Basketball Fever

Lining Up
February 2008

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If you are a regular reader you know that for the last several weeks (and for a few more to come), if it is Saturday, it is basketball day in our home. Our youngest son is on a team so I have made a point to have my Saturday posts about basketball.

They did AWESOME today! Way to go Comets! Another win was a great feeling and the boys are over the moon with excitement. I snapped this top shot as they all lined up to congratulate the other team for a good game. The bottom shot is of Sam taking to the court.

I hope everyone has a good Sunday!

My Sam


Joel Reynolds said...

Cool shots, Anna! Love the locker shot below! Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Looking good on the court Sam. I wish we could be there to see you play. The wins are great!


kenju said...

Way to go, Sam!!

Beverly said...

What fun for you all. Whenever I go back to my son's and daughter's schools and observe the parents cheering their kids on the court, I tell them to enjoy every moment because those years go so fast.

And you will have a good record of it all!