A Friendly Reminder

Some Signage...
March 2008

My iTunes: Under Pressure by David Bowie...anyone remember this one?

My dad used to always tell me this...now my husband does.

See ya'll tomorrow!


It's Back!

Catch that bus!

My iTunes: Seaside by The Kooks

Today is the British Invasion on my blog.

First, my music...I love The Kooks and they are straight out of Britain...I just wish that I could have seen them live...maybe one day!

Second, The Tudors started back on Showtime tonight! I, along with a few girlfriends, am totally hooked on this show. I have posted about it before here.

Third, in honor that it's back on the air for Season Two, I am posting one of my favorite all time images from London that has never been posted here. I took this shot at about 10 at night from one of the corners in Piccadilly Circus as the #12 came rushing by me.

If you love British history....check out this show!


Guitar Picking

Lines of Guitars
March 2008

My iTunes: Anywhere Anytime by Sara Melson

I have posted about guitars several times. Our boys have been begging us ever since they got Rock Band to take the to Guitar Center so they could look at guitars. I bet guitar lessons have gone up about 100% there since that video game came out. Our boys are completely hooked!

You can imagine how shutter happy I was when I saw wall to wall, floor to ceiling guitars lined up. They were screaming to be photographed. Always happy to oblige, I snapped this as we walked around the store. My better half plays guitar some so he had fun practicing as well and the boys had a blast!


Pattern Envy

Criss Cross
March 2008

My iTunes: See the Sun by The Kooks
(album available for preorder on iTunes)

Man, I am wiped out right now. This is my short post after a long day. I snapped this while I was out and about. Each time I look at it I am fascinated more. This architecture is actually all one color...the lighting differences are coming from the sun. Very cool. I love patterns and lines so this is right up my alley as far as interest. I sure hope you all like it as well.

Have a great and restful weekend!



Piles of Cans
March 2008

My iTunes: You Don't Love Me by The Kooks
(Live @ Abbey Road Acoustic)

I poke fun at it in my profile but truth be told I have a serious addiction to Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper. My most recent attempt to rid my body of these vices was just a few weeks ago. I was doing great actually until my husband came back in town and since he has the same issue, I started right back up with it. It really bothers me so I am at wits end with it!

Has anyone kicked this habit? Any ideas? I saw this bin of cans when I was out getting my nephew from school today. I knew exactly what to post when I saw it.

One more thing...

Because I am SURE you ALL are wondering....we lost our match today...it hurts just typing it.
It just wasn't our day. I am off to lick my wounds!

Later friends! See you tomorrow!




My iTunes: I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie
(from the iTunes Originals recordings)


These are the most awesome little cards ever! Measuring in at 1 inch by 3 inches they are a great little way to promote your business. You can click MOO CARDS to find out more. This company is partnered with FLICKR so if you have a FLICKR account then you are good to go to create your own cards! You can use them for business or anything you can think up!

You upload your own images and you can add up to six lines of text on the back. Every 100 cards are $19.99 + shipping. You know they come all the way from the UK since they are so small! I was SO excited to get these because I love how unique and different they are to give to people. I needed (ok, I wanted...) something fun for when I am at a tennis match or even at the grocery to pull out and give away.

The bottom image is showing a holder for my MOO cards. These little holders are handmade by SPLATGIRL so check out her link if you are interested. She has TONS of fabrics to choose from to make one just for you! Tell her I sent you if you stop by her blog as well! Also, if fabrics aren't for you, try a slide top tin from the bubble gum section at the grocery...those work great as well!

Anyway, I just had to share! Take care everyone!





Time To Rally

Practice Day
March 2008

My iTunes: Nine In The Afternoon by Panic At the Disco

Thanks to everyone who checked out my new website! And thanks for all the support and kind words...they are very much appreciated!

To my post today...

Tuesday was again practice day for me. My matches have started every Thursday so I guard my time on the court each week. Our partners can change depending on who is in town and able to play. I am playing with a new partner and today I got to practice with her which went well so I am excited about our match Thursday. I have won one and lost one so I am ready for another win! :)

We are playing home this week. This shot is of what we use to keep score. We just put a tennis ball in each side to show the game standings as we play. Here is hoping that the home side (the green) is winning this week! I will be sure to let you all know what happens!



March 2008

My iTunes: High and Dry by Radiohead (I can't stop singing this one!)

Hi everyone! Today was the day! My website is finished and the business cards are dry! I am thrilled to be taking my passion and turning it into a career! Alot of my blog readers have been on this ride for some time with me and aren't surprised by this news. I am constantly learning and growing as a photographer and look forward to what the future holds! As you can see I am under construction here as well...so please be patient!

