The Big Little Moments

My Katherine
February 2008

My iTunes: Don't Wanna Think About You by Simple Plan

What did I do tonight?

I had a 15 minute date with my niece. We sat on the kitchen floor feet to feet (in the shape of a diamond) together while we each ate a popsicle and talked about her day. Once in a while we would show our red stained tongues to each other and have a good laugh. I even managed to sneak a second grape popsicle as I explained to her I am older so I can get away with that...she totally bought it!

It was a neat moment for me with her and I hope she liked it as well. Of course I grabbed my camera to mark the occasion. Our relationship wasn't always this way...when we first moved here to Atlanta she had to warm up since she hardly knew me. It has taken awhile but we are two peas in a pod these days. It has been such a blessing for me to connect with my nephews and my niece here.

Good times. Good times.

*As a side note, Katherine has the same color hair as Riley in the post below. You can see it well in these pictures.


Life With Riley

February 2008

My iTunes: Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley

I haven't posted about our puppies for awhile. At almost six months old, they have settled into their life here pretty easily. Riley weighs in at 43 pounds while Lucy has just crossed over the 5 pound mark. I know....she's a big girl! Hehehe. They are like brother and sister and even though Riley could break Lucy in two, she rules the house here. She is feisty for a little dog and has Riley wrapped! It is cute to watch them together. The other day I actually looked into Riley's crate and Lucy was nestled in next to him sleeping.

This shot was taken today when Riley was resting at the end of our bed. Both dogs sleep in our room. Lucy is on the bed and Riley is somewhere around it...wherever he drops usually! I will post an image of Lucy soon.

Have a good weekend!


Sign of Spring

Trying to Survive
February 2008

My iTunes: 3 A.M. by Matchbox Twenty

I adventured outside in our backyard (backgarden) this morning. I was anxious to see if I could find any blooms ANYWHERE to give me a glimmer of hope that Spring is indeed on its way. I almost missed this beauty above. We have a tree in the very back that I can barely see from our patio. The tree was full of these blooms. Unfortunately, most of them were worn and battered by all the persistent winds and cold we have had over the last several days here (did I mention our heat went out?). This one was the best of the bunch. It is supposed to get considerably warmer this weekend so I will be out snapping away I am sure!

I have some hope now. Please come soon Spring and stay awhile! Oh and by the way, our heat is now working again!

A Lesson For Two

Ball Cart
February 2008

My iTunes: Nine In the Afternoon by Panic at the Disco

What a fun day!

Sorry for the late post. I was having trouble loading image last night.

These shots are from Jack & Sam's first tennis lesson yesterday. I signed them up for group lessons but they were the only two to show up. They had so much fun and I have to credit Neko (the coach) for her amazing skills with young kids. She did several drills and games that had them running all over the court with smiles from ear to ear for the entire hour. It was pretty crazy to watch an 8 and 9 year old serve across court and it was in the box. She said I have a couple of naturals! The temperature was incredibly cold outside so Sadie and I watched from underneath a blanket, only coming out from under it to catch a couple of pictures (well, more than a few).

I am selfishly hoping to train up another couple of players so we can play together on family vacations! I also think tennis is a great sport to enjoy your whole life.

Have a great day!

My Sam in ready position

My Jack exhibiting the "catch & finish" technique


BlogLand...We Have A Problem

Problem uploading pics again....I will be trying again in the am. Night all!


A Lunch Date

Opening Time
February 2008

My iTunes: Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park

After seeing my husband for a total of 4 days in the past month, he is finally home for awhile. He took the day off today and we hung out with the kids at school....just the two of us. It was well deserved and appreciated time together. I loved laughing with him and sharing about things going here while he was away. Since he has been the one on the Indian food diet....it was his choice where to go for lunch. He chose his favorite place, Chipotle. Do you have one in your part of the world? It was very good. They have the best gaucamole I have ever eaten and they serve margaritas...what's not to like?

I am a huge fan of the design of this restaurant chain. They used recycled and simple materials and keep overhead low with not a lot of fancy stuff. The result is a clean and very urban feel to the place. It's pretty cool that there are no two locations that are the same.

I had been wanting to get this image above and took my camera today....it is the lines. I am a sucker for them. :) Have a good day everyone!


