi said...

*national flag . OOps!!

kenju said...

Through your photos, I have an image of Notting Hill as a very charming and scenic place to live. You have made me want to visit there.

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

anna, you are nowhere near as bad a blogger as i am - am barely doing one a week right now!

love your ability to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary

lovely colours textures lines etc etc - need i go on - great work as usual

John Roberts said...

You should do a book on doors. Have I suggested this before?

I found Notting Hill on Google Earth, but I didn't see a young woman with a camera on the street. You must have been inside. LOL!

Ash said...

Love that orange!

Mrs Wibbs said...

Lovely, very lovely shot...Some of my favourite colours here!
(Btw Did you see my italian door from the last WW? not quite as colourful as your one, but quite atmospheric))
Glad that you are savouring having your family here so much, it does sound like you're having a ball!!