Many of you have inquired about my fine art images and buying those from me online. All of the images on my site are available for purchase. If there is one you do not see that you remember feel free to ask me about it! At this point I have learned way more than I should ever know about web design!

You know I will be sharing each step with you all!

Please be sure to check out my new business website:
Anna Carson Photography

Have a great week all!

BTW, I did take this picture...it is a screen shot! :)


God and a Guitar

Worship with a Gibson Les Paul
March 2008

My iTunes: Mighty To Save by Hillsong

Say goodbye to Project Red...

I will still be posting but will take a few days to mull over what I will be doing next. I got this shot and I knew that Project Red was history (for now). I asked permission if I could snap this at church this morning...that's right church. They have a very contemporary worship called BACKLOT which we LOVE! There's a live band every Sunday and today was great! I can't think of a better way to celebrate my risen Savior.

Music is a huge part of worship for me. It connects me spiritually in the deepest areas of my soul...I can't quite explain it. We have been right at home at our church these last several weeks. It has been an answer to prayer for our family.

I am starting to feel like I am home...


Project Red. Interrupted.

Calvary on Easter
By Sadie Carson

My iTunes: So Is His Love by FFH

Sadie was 10 when she painted this canvas. I can't believe she will be 15 soon. I have always liked the lamb on the hill. It seemed like a most appropriate time to share this with you.

Have a blessed Easter!


Project Red. Take Five.

Shiny and New
March 2008

My iTunes: Stuck In A Moment (acoustic) by U2

Does this look familiar?

Several streets over from me was this beauty. For those of you who have been following my Project Red you will remember the day before yesterday when I posted another red mailbox. That shot was one of my favorites that I have found. Look here to see it again. As far as today's post, I am certain this is the only new red mailbox I have ever seen. Honestly, I love the other one so much better. It will take about 30 years or more for this one to take on all the character of the old beat up one, but I guess they all start somewhere. I would ask which one you all like but I think I already know the answer.

Kind of nice to see the other end of the spectrum I think.

Enjoy the weekend!


Project Red(dish). Take Four.

Telling image?
March 2008

My iTunes: Situations by New Found Glory

I know what you are thinking...there is green in this pic. I know, I know...

I saw this newspaper recycle bin today. Can anyone guess what I am wanting to say with this image? I couldn't resist. By the way, I loved the mailbox from yesterday too....it is still my favorite as well. I also got a request in my comments for a Project Blue....I might take you up on that Julie!

Have a great weekend!


Project Red. Take Three.

Got Mail?
March 2008

My iTunes: We Can Work It Out by Heather Nova
(from the Sam I Am soundtrack)

I will keep this project up as long as you all are interested or until I have had enough and get bored...deal?

I didn't have to go far for this shot. This box belongs to a neighbor up the street from me. Thankfully they were at work so I didn't have to worry about questions. It just isn't cool these days to have strangers taking pictures of mailboxes! I know even I would be a bit concerned if I saw someone capturing mine with a camera. I love the red and the rust. I also like the worn letters. I pass this every day several times and have wanted to take the picture...good thing it is red it goes perfect with my project! :)

See you tomorrow!


Project Red. Take Two

Bin View
March 2008

My iTunes: Stay (I Missed You) the cover performed by New Found Glory

OK, so we are getting ice cream....(see yesterdays post)

And to go along nicely with the red iron benches there are red iron trash bins to match. LOVE IT! So there I am, lying on by back looking up at the bin taking pictures from the concrete (quickly, since I don't want to stay down there forever). I like the red and the blue sky here.

When I took my first photography class years ago we had a project to take black and white images and then we would make slide and be critiqued in class. I made my way down to the River Walk in Richmond, Virginia and took four rolls (yes real film, not digital) of the black iron trash cans and benches. That is where my fascination with both those subjects started.

Hope you all enjoyed these! Should I continue Project Red?


Project Red

Have a Colorful Seat
March 2008

My iTunes:  Push by Matchbox Twenty

What a surprise for me today!  My regular readers know that I LOVE benches.  Sometimes I am seeking them out...sometimes I am surprised and find them randomly.  Today I was surprised!  I went with my sister-in-law to take the cousins to get some ice cream after school and found this great red bench.  Of course, my camera was in my purse (doesn't everyone carry one with them?) so the shutter was going crazy. 

There will be another image for Project Red tomorrow.  Have a good day!


