Five For One

My iTunes: Learning to Fly by Tom Petty

I got a meme from John another photographer/blogger. I decided to do it although I don't normally participate. I am changing it a bit. I was tagged to share five images that I have never posted or used for any other purpose before and tell a bit about each image. We all have some of these...the images that will never be seen but just sit on our computer for months, for years...

So here are a few of mine...

I am not sure why they never got posted. It probably has something to do with the 6,000 images that are on my computer! :) Thanks John! I had fun searching through my pics.
I will comment and let the four lucky people I am tagging to this as well...get ready!

Can you all share your favorites? I am interested to get your opinions.

A pitcher that is eBay bound!

Light display at ROOM at Twelve

My first D200 shot

Sam in the tree at dusk

A church in Venice, Italy


Game On!

My iTunes: Limelight by Rush

Let's face it....my favorite part of bowling? Hands down...the shoes.

The shoes above are not mine....they belong (ok, we rented them) to my middle child...Jack. He can appreciate a good pair of funky shoes(not to mention the laces)...just like his mom & dad. Our whole family loves funky shoes. I take pics of our shoes all the time. I am sure you will see more later on that subject.

Back to the post...

OK, so next time I bowl, I am going to go with a group of adults and we are going to do the late night cosmic bowling. Do you have that where you live? How fun would that be with some good friends? A pitcher of beer (or Diet Coke), cool shoes, a disco ball (see below) and of course everything glows in the dark (the balls, the lanes, the pins). I am psyched already...

I feel a date night coming on!


Love & Aces

Reporting for Duty
January 2008

My iTunes: Wholly Yours by David Crowder Band

Tuesday means tennis in my house. It was about 35 degrees out there at 9 this morning but by 11 we were all sweating as the temperatures rose to 50 and the sun finally made an appearance.

I wait for Tuesday all week. I am ready to get run all around the court and "schooled" by women who clearly have had about 20 years more time on the court than me! I love every second! Who needs lessons when they are teaching me? It is a great group of women who have been patient enough to play with me while I find my footing on the court again.

Thanks ladies!

Evidence of Sunshine at the Net


Up My Alley

Pin Me
January 2008

My iTunes: Taylor by Jack Johnson

I love this shot above.

My nephew had his 9th birthday on Friday and we ended up going out to bowl a couple of games to celebrate! Typical for me, I couldn't put my camera down. I came home with several images that I am looking forward to sharing on my blog.

I have loved bowling as long as I can remember. As a young girl, I would get on a plane and travel to visit my grandparents in Lawton, Oklahoma during school breaks. My grandmother bowled ALL THE TIME. She was a fiery, no-holds-bar woman named Hazel. While she would bowl, I would watch her in awe as I chowed on bowling alley food. Nice, huh? Actually, the more I think about it, my mom was an avid bowler as well.

A little family history for you...my grandmother (below) was in the Oklahoma Bowling Hall of Fame. Seriously, I didn't even know they had that! Don't get me wrong though...the awesome bowler gene CLEARLY did NOT pass to me. But I think it's pretty cool nonetheless.

Art & Hazel on their wedding day (2-24-1942) in Arizona
(I love how they are looking at each other!)


What's Left

Not Just a Rose
January 2008

My iTunes: Our Time Now by the Plain White T's

A friend came for a visit from London a few weeks ago. I'm ashamed to say that I had not gone into the guest room since she left. I was determined this morning to get some housework done and inevitable ended up in the guest room. Before she had arrived I had put a vase of blooms next to her bed. Of course by now, the flowers had completely dried out...but they were beautiful still. If I would have touched them I am sure they would have all fallen apart into pieces. I decided to take them out to my backyard and have fun with my macro lens.

These images are the results. Is it just me or do they look just as stunning than when they were fresh?

Pretty Purples


Nothing But Net

Saturday Hoops #2
January 2008

My iTunes: Phantom Limb by The Shins

I have decided that I will be doing some theme shots every Saturday. I will be posting basketball images until Sam's season ends. I am looking forward to working on my sports photography skills and bringing you all some interesting shots at the same time.

I managed to get this shot before about 5 balls almost took me out (and my camera!) as the kids practiced before the game. I might need a casing for my camera for protection! Just kidding....sorta.

