Advantage In

Fenced In
February 2007

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There is only one other phrase I like to hear more in tennis than "Great shot Anna!" It is "Ad-In". Standing for advantage-in, it means the serving team will win the game if they win the next point. Who doesn't want to hear this?

This is the fence where I play each week with my ALTA team. The picture pretty much explains it I think. I like that it is green and I love the lines. I didn't see behind me but I am sure the other ladies were wondering what the heck I was doing shooting so close to the fence.


Moksha Gren said...

Yet another "only Anna would notice the shot" shots. There's just a simple geometric beauty to this that is truly mesmerizing. Even though tit's only your second favorite thing to hear, "Great shot, Anna!" (Cuz "Ad-in" wouldn't make any sense"

John Roberts said...

The "Why is she/he taking a picture of THAT?" look is one we have to get used to. No answer you could give will make much sense to the non-photographer, so I usually just grin and shrug. Sometimes thick skin is as important as any equipment in your camera bag.

Yankee, Transferred said...

I am growing accustomed to people scratching their heads as I whip out my camera. This is a great shot.

CG said...

This is so "you" :)

Jerry Pennington said...

I agree with John, because I'm always getting those looks. It's best just to pretend there's no one around you.

Rebecca said...

Dude. It feels like I could reach through my screen and grab hold of the fence! Love that. :)

Mark said...

It looks like a set of eyes into the world. The slight fuzziness helps the mysterious feel.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Very cool stuff recently, Anna!

Mike said...

Great shot Anna! Just had to say that.

I love getting those looks but I got to admit I give them too. During our most recent ice storm there were three of us with camera's wandering over a frozen over park. I have to admit I would look at them every once in a while and say what are they taking a picture of. That is what makes this fun.

Happy Valentine's Day. Bet you can't wait until tomorrow!