Mood Lighting

Hanging Light
March 2008

My iTunes: Nine in the Afternoon by Panic at the Disco

Hope you all are doing well on this Sunday night. I'm getting ready to pack lunches, sift through backpacks, and lay out clothes for the start of another week tomorrow. I wanted to post this real quick before I get too distracted with my "to do" list. :) I snapped this when we were at Houstons Restaurant last week and have been meaning to post it but let's face it...between tennis matches and tornadoes, whose got time? I love the urban and masculine look of these lights. Very cool. I posted about our dinner out that night here.

Have a good week!


Just Sitting Around

Mart View
March 2008

My iTunes: High and Dry by Radiohead

I took this as I waited at the Atlanta Gift Mart while John went to search for an ATM. There is always something interesting to capture. I shot this yesterday when I was there getting some shots of a showroom for a website. Later in the afternoon, a tornado would come through downtown Atlanta and then another this afternoon. We are all still fine but I thought this was a good time to post this image.

From the news today, it seems like a lot of people have some rebuilding to do. My brother-in-law had at least two windows in his downtown office blown out and had heard his place was a real mess today. While all that can (and will) be extremely stressful, I am so grateful the tornado occurred late in the evening so people were not in many of those buildings, my brother-in-law included.


A Trip to The Varsity

#1 with Slaw & Rings
March 2008

My iTunes: I Don't Want To Be (acoustic) by Gavin DeGraw

We had a fun day today. I went into the city with my better half and then we caught lunch together on the way back home at The Varsity. An Atlanta landmark since 1928, it's a must whenever you come through town. When they ask their famous "What'll ya have?" make sure you order the chili cheese slaw dogs and an Varsity Orange drink...the rings aren't so bad either. The other name I like to call this meal? A heart attack on a plate! Is that bad advertising? Either way...it's yummy! I snapped these while we were there today.

It was fun and I had been telling my dad I would post some pics from there. This is my way of enticing my mom and dad to come for a visit! Is it working?


We are fine here in Atlanta. We had very harsh weather tonight. I think it was officially called a tornado about five minutes ago. Lots of damage downtown where the SEC tournament is happening. You can see pictures here of the damage.

Boxes of Potatoes
March 2008



Can of Balls
March 2008

My iTunes: Sorry by Buckcherry

You all know I have been playing A LOT of tennis lately. I have been practicing for the past two months with my team, with friends (thanks Becky), family and with a coach...let's face it, if I could get our dog Riley to hit with me...he's be out there as well (no one is safe!).

My doubles partner Carolyn and I played today and had so much fun. This was the first game for both of us this season. My stomach was in knots but I settled in once we warmed up. The ladies on the other team were incredibly friendly and made some delicious food for all of us. The home team makes food for everyone playing on match day. We won the first set 6-0 and then the second set was a tie breaker and we won! I am still grinning!

The reward for our win? A can of balls. A great thing to have when you play three days a week I might add! The ball costs can add up quick! This shot is about as creative as I can get tonight. I am exhausted. For some reason, my shin muscles hurt! I didn't even know I had those! I am so ready for the weekend!


Special Delivery

Hanging Out
March 2008

Up Against the Wall
(click image to enlarge)
March 2008

My iTunes: Summer Sunshine (acoustic) by The Corrs

Meet Melissa (and Quinn). He will be making his debut shortly. These two are my first maternity shoot clients. I had a blast although I was a bit nervous. I soon was right at home behind the camera as we shot in and outside her home trying to get a collection of unique shots.

I am thrilled at how they have turned out. After editing for a couple of hours today, I opted to post three images tonight. The first image is my daughters favorite. The second image above is very ME. It is completely different than what some people would want and she totally went for it.

Thanks for being up for anything Melissa! It paid off here. Below is a more traditional shot. I think it's beautiful and soft. I hope you are happy with these teasers. There are plenty of great ones where these came from! I was great getting to know you better.

See you tomorrow Blogland!

Mom and Quinn


Light, Camera, Action

Looking Up
March 2008

My iTunes: In Love With A Girl by Gavin DeGraw

This image is what happens when you add:

1 girl
1 camera
1 light
an affinity for looking up


a "little bit" of creative freedom....

Like it?


Ruby Petals

Stalks of Ginger
March 2008

My iTunes: Somebody's Baby (Acoustic) by Jackson Browne
This album just came out a few days ago and is so good. It is all of hos best songs to his acoustic guitar and piano. Check it out!

