Signs All Around

April 2007

My iTunes: Mercy Street by Peter Gabriel

First things first. We went on a walk to get some ice cream and along the way I snapped a few street shots. These are my two favorites. Nothing special but I liked the angle, the sky, the colors. Can you count how many street lights you see in the bottom image? Seven to be exact and let me just say, for every 2 you see here, there was another one I didn't get. That's right...at least 11 in one small area. Pretty cool to look at as they are all changing every few minutes.

I am thinking I need to do a series on street lights! Sound good?

After posting my interview yesterday, I wasn't quite sure what to expect in the way of responses. I am glad that I did have a few volunteers to be interviewed or I might have taken it personally! :) I posted some questions below and will let who volunteered answer any five (or more if you REALLY want to). Just pick your favorites. I can't wait to see your answers on your blogs!

My willing volunteers...
(their links are in my sidebar)
Paul from The Harbour of Ourselves
Chad from Chad's Photoblog
Tracy from UNLESS THE LORD...

What are you most passionate about in your life?
Pick a song that best describes you.
In a quiet moment you get to yourself, what do you do?
What surprises you most about other people?
Who has made the most impact on your life? Why?
Share one sure fire way to get to your heart?
What is one thing you own that would be hard for you to give away?
Share something that you hope to do one day.

Now, here is what you have to do after you answer the questions. You will update your weblog with the answers to the questions and include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions (that you write). So on and so on...



Chad Oneil said...

Love these images, Anna.

I'll answer some questions in my next post.


Moi said...

thats tons of lights!!!! loved the first image .........reminds moi of one of the street light shots i took long back...

Mike said...

Anna, these are neat shots. I think I like the bottom one best because of the contrasts between the green and red signals.

I understand completely what you mean. Some of my European colleages tell me how life is simpler there. And I notice they do get thier vacations where we have a tendancy to skip ours!

Thanks for your comments.

Tracy said...

I love the lighting in the bottom picture. And the green walk sign really stands out.

I answered my questions! They were hard!

Mike said...

Ok Anna, I didn't volunteer, but since I was wide awake at 1 am I decided to take the interview challenge.

Thanks, now maybe I can get to sleep!

Mark said...

Very cool shots, and I love that song by Peter Gabriel.

Ash said...

Cool! Love the second one!

JAM said...

Love the street shots. They are a great glimpse into your world. Things look so different there, that even though the traffic lights look familiar, the buildings and whatnot are quite different than what's in mine. It's like looking at childhood Christmas photos, and you start to notice all the details of your family's house, etc.

Marc said...

I never knew stop lights could look so cool.

lv2scpbk said...

I like the photos of the stop lights.

Carmi said...

I love your take on street lights. I'd give your proposal a huge green light, Anna (sorry, couldn't resist.)

Every time I set myself up near a street corner, I revel in the funny stares I get from passing motorists. It's as if they've never seen anyone with a camera before.

CG said...

I like your photos a lot today. When I saw them i thought "Stop" here and read Anna's post. At the end with the green walking man pic I thought "you've read it now get on with your day" :)