Country Life

April 2008

My iTunes: Nine in the Afternoon by Panic at the Disco

Here is a few more from one of my recent shoots. I went to a beautiful spread out in the country at dusk to capture a this brother and sister. Such a pair is always fun to shoot. I think it's because you have these two individual people and I want to capture their personalities AND relationship the best I can. I could tell these two are close. As the time wore on they were more and more comfortable with me. I am sure it is because I got them to do all sorts of stuff and I ended up rolling around on the ground, getting bitten by bugs and scraped by anything my legs hit! It was fun although I needed repellent and Neosporin when I was done!

Below is another shot from that day. I like the grainy, rustic feel I get from these.

Hope you enjoy!

Dirty Feet
(no telling how many bug bites I got while getting this shot!)
April 2008


A Moment In Time

Moving On
April 2008

My iTunes: Feels Like Today by Rascal Flatts

Was Project Green a dream? I think it might have been! Now all I want to do is post black and white! Just kidding! The color will be back here soon!

I promised a few shots from some of my shoots a couple of weeks ago. This is Taylor....or "T" as he is called by those who know him best. I shot some senior pics of him around his high school campus. His sport? Volleyball. That ring? It is a high school volleyball championship ring....pretty awesome! There were lots of great shots but this one was my favorite I got that day.

I also took some images of his little brother and sister. You can see one of his brother here. I will be posting an image of his sister in the next few days.

Hope you all are having a good week!


Project Green. Take Nine.

Green is getting Hosed
April 2008

My iTunes: For You by David Glenn

WOW...my last Project Green post! Thanks to all of you who have participated...whether you posted, commented or lurked...I appreciate you all! It has been a lot of fun for me and I have loved seeing green through each of your viewfinders. It is always positive to see the world in a different way than you are used to. For me, it sparks my creativity.

I hope that you have a new appreciation for searching for colors in your everyday and embracing your surroundings with all the wonder it has in store for you. For example, this is our hose. Ordinary yes...but I did a little artistic Photoshop with this and I like it a lot and by the way, eveything looks good next to brick. Take my word on that.

I hope that you all will keep returning as I continue with my daily photo. Be sure to check back in late May for a new Project. Color TBA....I like to do it spur of the moment....for myself as well! If you are coming across this blog and are new to these projects you can check the participants in yesterdays post and see Project Yellow in my archives to the right.

Take care everyone and I will see you around Blogland!


Project Green. Take Eight.

Have a Seat
April 2008

My iTunes:  Goodbye and Go by Imogen Heap

In my constant quest for benches...I found this beauty.  I was so glad I saw it during my Project Green and was able to post it!  I hope you all are well this Sunday night as I type.  I need to prepare for another week...the laundry, the dishes, the lunches, the cleaning.....wait, did I say laundry already?  I'm already missing the hammock from yesterday and I think my cute nail polish is already chipping too!  Darn it!  Here's to another week!

Anyhow, I hope you all have a great week!



Project Green. Take Seven.

Relaxing with Green
April 2008

My iTunes: Turn to You by David Glenn

I have been waiting for today since last Saturday! It was a sleep in day. I have finished my editing from all my shoots last week and I am ready to relax! At a friends home today, I laid in their hammock for awhile...of course my camera was around my neck at the time! Don't you just love my toes (OK, maybe just my girlfriends out there like them)? They are compliments of my friend Kathy who treated me to a pedi last week! Thanks girl! I will be posting a few of my shots from clients later in the week after Project Green has come to a close.

Some of you are wondering about how long Project Green will be going on and I will be posting my last Project Green on Monday night. I will be doing my daily photographs until the next Project starts. I will not start that project until late May. :) Color TBA! I have quite a few things happening on the business front so I will be giving that my attention. I do hope you all will come by and see me day to day! I have enjoyed all your comments!
Have a wonderful weekend!

My View Up
April 2008



Project Green. Take Six.

Game. Set. Match
April 2008

My iTunes:  Dreaming With A Broken Heart by John Mayer

Evening all!

Day six of Project Green and I still going at it!  Is anyone tired of it yet?

This shot was taken at my match yesterday. If you don't read tennis, this sign is how score is kept when you don't play Wimbledon.  :)  We are the "V" for visitor and it is showing we had won the first set and we had won the second 6-4 (it says 5 because we had not changed it yet when I grabbed my camera from where else...my tennis bag!)