John and I were treated to a dinner out the other night at one of my favorite restaurants. We went to Houstons. It was amazing! They have the most delicious barbecue ribs I have ever eaten. I got several shots that night which I will be sharing but this one caught my eye as soon as I walked in the door. Off to the corner and across the room was a vase stuffed with stalks of ginger. I can honestly say I have never seen these before and couldn't take my eyes off of them. As soon as I could, I went over to the check them out. They look so rigid but they are very soft to the touch and the color is absolutely stunning and vibrant. I almost thought they were fake but they weren't. I think I managed to capture them nicely in this shot. I am sure I have a new favorite flower now.

Hope you all have had a nice start to your week!


You Guessed It!

Some Signage
March 2008

My iTunes: Stepping Out by Joe Jackson

OK, almost all of you guessed it in some form or another....but Mark got it exactly right first...pizza pans! Another image is below that gives you a larger perspective. Fellini's is one of the best pizza places I have EVER been! Make sure to try to get to one if you ever visit Atlanta.

Have a good week this week all and thanks for guessing!

Time to make the pizza!


Any Guesses?

What the heck?
March 2008

My iTunes: Message of Love by The Pretenders
(from the album The Singles...DOWNLOAD THIS ALBUM...it ROCKS!)

I am cheating tonight by making you all do the work. I have been meaning to get this image and I got it tonight. Can you guess what it is? I like to think that I am good at this sort of thing but I am sure you all will get it!

(Sorry Peg & Keitt, you are disqualified for this one!)

Have a relaxing Sunday everyone!


A Gate Revisted

Open Up
March 2008

My iTunes: In The End by Linkin Park

You all seemed to like the gate from the other day so I am giving it a second look. I posted before with an image of the bottom of the gate here, this is the top of the same gate. I have always been an admirer of metal. Whether it is gates, locks, benches or fences that material gives a very gritty and urban feel which is nice to capture in an image. Also, it is even more interesting when it rusts and turns color.

Have a good weekend everyone!


A Pick Me Up

Cart of Balls
March 2008

My iTunes: Breakable by Ingrid Michaelson

Another lesson for the boys today. Unfortunately Jack wasn't able to go tonight because he had pulled a muscle carrying that anvil otherwise known as a backpack. Nice, huh? It is crazy what kids take home from school these days. Way too heavy!

Back to the pictures...sorry, I am easily distracted!

The shot above is the ball cart. When it is full, you are happy because you are about to hit a lot of balls and get some great practice! When it is empty, it means you have A LOT to pick up! Not fun...

Unless you are an eight year old and like to build ball pyramids (see below).

I am going to get a TON of heat for posting the picture below. Why do you think? I would like you all to guess why. I will let you all know after I get a few guesses in the comments.


Time To Pick Up
March 2008


Sunshine & Shadows

Sunny Day
March 2008

My iTunes: Ever the Same by Rob Thomas

Sunny days...you gotta love them! This is just a gate. Well, a gate and its shadow. This was taken where Sam plays basketball on Saturdays. I saw the lines from the corner of my eye and pulled out the camera. It really is that simple for me. After I saw this when I got it on my computer I liked it even more.

Hope you all are finding sunshine and shadows where you are!


Wither or Not

Last Look
March 2008

My iTunes: There Is A Reason by Caedmon's Call

There isn't much for me to say tonight....I am exhausted. I feel like I have been saying that a lot lately. I shot this image just before the storm today. Now the temperature has dropped once again. I am sure by morning it will look different. It wasn't the prettiest flower that I saw today but it was beautiful nonetheless. Something about the wilting edges...I find they make the shot more interesting.


Meet James

March 2008

My iTunes: Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz

This wasn't a planned shot. I turned my camera away from the basketball game on Saturday when I noticed some of the kids playing outside the gym. I did already mention in an earlier post that is was BEAUTIFUL here on Saturday. I wandered out and tried to get a few shots without freaking the kids out too much. Luckily they somewhat know me as "that" woman...the woman with the black thing attached to her face!

James is a friend of my niece Katherine. I think she may even call him "my James"....so cute.

Anyhow, I liked this shot a lot.


Practice in Patience

Here it Comes!
March 1, 2008

My iTunes: How Beautiful

At 68 degrees...Spring has sprung around here...at least for now! These crocus blooms popped up yesterday after being shut for a week or so. It was worth the weeks wait. Their color is stunning.

At church this morning, I listened about servanthood and humility. A woman sang "How Beautiful" by Twila Paris. Not normally by style or speed but it was sung with so much feeling. It really put my heart and soul where it needed to be this morning to start off my week.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend regardless of the season you are in!