BTW, Sam made a basket today and it was awesome!


Don't Look Down

A place to park
January 2008

My iTunes: Our Song (live in Soho) by Taylor Swift

In downtown Atlanta, it rare that you come across an empty parking lot. So I was pleased when I saw this scene from the hotel window. I liked the lines....surprise, surprise. Sorry this is so short...I am off to watch a movie with my kids!

I hope that you all have a great weekend!


Just A Light

Lamp and Wall
January 2008

My iTunes: Teardrops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift

I had been wondering when I would post this one. After seeing Carmi post about his hotel lamp...I decided to do the same.

This lamp was in our room at Twelve. I posted a pic of the hotel yesterday. I love the urban feel of the place...the unfinished ceilings and concrete walls. Very chic and simple. The perfect getaway from my cluttered, complicated life (even if it was just for one night).

It doesn't shock me that this image caught my eye. I took it just the way you see it with no editing and of course I love it off center!


Sidewalk With A View

Twelve at Centennial Park
January 2008

My iTunes: How's It Gonna Be by Third Eye Blind

I was having lunch with my hubby today and this song was playing. I love Third Eye Blind but had not played this tune for awhile...now I can't get it out of my head! Your turn!

OK...to the pic of the day. This one is another favorite from when I was walking around downtown here. This hotel/residential property is where John and I stayed in the city for a night. Located on Peachtree Street, it opened just a couple of months ago and has the amazing restaurant ROOM in the lobby that I posted about earlier. I am mesmerized by the lines and the reflections of that make up this building. I can see why people become architects when I look at work like this. And believe me, it is just as fabulous on the inside!

Greece Revisited

Midday at the Acropolis
May 2006

My iTunes: I'll Be Waiting by Lenny Kravitz

Sorry this is so late going up tonight (OK, this morning!). I have been up sorting through images and memories as I am preparing my website and portfolio STILL!

When I began my blog, I never posted any pictures from before I started it. So now I am revisiting some images that I LOVE but never shared with you. These two are from my first visit to Athens, Greece. It was amazing and beautiful. It was inspiring to stand on the rocks at Agora where Paul addressed the Athenians in the Bible. Absolutely breathtaking.

And by the way, when you look up to take a picture there you really need to watch out....there are tons of rocks everywhere on the ground! Hehehe. I am lucky I made it out of there OK. We were able to take our kids with us and it was a lot of fun for our whole family.

I hope that you enjoy these. I have plenty more where these came from!

Blues and whites


Rewind to Camden

Books On Sale
July 2007

My iTunes: The Otherside by Andrew Balkwill

These days I have been going through images (thousands of them...SIGH) putting my portfolio together. I have come across some images that never made it on my blog...imagine that! These are from a day trip to Camden with a couple of friends right before I left London.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The sky was a crisp and vivid blue. The smell of the food vendors, people lined up and down the street going from booth to booth searching for that one thing that they can't live without. Camden is so vibrant and fun. From the tattoo parlor to the donut stands....you can find whatever you want! When you are in London, make sure you take the Tube there for at least a day!

BTW, the music I am listening to is Andrew Balkwill. I have posted about his music before. He is a piano rocker from London but has also played in the US. The first time I heard him play I was walking in Covent Garden on a beautiful summer day. He frequently plays gigs in Camden. You can check out his MySpace page here. Let me know what you think!

Is it 5:00 yet?


Friends and Cake

Sadie and Kelsie
January 2008

My iTunes: She Moves In Her Own Way by The Kooks

Transitioning is never easy. Our oldest has gotten used to it over the years. Between schools, friends, countries and homes.....she has had her share. What makes it easier? Friends.

One of the reasons that we settled back here in the US when we did is because Sadie started high school. After all the traveling and moving we decided it was her time now. Her time to settle, to have roots, make friends, and know that she won't be going anyhwere for four years. Even though she was excited, she was also overwhelmed at the prospect of meeting new kids....AGAIN! Thankfully, God had done the work for her and prepared her path. Quite soon after we arrived in Atlanta, she was introduced to a group of Christian girls all starting at the same high school where she was going to go. Seeing them together you would think that she has known them since birth. She fit right in and they are in dance and youth group together as well.

