A Letter for the Post

Santa Claus
North Pole

Sam (the one in England)

Yes, even Santa gets urgent mail. Every now and then revisions must be made. On this eve of Christmas Eve, Sam told me that he had mail of the utmost importance....changes in his Christmas list. So he wrote it all down (and added pictures), addressed it and when we were on our way into the city to look at Christmas lights...he put it in the post (that is what they call the mail here). I wouldn't normally perpetuate this scenario to this degree but it really was cute...and I got a great photo. You can't tell from the pic but Sam is up on his tiptoes to get that letter in the box...so sweet. He actually mailed two letters for good measure. Where do kids get this stuff? This was taken on the High Street in our neighborhood just before getting on the bus.


Jennifer said...

This really is an awesome photo(even better than the smaller sneak preview!) This should be a Christmas card!! I love the fact that you can tell that Sam has to reach up. And I love seeing the 'top' of the post box. So pretty! Neat that you seem to capture in one picture several elements of Sam's life at the moment...(e.g. here in London, and his age...still caught up in the childlike wonder of Mr. Claus). Is this a 'keeper' for his scrapbook? Btw, We had so much fun tonite! I'd better get back to packing (can you tell i'm procrastinating!) So is Sam getting the revisions on his list?? =)

Anonymous said...

Love you Sam! Grandma

kenju said...

One day in the distant future, this photo (and all your others) will serve to keep these precious memories alive in your minds. I hope that Sam (and all the children) get exactly what they want from Santa, and you also, Anna. Merry Christmas and the very best of New Year's to you all!

eurorebs said...

That's awesome. :) Absolutely love it.

Merry (Happy) Christmas to all!