Anyhow, it was a great season.....much too short for me!  I posted several images from this season and if you click through my archives you will see them.  I look forward to the next season and playing all summer with my girlfriends!

BTW, please go visit the youngest participant of PG!  He and his mom were doing the project together and then he got this own blog and is doing it himself...how cool is that?  Visit Zane here.

Have a wonderfully GREEN weekend!



Project Green. Take Five.

Water Break
April 2008

My iTunes: Lift Me Up by Chris Taylor

My team drove to the last match of the season today which was about 45 minutes away. I was pretty darn excited to see this water fountain in the park where we were to play. You don't really see these much anymore and this one didn't work. Look how clean it looks! I did not clean it at all and the reflection of the grass is spotless. I will update you on how the match turned out in tomorrow's green post! Come on back!

I hope you all are enjoying the green things! It is harder than yellow but well worth it when you find it! Take care!



Project Green. Take Four.

Game Time
April 2008

My iTunes: Made For You by Chris Taylor

I am completely exhausted after an incredibly long day!

I had to post this shot from one of my last photo shoots. I know I am ready for summer because I just look at this and get a big smile! During the shoot I captured this little guy, along with his older brother and sister doing their own favorite sports. The shots were fun and casual and it was easy to get them comfortable with what they love to do! Their mom is doing a series of the three of them. I will post the others later for you to see.

I won't be making the rounds tonight but will be around tomorrow to comment! Have a great day everyone and thanks for all your wonderful comments on this Project!



Project Green. Take Three.

Better Days
April 2008

What I'm Listening To: To Be Love by David Glenn
~To check his songs out go HERE ~

Hi everyone!

I was THRILLED to see this chair when I was at a shoot. If you look closely it once was yellow and then painted green. I can imagine this was a great chair and could be again. I wonder about the conversations that took place on the porch and who was sitting in it. Every object has some sort of story and I am always intrigued when I think of what was.

A couple of people have asked me if I chose green for Earth Week. I could lie and say yes but I had absolutely no clue. Seriously, that's embarrassing to say. I chose it because I was noticing when I was out and about that green in the "in" color this season. Anyone else notice? So there is my big reason.

One more thing...JERRY sent me a link to watch a video collage of R.E.M's new single Supernatural Superserious. It's great and you can see and hear different versions...my favorite is the acoustic marked "BOWERY"...check it out if you get a chance! Go HERE.

I will be around to see all your additons to PG tonight for sure! I can't wait to see! I will be back tomorrow with another installment for you!



Project Green. Take Two.

Green Cart
April 2008

My iTunes: Supernatural Superserious by R.E.M.
This song is amazing and R.E.M. just rocks. Make sure to watch the video on iTunes which is very artistically done.

Another day...another green...

I actually was on my way home, saw this cart from far away, turned around and sat through two lights to snap it. You should have seen the man who was minding his own business at a store right next to this cart. He watched me walk up from the parking lot, take the picture (OK, a few of them) and walk away back to my car.

I wonder what he was thinking when he saw me!

Oh, and this also is my Project Look Through (PLT). Take Three. For more on that go here. On the blogs I have visited already today, some have been combining the two projects and I love the idea! Very creative and it makes the hunt extra challenging!

Make sure to add your name below when you join in the fun! See you all when I make the rounds! Have fun finding green!



Project Green. Take One.

Green Door
April 2008

My iTunes: Say by John Mayer

Everyone is going green so I thought my blog should as well! I didn't know the color I would be posting until today. I was trying to be spontaneous and not think about it too much! I shot this green door at an old, one-room schoolhouse in Virginia last week. As you can imagine, I was completely captivated by it.

Anyhow...here is your challenge (if you choose to accept it)...

Find green...and sure, get a tree or grass if you want...but get creative if you do! Make sure to share it with all of us and be sure to add your name and link below if you join in so we can all check your post out!

Happy green hunting everyone and have a great week!


A Pond View

Lily Pads
April 2008

My iTunes: See the Sun by The Kooks

I am getting into a VERY bad habit of posting too late at night!

Last week I was out of town visiting a friend and ended up having some photography work. This is why you may have noticed I am am a night owl these days! It was a lot of fun and I am missing my friends and family a lot already. It was good to come home even though it may be a few days before I am settled back into things around here.