Kelsie is one of her her closest friends here. They have become two peas in a pod. What has been great for me as well is that I have become close with her mother as well. We are very thankful for such a wonderful provision so soon after our move.

To the pictures...

The top image I snapped of Sadie and Kelsie as they were celebrating Kelsie's 15th birthday. The image below is the cake that Sadie baked for her for her birthday as a gift. She made it from scratch and has so much fun giving it to her. It was from her heart for a dear friend.

AND it was YUMMY!

Kelsie's Cake


Get Your Game On Sam!

All Suited Up
January 2008

My iTunes: Times Like These by The Foo Fighters

Today was Sam's second basketball game of the season.

And while his team, the Comets put up a fight...they did not win. Despite that fact, they have so much fun out there. It has been great for us to go as a family and support Sam while he plays and learns. For my part, I am wishing I could bottle his energy as he skips down the court (that is right, I said skip). Hardly the running style of the NBA but we all must start somewhere.

He plays in a church league where his uncle is the coach and one of his cousins also plays on the team as well. During every halftime, the kids sit on the floor and watch a five minute movie on a big screen. It features NBA players, announcers or coaches talking about their Christian faith, being a part of a team and good sportsmanship in reference to the Bible. Sometimes kids sports get insanely competitive. It is very cool for all the boys and girls (and parents) to share this together.

I snagged the top image as he was waiting to play when we first arrived and the bottom image was taken right before the game started. I like these a lot. They turned out just how I saw them in my head before I shot them.

Game ball


Do you know? I'm a...

A button just for me.
January 2008

My iTunes: Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park

Like my button?

When I was out to dinner the other night it was given to me by a friend that I had not seen in long time. Thanks Donna Lynn! It makes me smile everytime I see it so I thought I would grab my macro lens and share it with Blogland! I forget where she said she found it but what a neat idea. I have been known to be "the glass is half full" kind of girl so this totally suits me I think.

It is now my constant companion on my Shootsac, which I will NEVER leave home without.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Squares Everywhere

Boxed In
January 2008

My iTunes: Never Dim by The Waiting

Hope everyone had a good day today!

When I was downtown roaming with my camera last week, I came across this amazing stain glass display at one of the MANY office buildings. I could have stood there forever looking at it but my husband was with me and SOMETIMES I try and spare him from my insane need to gawk and shoot. As you would expect, I love the squares! The lines, the boxes. I would love to do something like this one day on a smaller scale. Very nice!

Stepping Back a Bit


Wall of Wine

A Glass A Day...
January 2008

My iTunes: Love Song (live and acoustic) by Sara Bareilles

Back to blog reality and my photo of the day!

A lot has been going on here but I have been shooting more than just coasters and flowers! I was able to go to a new restaurant here in downtown Atlanta this past weekend....TWICE! It was so good. I haven't had food that amazing in a long time. It is called ROOM at Twelve.

There are hardly words.

If you are ever in Atlanta make sure that you make a reservation and check it out!

That being said I will write about the above image. You all know me. I saw these bottles of wine lined up from the floor to the ceiling and couldn't resist taking a picture. I don't even drink wine....(I am a margarita girl)...but I sure do like this image.

Take care!

ALSO...for those of you who asked, once my website is up, you will be able to order the sun catchers, coasters and other products directly from my site. I will be able to do international shipping as well. I will let you know when it is up and running.


Sneak Preview

Here you go....this is your peek into what is coming for Spring. As I look at them I am still overwhelmed! I hope that feeling never goes away! :)

Thanks for all your kind words from my post yesterday!

Assorted floral coaster set. Some of my seven floral images are available in car coasters as well...

Small desk clock...this is for my own sister, Kim.

My favorite sun catcher....reminding me that I am indeed "wonderfully made"...like everything in His creation.

The chain you see will not come on any of the sun catchers.  Instead they will come with a white ribbon which will give them a softer home decor feel.

"Pressed flower" sun catcher display filled with 12 styles in 6 different sizes! I photographed all those flowers and leaves and helped to develop the idea and design.



Hey...that's me on there!
January 2008

Signing coasters...

The past two days have been crazy, exciting and SURREAL!

I have eluded to some things happening with my photography lately. This weekend was the start of what hopefully will be a shift from hobby to career for me.

