Warmth in Winter

I wasn't looking forward to today. I was to be home all day cleaning for my sister and niece who are visiting from the States. I am a big procrastinator when it comes to cleaning. You know I can't be like a sane person and do a little each day...I work better under pressure! My husband disappears on these days with "important things to do"...hahaha. It took me all day and it is finally finished. I took this photo this morning before the smell of bleach and laundry was in the air. It was just breathtaking. Now that I am finally sitting down (it is midnight here), it was nice to look at this sunrise all over again. The image seems to reflect exactly what I was seeing. I hope that you can sense the vivid colors and the warmth.


kenju said...

It is gorgeous, Anna!! I know you will enjoy your visit with your sister and niece. I hope they arrive safely.

bluemountainmama said...

beautiful....you seem to have great sunsets there! i'm the same way about cleaning. i always have good intentions and goals, but never quite follow through.