Take care everyone and be sure to check back tomorrow for my new PROJECT! :)


Southern Hospitality

Spring Flowers
April 2008

My iTunes: Fidelity by Regina Spektor

Hi all! Once again I am posting WAY too late...sorry about that!

I was out of town and I am finally back home. I shot this while I was away. These flowers are from the same time I shot the barn from yesterday's post. I was captivated by the beautiful greens and purples which are two of my favorite colors when they are put together.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Project Looking Through. Take Two.

Looking Through
April 2008

My iTunes: Star Mile by Joshua Radin

Hey everyone! Here is my second installment in the PLT. Mark has started this so make sure to check out his blog for details on how you can join in! I snapped this today while I was out shooting on some property for a client. I saw their old, run-down barns and couldn't keep my eyes off of them. I made my way through some VERY TALL critter infested grass to get this shot and LOTS of others. As I was capturing this tobacco barn I noticed I was looking through to the other side....I love unexpected surprises!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Project Looking Through. Take One

Out the Window
April 2008

My iTunes: Winter by Joshua Radin

Short post tonight....I am in late and have a very early morning. Here is post number one of Mark's new project titled Project Looking Through that I will be doing for a couple of days. Check here to participate!

See you tomorrow (I mean later today)!


Project Yellow. Take Eleven.

The end or the beginning?
April 2008

My iTunes: High and Dry by Radiohead

Any questions? I think this is self explanatory....we (or maybe just me) are saying goodbye to Project Yellow...or PY as it has become! However I do reserve the right to restart it at any given time! ;) I snapped this sign while on vacation and KNEW that it would serve as my last contribution. I have loved all the yellow posts and will enjoy the next project hopefully with each of you joining me for the ride!

I hope to see you here daily for my regular posting and be sure to come back Sunday to check out my new project!

BTW, I am taking part in Marks new project...PLT (Project Looking Through) tomorrow! I will be doing it for a couple of days! Check it out HERE.


Project Yellow. Take Ten.

Caution Flag
April 2008

My iTunes: Say by John Mayer

Hey everyone....

I am pretty busy the next day or so but I promise to be around to check all your blogs! Thanks for being patient with me! I have been to each blog every night to end my day. There are lots of new links for Mr. Linky so make sure to check those out!

This shot is symbolic. I chose to share this as Project Yellow is winding down. Hope you all like it. I haven't seen a flag yet anywhere in the posts...I have to be uber-creative to keep up with all of you!

See you tomorrow for my final addition to Project Yellow!



Project Yellow. Take Nine.

Yellow Engine
April 2008

My iTunes: Always Where I Need To Be by The Kooks

Greetings all! I hope you are having a great weekend! Don't they always go by way too fast? I sure think so. We were on vacation last week for Spring Break and I am just trying to get settled back at home and get my bearings!

Back to the post....here's a shot from our day in Pensacola watching the Blue Angels. Lovely yellow isn't it? So shiny! It makes me smile.

I have been thinking about my Project and what I will do is post my last Project Yellow (otherwise known as PY) Tuesday night. For all you die hards (Robin and Michelle...and many others) feel free to keep it up, I will come look...I promise. I am thoroughly enjoying all of your posts!

Although I am breaking for a few days, I WILL be doing my regular posting each day. Next Sunday night I will be starting a new project....color TBA. :) Why am I not telling you the color now? Because the fun of it is having to go out and find it on the spot during your everyday life....at least that is what I think! It makes you have to carry your camera every where you go...just like I do. I hope that sounds good for everyone and remember that you can take part for one day or as long as it goes on....

Remember if you haven't signed up below to do so that way we can see all the PY participants!

Have a wonderful week everyone!



Project Yellow. Take Eight.

April 2008

My iTunes: There Is A Reason by Caedmon's Call

Hope you all are having a fun filled "yellow" weekend! I know I am!

I have been away from my computer all day so it looks like I have a lot of checking up to do on all your Project Yellow posts. I will get there to each of you I promise. Please make sure to check out my friend Tim...he did indeed start his blog today so check it out here. I am sure he will love to hear from ya'll!

I got this shot when I was looking up again...a habit of mine! We were in Seaside, Florida and it is just so beautiful and quaint. It is where I was when I snapped the pretty umbrellas from yesterdays post as well. This is the town where The Truman Show was filmed. In the film the town is called Seahaven. Anyhow...you can imagine how glad I was to see yellow homes! My favorite these days! Hehehe. And that red trim makes the yellow really pop!