About three months ago, a company was interested in my images. They licensed several of my images to put on their products. Pretty crazy! I also collaborated on a new product idea with them and did the photography for that as well. I will post some images of the product tomorrow so you can see.

Back to this weekend...

The Atlanta Gift Show is going on now here. It is when manufacturing companies in the gift industry from all over the US show their new products to buyers from all over the world. This show is twice a year and thousands of people come through to do their buying for their shops and stores where they live.

With product coming out, I was asked to do a signing of coasters with my images on them during the show as giveaways to buyers.

Me? A signing? What?

The fear set in....
"What if no one wants one and I am just sitting there?"
It went so well that we ran out of all the coasters!

It was so surreal to see my images on these products and think back to when I took them in London. Thanks everyone for all your support and prayers! It has encouraged me to get to this point....I feel so blessed and I am so excited to find out what God has in store next with all of this!


The products so far include assorted coasters, clocks, car coasters and sun catchers. I have also done some custom work for the Lifeway Christian Bookstore chain which will be in stores for Mother and Father's Day. If all goes well we will add more of my images to the line and more product as well. YAY!

I will let you all know where you can get them in a place near you soon!

More tomorrow!


Decisions, Decisions...

This one? Or...

This One?

Downtown Atlanta
January 2008

My iTunes: What I've Done by Linkin Park

I just couldn't decide tonight. Usually it is much clearer to me. Sadie says she likes the top image...I liked the bottom. I posted both. What do you all think?

There is a reason that I have been downtown the last few days. I will be posting about that by Monday! This is another one of my favs from the other day. I love the lines and patterns on this building....mesmerizing if you stare at it long enough.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

From the Street Up

Downtown Atlanta
January 2007

My iTunes: Dancefloor Anthem by Good Charlotte

I went into the city today to take in the Gift Show with my friend who is visiting. It was exciting and overwhelming. I will have more a bit later in the weekend about the show and the goings on there. HINT...it has to do with my photography! :)

I snapped this image while we walked along the street after lunch. I love tall buildings and Atlanta has some very unique ones. I hope to be taking in more walking around downtown so I can find some more interesting shots.

Have a good Friday everyone! Night all....I am exhausted!


Catching Up

All Smiles
January 2008

My iTunes: Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This is WonderGirl. She is more precious everytime I see her!

WonderGirl and her family came from London through Atlanta today on their way to visit family. We had the priviledge of having them spend a couple of days here with us. It is so surreal to have them sitting across from me at my kitchen table. I have missed them a lot and plan on savoring every second I can get with them. As I type they (the four kids AND Mommy) are nestled in their room sleeping soundly. No doubt they will be up about 4 in the morning still being on London time.

I feel so blessed to see the friendships that I have made in one country continue on and deepen in another. God is so good.


Bringing My Game

Mom's Playdate
January 2008

My iTunes: Work That by Mary J. Blige
(sidenote: this is an AWESOME workout song!)

This morning at 9 a.m. (after about 6 years of not regularly playing tennis) I walked out onto the court again. I was so excited to be doing this for myself. I have joined ALTA this season. I am thrilled to be playing twice a week. One day we will practice for 2-3 hours and then the next time we meet we play matches with other ALTA teams. This is going to be great for my New Years resolution to get fit. Not to mention that I know I am a better wife and mother when I am feeling good.

I joined an exisisting ALTA team. The ladies were so welcoming and kind to me. I fit right in with this humorous, sarcastic group. I was very nervous since I had not played in so long. They play doubles which was different for me to get used to since I am only used to playing singles. I was hoping that I would find my groove pretty quick and thankfully I came back to me. I had forgotten the things I liked...like the smell from the new can of tennis balls I opened to stretching to get THAT one shot (and hopefully getting it).


As I write this I am nursing pains in muscles that I never knew I had! But it sure feels good! I am sure that I will be posting more about my fun teammates and my adventures courtside as the time passes. Thanks Susie for inviting me. I loved it.

And to my niece Sarah, I will meet you on the courts in April! :)


From Climbing Walls to Climbing Trees

Hang On Tight
January 2008

My iTunes: Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Today in Atlanta the temperature hit 70 degrees. That's right...it is January 7th and it was 70 degrees. Thank you global warming. That is some crazy stuff after living in London with totally different weather! The kids have been out of school since December 21st for Christmas break. Needless to say, for those of you who have kids, we are all about to go CRAZY! Not really.

