Hues in the Underground

The Skylights
March 2007

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Today was a good day. It was beautiful here....more pics to come.

I snapped these at the tube station today as I headed into the city. I never "happen" to look up....I am ALWAYS looking up! I have some other blogging friends that seem to have this same "condition". Click here and here to see what Carmi and Mike have seen as well. Great shots guys! I am never disappointed when I turn my camera up to find a shot...and this top pic was no exception.

Below are the cables that run mile after mile along the tracks all across London. I was looking at these imagining all the work that had gone into laying the tracks, the cables, etc. I grew up in smaller cities in the US (way less than 8 million people), so this big, urban city can be overwhelming at times. It really is a different life and I am constantly exposed to new and different things. Pretty exciting and scary at the same time!

As I looked at these two images on my comupter later, I liked the colors. The colors are almost identical in both shots. It was an unexpected capture at the station. I love it when that happens! :)

Take care.

Cables Everywhere
March 2007


Jill said...

Love how you portrayed these hues! Great looking colors.

kenju said...

Nice color - great lines. Always the lines.....LOL

bluemountainmama said...

the first shot reminds me of those little pieces of paper with paint samples on them....how the hue slowly changes into another hue.....

Mike said...

Hi Anna,

I like your shots in the Underground. It was really funny that three of us had the same kind of idea on the same day!

I looked at those cables and the only thing I could think of is I would hate to be the poor electrician that got sent out in the middle of the night to find the short.

In reality it is fun to see colors and patterns in something that most people would pass by.

Thanks for your visits and the "plug" in your entry today.

Anonymous said...

Now these are too neat. Especially the skylights. Those colors are amazing. Who would have expected that in an "underground"?

Carmi said...

Hi Anna. Now I know why my neck was aching today: we were all doing the same thing with our heads...looking up and shooting!

I love these "twinned" images for so many reasons. The geometry is stark and strong, and that alone would be enough. But it's the tone and color that get me. At first glance, there's a consistent cast across both images. But then you look more closely and you realize just how variable the colors are within the overall scene.

It's an optical adventure. Thankfully, you invited us all. Great work. Again.


JAM said...

I love landscape and scenics, but also enjoy photographing things man has made. I like the symmetry of the skylight photo. I'm the opposite, I look down. I have nerve damage in one leg and I tend to really pay attention to where I'm going by watching my step. I would have probably missed the skylight photo.

I like the repetition and colors of the cables photo as well. I'm drawn to gritty, industrial looking things and heavy machinery. Probably lots of "juice" in those cables, they look electric.

Oracle said...

Love your photo's

I also enjoy Carmi's work ;)

Im kinda here via Michele's

via Sarch ;)

If that makes sense ?

Kyle said...

I love urban life!

I can't wait to go to school in the city!

photowannabe said...

Love the colors and the angle lines Anna.
I just had to leave a comment and say I will be remembering you in prayer too.
Sue of photowannabe

kenju said...

Have a happy and wonderful Easter, Anna and all!

Rainbow dreams said...

I like these - the things so many people see every day and don't give a second thought to for the rest of the day - lines and light, colours and patterns....
Happy Easter, I always enjoy popping by, just not always time to comment as much as I'd like :)
Have alovely weekend,

srp said...

The colors are very, very similar. Just lovely and there are lines... in just the short time I have visited here, I know how you love "lines". Have a blessed Easter.

Stacy said...


Found you via Carmi's comment section. :) I love your pics, the colors, the subjects. Great stuff. BTW, I noticed you were listening to Tim Hughes. I happen to like him ,too, mainly because that's my husband's name. :) He jokingly tells folks he has a new album he's working on.... Great blog. Keep the pictures coming. Maybe I could borrow one sometime for a story? I would definitely ask first and give you full credit...