Light Show

It was a perfect day to see a movie. It was rainy here all day (surprise, surprise) and now that it is December, it gets completely dark by 4:15 in the afternoon...nice, huh? We are celebrating a birthday of one of our children tomorrow who turns the big 7! He is so excited he can't stand it! So tonight we gathered up another family and went to see a movie. I snapped this as we were walking back to the car in the "car park"...for the people Stateside...that is a parking garage. I still have this thing for lines. I liked the way this looked...all the light cans lined up against some of the cement lines of the structure going in the opposite direction. And where the light and shadows fall make this a pretty interesting photo.


kenju said...

I thought "V for victory" when I saw it.

Anonymous said...

Incredible! I LOVE this one Anna. I could stare at it forever. For some reason it invokes strong feelings of excitement and adventure. Makes me feel like something adventurous is just about to happen.

This one has to be in my top ten of your photos.

I found it from your comment to Carmi on his light picture.