I am off to check out your posts! Please make sure if you are particpating in the the Project ( "PY" as Mark likes to call it) that you sign up below with Mr. Linky. You only have to sign up once and then we can find each other quickly to see your additions!

Have a wonderful Sunday!



Project Yellow. Take Seven.

Umbrella's Above
April 2008

My iTunes: I Still Miss You by Hawk Nelson

Hi everyone!

There has been some arm twisting going on today. I had written yesterday tomorrow would be my last installment of Project Yellow. Apparently there are many of you that are not done yet so I will be continuing it into next week....so keep hunting yellow and I will too! And for those of you who haven't started yet...jump in at anytime. You can do one day or follow along as long as you want.

I'm going to give a shout out to Michelle. She has come up with a creative way to label her Project Yellow images that I think you will all enjoy. I LOVE IT! Check it out here , tell her hello and make sure you read her wonderfully transparent profile!

I am totally digging this shot I got today. I hope you all like it as well as my seventh installment in the Project. It screams that summer is coming!

Below, I have posted a contribution from a guest photographer. Tim is a good friend of mine and he has been emailing me his images for Project Yellow since he doesn't blog. I liked the one below so much that I decided to post it for all of you. I love the off center framing which is something I am somewhat known for here in Blogland. I have been trying to get him to start a blog for months so maybe this will help him go ahead and start. If you like this shot then let him know in the comments....if you don't....well, keep it to yourself! Hehehe.

See ya'll tomorrow!

Project Yellow According to Tim
April 2008



Project Yellow. Take Six.

Yellow Rope
April 2008

My iTunes: Your Grace Is Enough by Matt Maher

What a day! Did ya'll see all those comments on yesterdays post? I was busy checking all of your blogs and commenting myself. If I have not been to your site please let me know in your comment so I get there. This is so fun! Do you all realize that there are Project Yellows going from Indiana to South Africa and LOTS of fun and amazing places in between? How cool is that? Who would have thought? Not me.

I have been asked by a few of you how long I will be doing this project. I am thinking about a week. I started last Saturday night so this Saturday night will be the last one for this project....UNLESS...ya'll talk me into picking another color. I think I would like that. Let me know what you think in the comments. I would love to hear from you all...my partners in creativity!

Make sure to check the previous posts to see all the participants. If I had more time I would link to what I think is at least 35 people....THAT IS CRAZY but I am really enjoying all of you and your posts. I have added Mr. Linky below so we can all keep track of who is participating. Just fill in the box below and you are set up. Don't forget to comment and please link back here in your posts. Thanks.

I almost forgot...have any of you seen the Blue Angels fly in Florida? Well, I did...it was amazing. Absolutely exhilarating! And what did I take a picture of that day? This yellow rope. You got it....everyone else was looking up and I was looking down. TYPICAL. OK, I did take lots of other pictures but I knew I would be sharing this one FIRST!

LAST THING, I promise. Please check out Mark's Project Yellow tale...it is hilarious. He has been reading my blog for awhile and writes his own blog with a lot of wit. Check it out. I just want to be clear that no one should be getting hurt for their project yellow....unless it is me (I will suffer for my art). I totally want to hear all your stories of strange looks!



Project Yellow. Take Five.

Don't Forget the Lime...
April 2008

My iTunes: Nine in the Afternoon by Panic at the Disco
(I am completely hooked on this song....)

I couldn't resist this shot. Nice little plug for Corona. My dad was drinking this and of course...it IS yellow...so I snapped it and it is here! That description is the birth of a photo-of-the-day and it happens a lot around my place here (and many others in Blogland). I like ordinary things....everyday things. I like to make them interesting and give them an angle that people usually don't think about.

I can't tell you all how cool it has been to visit all these blogs that are participating. Very neat for me indeed. For those of you who read my blog daily you know that I love benches so I have to give a shout out to one of my regular readers that found a yellow shot that spoke to me....

Click here to see Moi's Project Yellow post from today. I love benches. I seek them out and post about them often. She found a bench....a yellow bench! Very cool. Thanks Moi and thanks to all of you who are having all the fun looking for yellow as well. It has made my week!

