Another Goodbye

At 8 am this morning, the train carrying my sister and niece pulled out of Victoria Station in Central London heading toward the airport. It was a solemn morning that snuck up on me. This will be my first Christmas outside of the US ever and so being away from all of my extended family will be difficult. One thing that we have been told about a life of outreach is that your relationships can end up looking like a revolving door. Today that is exactly what it felt like. Even though this trip was a short one, I wouldn't have traded it for anything. It was great to reconnect with my sister, hang out together and show her a bit of our life here. I snapped this photo as the train was pulling away from us (in between tears). Of course it left right on time! :(

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kenju said...

Be grateful for the time you have had with your family in the last 3 months, and keep your memories of their visits and your trip home close at hand! Have a wonderful Christmas, Anna!