Double Meaning

The Abbey Facade

My iTunes: How Great Is Our God by Bethany Dillion

This shot has double meaning for me. Please click on it to see the beautiful detail. I took this at Westminster Abbey while we were living in London. This is one of my favorite places to visit across the pond. I think while we were there I went on tours about 8 times. The architecture is stunning and all the history had me going back again and again because I could never learn it all.

The first meaning in this photo for me is about the search our family is going through right now. We are in the process of searching for a church. Not an easy thing to do as you transition back into a new life but a vitally important decision for us to make this process much easier for our whole family. The good thing is I know God has planned where we will end up and so I can relax a bit. What a relief!

On a TOTALLY different note....

The second meaning has to do with my new favorite show these days. I just realized Comcast has the Showtime series THE TUDORS on On Demand for free (and it is edited...thank goodness). Have any of you seen it? I am SO hooked on it. I love history! Dont get me wrong, it is historical but takes A LOT of creative freedoms. The show is about King Henry VIII and his reign, his wives, and his relationship with the Catholic Church through many years. I watch it while searching on google all the characters in history to learn more about them. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Bend It Like Beckham & Mission Impossible III) plays the King and is amazing.

Anyway, hope you all have a great week!


Basketball Fever

Lining Up
February 2008

My iTunes: Walkin' on the Sun by Smash Mouth

If you are a regular reader you know that for the last several weeks (and for a few more to come), if it is Saturday, it is basketball day in our home. Our youngest son is on a team so I have made a point to have my Saturday posts about basketball.

They did AWESOME today! Way to go Comets! Another win was a great feeling and the boys are over the moon with excitement. I snapped this top shot as they all lined up to congratulate the other team for a good game. The bottom shot is of Sam taking to the court.

I hope everyone has a good Sunday!

My Sam


The Last Ones...(for now)

February 2008

My iTunes: You Can Count On Me by The Counting Crows

These are the last of my bowling images to share...

I love the shoe pic above. Is it just me or does everyone have to try on like 3 pairs of bowling shoes until you get the right size? I think it's because the shoes are all so different and then people stretch them. Below are the lockers....I kept the original colors because they have probably been that color since the 60's or earlier. Very cool.

Have a good weekend everyone!



Goodnight Moon

February 2008


ho made the great lights,
His love endures forever.

The sun to govern the day,
His love endures forever.

he moon and stars to govern the night;
His love endures forever.

Psalm 136: 7-9

The Message


This was my attempt to get an image during the eclipse from last night. It really was cool to watch. Thanks Peg for calling me and inspiring me to get my tripod out!
It was worth a shot anyway.



Bowling Alley Food
February 2008

My iTunes: Call It Life by Amy Seeley

I had to get this shot. The prices have changed a lot since I was a kid but the food is the same. The food served at bowling alleys is a part of the experience of going bowling. I regret not getting one shot though...the french fries. They serve them in those baskets. I don't know where else I would ever order a basket of fries!

And by the way, in case you didn't think so, my "YUM" title is completely sarcastic...other than the fries! :)


Scenes from the Alley

What's Your Size?
February 2008

My iTunes: Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional

For my nieces 16th birthday we all went bowling. My sister and her husband rented out a place and invited friends and family. It was cool...especially considering I had just recently posted about how much I loved bowling. This is one of the older places to bowl in Louisville so it was very nostalgic...not new and modern. I got some great images that I will be sharing over the next few days.

I really enjoyed seeing her friends...some I had known since they were kids and some were new friends. They all seemed to have a great time hanging out and helping each other bowl. I had fun exploring the nooks of the alley and since we had rented it out I could pretty much take pics of whatever I wanted. YAY! I got the top image when I asked if I could duck behind the counter and get a pic of all the shoes in their cubbies. And the pic below is of Alex right after getting her shoes. She is a great girl and I enjoyed sharing this moment with her.

Happy Birthday Alex!

Alexandria Rand
Sweet 16!

(She looks a lot different than in the post below....she cleans up nice! It runs in the family!)


Day of Soccer

Subbing Players
February 2008

My iTunes: Bring it On by Lenny Kravitz

Since last Friday I have been in Louisville, Kentucky. I grew up here. I am back because my niece is celebrating her 16th birthday. The whole weekend has been so great although I still can't believe she is 16! When did that happen? Seriously, I feel old.

On a less depressing note, I traveled to her soccer game on Saturday with my sister. It was incredibly cold...I was seriously missing my "HOT"lanta! I was warmed up after I was snapping away throughout the game with my camera. I got the top image as the girls were walking out onto the field to relieve some other players. The bottom image is my niece on the left. She looked good out there!