See you tomorrow!

Project Yellow. Take Four.

Yellow Suit
April 2008

My iTunes: The Weather by 10,000 Maniacs

I can't resist. This is Jack and his new yellow swim suit. A very fitting shot for this week in particular! Don't you think?

I want to say thanks again for all the comments, emails and participation for this project. I am glad you all are being challenged creatively...I am as well. It is good for me to focus on certain things and it can bring out artistic tendencies when you least expect it. One of the benefits from this is you realize what is right around you. Pretty cool to find unique and interesting things right under your nose.

Take care!


Project Yellow. Take Three.

A Yellow Chair
April 2008

My iTunes: Mad As Rabbits by Panic at the Disco

You can imagine how glad I was to see this! Isn't it pretty? I love the rivets...the curves and especially...THE COLOR! Very retro when you put it all together! This is my favorite thus far in the project.

I must say I am enjoying all your wonderful posts. Yellow is such a joyful color and it is making me smile when I see your pages loading! Make sure you check in the comments from yesterday to see everyone who is participating!

See you tomorrow!


Project Yellow. Take Two.

Window in Yellow
April 2008

My iTunes: When You Love Someone by Bethany Dillon (The Acoustic Sessions)

This ones explains itself I think...

I am thrilled that many of you have decided to take part in Project Yellow. For those of you reading, please click on the links in the comments from yesterday to check out other folks participating. I am looking forward to stopping by all the blogs and seeing yellow everywhere!

I shot this at a favorite restaurant. I was surprised as I was out today at the lack of yellow where I went. Tomorrow will be more productive I am sure of it!

Have fun yellow hunting!


Project Yellow. Take One.

Lemons For You
April 2008

My iTunes: Jesus Paid It All by Passion Worship

I think I may have unofficially started this new project with the pollen post a couple of days ago but now I am OFFICIALLY starting. My husband insists I could not pick a better shot for the debut of Project Yellow. I tend to agree now that I see the image up there. Cliche? Maybe. I just like the way it turned out. The colors get me!

I want to encourage any of you who might want to take part either everyday this week or just one day...do it! I think it will be fun! Please let me know in the comments if you do participate, pass it to others and link back here if you do.

See you tomorrow with another installment!


Done Guessing?

April 2008

My iTunes: Love Remains the Same by Gavin Rossdale

Here is the answer to my post from yesterday...

YOU CAN FIND ART ANYWHERE! Even in the yucky Atlanta springtime when there are layers of pollen all over EVERYTHING. All you photogs need to remember this fact when you are having an inspiration block!

I got the shot from yesterday when I was playing my tennis match. The courts were literally blanketed with pollen and then the rain came. We had to dry the courts with a squeegee made especially for courts. These puddles were everywhere! I have to thank Bev for the art. She is on my team and this was her puddle I was admiring and had to capture. You should have seen the looks I was getting for photographing puddles of yellow pollen water. YUCK! I sure am glad my team likes me because otherwise they would think I am a serious kook!

I have to say, when I saw the images I had taken later on my computer I was very happy. This is why I love being a photographer! Thanks for all your guesses...I loved reading them! Also, the shot above is from the back window of my car after one day sitting outside. One word....NASTY. I need to sneeze just looking at this image!

I start PROJECT YELLOW tomorrow. Would anyone else like to join in?



More Abstract
April 2008

My iTunes: Supernatural Superserious by R.E.M.

This is TOTALLY art but I am NOT telling you what it is...YET! Can you guess? There are a few of you out there who know exactly what this is so NO TELLING! Let people guess!

I will tell you all tomorrow how I got this unusual shot. I think you might be very surprised!

Happy guessing everyone and have a good day!


Just One More...

Rear View
March 2008

My iTunes: Vertigo by U2

Same building from yesterdays post...different view. Seems as though you all like architecture so I am happy to oblige. Click to enlarge. I still need to find out the building! Sorry this is so short but I am working on some website stuff.

Take care!


More Lines & Reflections...

...And More Looking Up
March 2008

My iTunes: The Freshman by The Verve Pipe

I love this shot. I snapped this when I went into downtown Buckhead Sunday night. Yes, the suburb of Buckhead has its own downtown complete with high rises. They are building like crazy in there and property is INSANELY high! I couldn't resist getting this image out my sunroof. Hope ya'll enjoy it!