Sadie Girl

My Girl
February 2008

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Wow...what a day! Sadie and a couple of her friends got together today and I did a photo shoot with them. One of the girls is quite the make up artist. They got all done up and then it was my turn. I came away with some stunning shots of each girl. The song I am listening to is one of ones that Sadie and I like to listen to in the car when it is just us.

This is my Sadie. She is beautiful and I loved shooting her today.

Have a great week everyone!


Mark said...

I'm trying to understand what's going on here. She looks all bruised up or something. My first thought was that I had missed something about a car accident.

Am I just not up on today's makeup styles?

Anna said...

Whoa! I'm assuming this isn't going to be a make-up do for everyday... I love the way her blue eyes jump out at you in this picture.

Anna said...

This was a fun make-up session with teenage girls! What can I say?!?!

This is high fashion Mark come on!

Rebecca said...

Ooo, girl...GORGEOUS. And I love the make-up! xoxo

photowannabe said...

Whoa...what a photogenic daughter you have. Beautiful.

Corey Bienert said...

weddings are a ton of fun, anna.

but believe it or not...taking pictures can be really tiring.

I've always been exhausted after days.

this time i brought two bottles of gatorade with me ( i know i probably sound like a loser...but it actually helped)

bring a ton of memory cards ( i used 10GB ive memory cards at this last wedding taking over 4000 pictures)

bring an assistant if you can...at the first wedding i did...jake came along and helped me out. even if they're not the best photographer...its good to have a second person to be getting more shots of the event..and their stuff will look different then yours because of their different perspective. plus...when your at the reception, you'll have someone to sit with and talk with. otherwise you'll be at a table with a bunch of people you dont know...and it could be kinda awkward.

bring a ton of extra batteries.

when i shot the last wedding i did..i had two batteries charged...one was in the camera...and the other was sittiging in the bag ready to load into my camera...and i had one that i left in the charger that i would rotate in. that way i would always have a fully charged camera...it worked great...and you dont want to take a risk of missing a shot.

bring a good flash with you.

i usually shoot with availible light using wider apertures...but in most church conditions...thats not enough.

i shot the last wedding i did with flash the entire time...but you wont be able to do that at all weddings.

i hope this is of some help to you. im looking forward to seeing these new shots!

be sure to let me know how it goes!

CG said...

i think the make up is fun! She has the mosr beautiful mouth! A stunner indeed.

Mark said...

I didn't see where you wrote about shooting a wedding. But, I've done several, and I would like to second what corey said. Extra batteries for EVERY piece of equipment in your bag, and a second camera body, once you can swing it (not literally, that puts off most wedding guests). Definitely find out whether and when you can use flash during the festivities.

But, 4000 pictures? Yikes! If I had tried that back when I shot film for weddings, somebody would have been seriously broke afterward, especially when I was doing them for free just to get some experience.

Usually I shoot about 150-175 frames and that assures them about 110 proofs (eye blinks, etc). That includes shooting with two different bodies (so I could do color and black and white at the same time).

When I get the chance to do more photojournalist shots, I take quite a few more pictures. Candids are my favorite, but most weddings I've shot have been very traditional.

I've done only a couple weddings on digital, and I still do about the same number of shots.

I guess the digital camera age truly has changed the way people take pictures. This new scattershot approach must result in a higher number of truly great photos -- at least I hope so.

My wife came along on a few of mine, to help pose folks and whatnot, but I was the only one snapping pics. The assistant idea sounds great to me.

utenzi said...

Wow. She looks beautiful like that, Anna. The makeup reminds me of that MTV video back in the 80s by Scandal, Like a Warrior. Great picture and lovely model, Anna.

Yankee, Transferred said...
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Yankee, Transferred said...

Sorry-too many typos in my last comment. What I was attempting to say is that she is stunningly beautiful.

Alice said...

Whoa is right! I love those blue eyes and her mouth is beautiful. What a fun day for the girls and you...love you, Mom

Kyle said...

What a perfect portrait!

I think portraits are the most difficult, but you made this look so easy!

I love it, Anna

kenju said...

I have always thought she as pretty, as are her cousins. Stunners all!

John Roberts said...

I somehow missed this the other day. She is very pretty!. The make up job reminds me of some I've seen from the Broadway show, "Cats".

j a f f r e y said...

thanks for checking out my stuff! jake's blog is great, as is yours i'm finding out!! :)

pnfphotography said...

very creative and very nice work! What a pretty lady!!!