I have a long day of driving tomorrow to make it home so time to get some sleep.
Have a good Tuesday!

Get It Girl!


Start Your Engines!

#24's Tires...

My iTunes: Stolen by Dashboard Confessional

Today was the start of NASCAR season...the Daytona 500. Anyone watch? Everyone who reads my blog says they don't "peg" me as a racing fan. Well, I am! And I was rooting for my team today although today wasn't their day. Jimmie Johnson (#48) is my favorite driver but was out with an accident with about 39 laps left. STINK. Maybe next time.

These images were taken at Talladega Motor Speedway last year. I was lucky enough to have pit passes (thanks Brad and Donna) so I could get up close to all the cars and pits. Very cool. The tires are Jeff Gordon's. They are huge. I guess they have to be to withstand the heat from the speed they endure. And the shot below is of the pit sign for Jimmie's Lowe's racing team with the bleachers of Talladega in the background.

This day was so much fun...it is so cool when those cars go pass you at 200 miles per hour. Totally exhilarating!

Have a good week!

Lowe's Pit Sign

I'll Be Back...

We have been out of town but I will be posting tomorrow (Sunday night)! I've gotten some fun images to share over the last two days!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you all are having a good weekend!


My Valentine

My Better Half

My iTunes: Crash by Dave Matthews Band

Short and sweet tonight...."sweet" being the key word here.

My hubby comes home in about an hour after being in India for the last three weeks! YAY! I am so excited. We are also headed out on a road trip with the kids tomorrow for the long weekend. This is one of my favorite pics of him taken awhile back. I am so blessed to have him in my life and I am looking forward to reconnecting with him.

Hope everyone is having a Happy Valentines!


A Must See

My New Favorite Movie

My iTunes: Anyone Else But You sung by Michael Cera And Ellen Page
from the Juno soundtrack

I went out for a girls night tonight. We went to see Juno. I have been wanting to see it for some time. There was three of us and we had the whole theater. I loved that I could laugh out loud with them and not be sssssshhhhhed. What fun!
(and no, I didn't take this picture)

What can I say? If you haven't seen it...you should. It is a real story that will have you doubled over laughter in one scene and genuinely connecting with the amazing characters the next.

Have a Happy Valentines...my hubby is home tomorrow! :)


Advantage In

Fenced In
February 2007

My iTunes: Sky by Joshua Radin
(new release...check it out on iTunes)

There is only one other phrase I like to hear more in tennis than "Great shot Anna!" It is "Ad-In". Standing for advantage-in, it means the serving team will win the game if they win the next point. Who doesn't want to hear this?

This is the fence where I play each week with my ALTA team. The picture pretty much explains it I think. I like that it is green and I love the lines. I didn't see behind me but I am sure the other ladies were wondering what the heck I was doing shooting so close to the fence.

Ready for Spring...

Bouquet for Me
February 2008

My iTunes: Call It Life by Amy Seeley

Finally I can upload. Am too tired to think at this point. Every now and then I buy flowers to have around the house to brighten it up a little. These were just so pretty I wanted to get a shot of them before they died.

It is getting warmer here in HOTlanta. I am so glad. I hope it is getting warmer where you are today. Have a good Tuesday!


I am having trouble uploading my pic to blogger. I will try again in the a.m. Hope you all are well! Come back in the morning!


Sadie Girl

My Girl
February 2008

My iTunes: Too Little, Too Late by JoJo

Wow...what a day! Sadie and a couple of her friends got together today and I did a photo shoot with them. One of the girls is quite the make up artist. They got all done up and then it was my turn. I came away with some stunning shots of each girl. The song I am listening to is one of ones that Sadie and I like to listen to in the car when it is just us.

This is my Sadie. She is beautiful and I loved shooting her today.

Have a great week everyone!


Go Comets!

Green Ball
February 2008

My iTunes: These Walls by Amy Seeley

It is that time again...Saturday hoops!


It was a great game and our first win after good tries week after week. I snapped this just before the ball was to go in and we made a shot. BTW, my back is still hurting but I am getting better! Thanks for all the comments yesterday!

See you tomorrow!


Right Above My Nose

Painfully Surprised
February 2008

My iTunes: I Want To Go Home by Lenny Kravitz
(...yes, I am still on my Lenny binge...)