OK really. :)

School starts tomorrow and I have to say that I should have a counter on my blog counting down the hours, minutes and seconds! Today was perfect for their last day off! I snapped these shots of my Sam climbing one of our trees in the backyard...or garden as they say in England. He had a blast and just kept going and going.

Warm Sun and Blue Skies



Big, Comfy Couch
December 2007

My iTunes: Go by Hanson

Thanks for all your encouragements from my previous post. This blog is much of the reason why my hobby has escalated the way it has and my family and friends in BlogLand have a lot to do with all the changes. I appreciate all of you who take the time to stop here and visit whether you comment or not.

The image above is what happens when I am experimenting with a new camera! Thanks to my photography jobs I am the owner of a Nikon D200....and I LOVE it! I am still figuring it all out...there is a lot to learn. This image is not spectacular but I just love the lighting and composition. This is one of the couches in my sister's home in Kentucky. It brings back memories of hanging around with her and the lazy days of Christmas break. Miss ya'll!

Good times. Good times.


A First Look

January 2008

My iTunes: No One Like You by David Crowder

The image above is the first look of my new venture.

anna carson photography
capturing life

I am excited to share these pics of my business cards that were just finished. My brother-in-law who is in advertising did them for me. I wanted something unique so we came up with these square cards with six of my different images. I am very happy with how they turned out. Thanks Randy! My website will be up and running in the next two weeks hopefully so later I will share the link with you. I am still also trying to figure out a logo to add to my images....lots to think about!

One of the reasons that my blog has been somewhat neglected lately is that I have had several photography jobs. What has happened with this "hobby" since I returned to America has been quite unexpected and overwhelming. I really feel like I have been preparing for this for the two years that I was away with my family. What a blessing!

I just wanted to share a bit of what has been happening over here with me.


My 2007 Christmas Post

Retro Santa
December 2007

My iTunes: I Celebrate the Day by Relient K

"Better late than never."

At the beginning of this new year...this phrase seems to be my motto.

When I visit my sister for Christmas I always find so much to capture my attention (besides my own three children along with her four kids and the four dogs). She manages to find the neatest things all year round. She likes to go to antique shops, craft shows, etc. She found Mr. Claus here at an antique store. I really like him because he reminds me of Christmas when I was little...

It was a very relaxed and joyful Christmas. Remembering the birth of a Savior around close family...nothing is better.


Where It Started

First Look Up

My iTunes: Hero/Heroine (acoustic) by Boys Like Girls

I decided to take a look back today at my blog beginnings. It was great. I found this image above. By far, one of my favorites from my time overseas. I took this not long after we moved into out flat in London back in 2006. This was actually the first post I talked about looking up and my affinity for doing so while looking through my lens. It started me wondering why I was looking up so much when I got there. Was I looking for home? For heaven?

Anyhow, it was nice to be reminded of my journey so far, not only in capturing images but in Blogland as well. This image started a theme for me on my blog which has lasted all these months.

Pretty cool.


Pretty Yellow

Trees in the Smokey Mountains
November 2007

My iTunes: No One by Alicia Keys

I have been obsessed with trees since I landed back in the States. It is so beautiful here. We have been blessed to travel all over the Earth and every place leaves an impression that will be with me forever. But there is no place like home. In the midst of changes, my senses have been soothed by familiarity.

The better half and I took a trip into the mountains of Tennessee and he graciously pulled the car over while I ventured out of the car. These trees remind me of Aspen trees that I had seen driving up to Pikes Peak in Colorado two and a half years earlier. They are the most beautiful trees I have ever seen in fall...the reds and the yellows were magnificent.

Anyhow, thought you might like this one as much as I do.

Looking Ahead...and UP...

My Backyard
December 2007

My iTunes: Just Fine by Mary J. Blige

I can't think of a better way for me to return to my blog than this image. I have been known for my habit of looking up when my camera is hanging from my neck. This year will be no different. I hope that you all had a wonderful 2007! There has been many changes for my family and me. Thanks for sharing my winding journey. Hopefully we can share a lot more!

See you tomorrow....seriously. :)

Take care and happy 2008!