So I am going about my day...doing all the things I need to do to make my house "appear" to run smoothly and I pulled a muscle in my back. Have you all done that? It hurt so bad...it still does. As I collapsed on my bed, I laid back and shut my eyes trying not to move. Once I opened them....there it was....my pic of the day. How many times have I looked at this fan and never thought anything of it? Today was different mainly because I could not move for about 30 minutes. Of course, I had just brought a ton of stuff upstairs and my camera was in reach. :) This is the shot. I really like it. Hope ya'll do too!

While my back is still hurting, I am sure it will be better soon!

Have a good weekend!


Color Schemes

Sadie's Work
February 2008

My iTunes: A Long and Sad Goodbye by Lenny Kravitz
(I am all over this CD right now...it is amazing and I can't get it out of my head!)

Slow day today...thanks for all your encouraging comments from yesterday! I think I am shutting down a bit in anticipation of my better half getting here soon.

This is a piece of Sadie's artwork and I have been wanting to post it for awhile. I see it every day on my fridge. She has a great art teacher and seems to be enjoying the class although her teacher works them VERY hard! I loved this. The colors, the shapes, the patterns. The actual size of this is 10x10. Starting from the left top triangle and going clockwise you have monochromatic, cool, achromatic, triad, split complementary, analogous, complementary, and then warm.
Very cool. I don't remember doing stuff like this in school.

Have a great Friday everyone!


Taking A Breather

Looking Below
April 2007

My iTunes: Gravel Lines by Amy Seeley

Another find from my images taken in while living overseas. We were on our way to Newcastle, England to see a concert with our daughter when I looked up at Waterloo Station just in time to see the above image. I began to crave solitude just watching this pigeon.

I am craving solitude now.....day 14...yes, day 14...with my husband gone on a business trip out of the country. Thankfully I have friends and family to keep me company until he returns. If you think about it, please say a prayer for us over here and for him as he travels around India. He is in the middle of a blizzard right now in Kashmir which is 50 miles from the Pakistani border.

We really miss him and are feeling the miles.

Check Amy Seeley out on iTunes. She has a beautiful voice...real "folksy"...is that a word? The song I am listening to is amazing.


Tuesday Means Tennis

The Line
February 2008

My iTunes: Shuffling the new Lenny Kravitz CD
titled "It Is Time for a Love Revolution"

That line up there has garnered much of my attention these days. Healthy, I know. Tuesdays are my tennis day....but now Mondays and Thursdays are as well! I am thrilled! I can only get better right?!?!

I shot this the other day before a friend and I ran each other all over the court. In case you were wondering....the left side of the white line is considered "in" and to the right of the white line is "out"....

I don't like that side....unless it is coming from the other player! :)


Back to Race Day

Barbed Wire
October 2007

My iTunes: The Great Escape (live) by Boys Like Girls

I found these as I was sifting....I have been doing a lot of that lately. Again...not sure why I have not posted them before now. I really like them. I snapped these at Talladega Motor Speedway when I was there for a NASCAR race last year. The barbed wire was going around the track.....to keep the rif -raf (like me) in maybe?

The bottom shot is all the semi's lined up....waiting to load up and go to the next race. These trucks were carrying all the merchandise for all the drivers and teams. This NASCAR is big business! Anyway, I hope you like these.

All Lined Up
October 2007


Stadium Seats

Falcons Stadium, Atlanta
February 2008

My iTunes: Upside Down by Jack Johnson

I thought this was a good image for Super Bowl Sunday. I love the lines in this shot. After preparing some game snacks, I am watching with my boys (how did I get roped into this again?)...Anyhow, GO GIANTS! I am tired of the Patriots winning everything.

Halftime edit: Tom Petty totally rocks!

Have a good Monday everyone!

(somewhat) WORDLESS...

Semi Up Close
January 2008

My iTunes: Our Song by Taylor Swift

I am tired and going to bed. No words tonight.
See ya'll tomorrow.


From the Sideline

Another Bench
January 2008

My iTunes: Brick by Ben Folds Five

I think every photographer has certain subjects they seek out to catch. This happens to be mine...benches. Seems silly I guess. It started when I was in London and I would find different styles of benches and I would try to shoot them from different and unique angles. I liked my finished product so much that I sought out more.

This is my first bench back here in America. I found it on the tennis court...shocking I know! Benches are so inviting to me...they remind me of conversation, community and most of all they remind me to rest and take in the world around me...one minute at a time.

Here is to a relaxing weekend!