This was Rest?

Carts Lined Up (click to enlarge)
February 2007

Before my kids were homeschooled (just a week ago) this was where I went to get rest. That is right..there is nothing wrong with your eyes. I used to go to the grocery store. When the kids were in school I would find solace at the store. It was far from the laundry, dust, wiping, scrubbing and sweeping that was calling my name at home.

Well, those days are long gone. How do I know? Today we all went to the grocery, all four of us. I will be fair and say that my kids are great and it wasn't that bad with them. But one thing it wasn't...restful. I took this photo as we made our way inside with our list. I was really drawn to the orange, blue and chrome here and and you know I like those neverending lines. Unfortunately, my kids got a taste of the awkwardness I feel sometimes when I want to "get that one shot." While taking pictures in public I am keenly aware of the people around me but usually is doesn't stop me from snapping. My 13 year old daughter was appalled that I was making them wait as I leaned over a bunch of carts to capture this image (although this one was her favorite). At least I crossed something off my TO DO list for today....#6, make my teenage daughter embarrassed...check. My work here is done! :)

On a different note, I wanted to give a quick update on my first week with homeschooling. The week went very well. The kids did great and I am loving the time that I am getting to share day to day with them. I wouldn't trade it for anything. We are trying to work out some things regarding schedules and timing but on the whole it could not have gone better. I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers for us.

I just know that God is carrying us everyday and there is a real freedom in that for me...

FYI, if this pic looks familiar it is...I posted a similar one back in October in black and white. I like both of them but the colors in this are so vivd I had to revisit this subject. I am so glad that I did!


sari said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the fact that you go to the grocery for peace and quiet, I so know how you feel! :-)

Your photos are great, I will definately be back to see what you're going to do next.

Mr. Althouse said...

I'm never at peace when shopping, no matter what it is I'm shopping for. I either just want to get it and get done, like with groceries - or I'm faced with too many decisions on something I really want or an important purchase. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a 17" MacBook Pro. It'll take me hours - I just know it.

Love the shopping carts -


bluemountainmama said...

wow, anna...19 comments on your last post!!! i'm gonna start calling you "miss popularity"! :) i can't say grocery shopping is restful for me...i don't usually enjoy it. i used to, don't know why i don't anymore.

myrtillo1984 said...

I love this picture! It is really wonderful...!
Thanks for your visit...And your words, too...I LOVE "vintage" pictures, too and especially if they tell a story of some sort just by the fact of their existance....

I see that I am going to have to fell out a NEW Name thingy...BLOGGER..Grrrrrrrr! BUT, this is Naomi, AKA OldOldLady Of The Hills....no matter what Blogger/Google says! (lol)

kenju said...

Anna, you have arrived! You have a comment from Naomi! You should read her very interesting blog - and she takes good photos.

I used to go to the store while mr. kenju was at home, so I wouldn't have to shop with the children. I cannot imagine taking them all with me!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and I will be back to read more. I too go to the grocery for peace. But only if it is alone!!

Oh, and I am a mac addict too! We have a brand new MacBook that we just love!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wish I could find rest & peace while grocery shopping. Not so much! Even if I'm alone, the whole idea just stresses me out! LOL

Glad the homeschooling is going well...I totally admire you for doing that with your children!!

Babystepper said...

Beautiful photo, as usual! I'm picturing you standing there with your camera, snapping the carts as confused passersby watch in wonder. =)

Anonymous said...

There's Anna bending over the shopping carts with her camera....her teenage daughter stands back rolling her eyes and looking around to see if anyone sees her....LOL I love it!

Great photo - thanks for sharing.

DellaB said...

Hi Anna,
Thanks for visiting, and thanks to Carmi for bringing you by.

I wish, I really wish, that there had been an option to home-school when my kids were young - I know that you will miss your time to yourself, but, hey, enough of that to come in years to come - believe me!

And you are a photographer, very special - I love the whole thing of photos on the web, always hunting them out, I have links to a photo competition site on my blog in today's post too, for amateurs, that I think you'd like a lot... what a coincidence is that?

just kidding, I actually believe that things happen for a reason...

This is a lovely blog that you have here...


Anonymous said...

Anna I just checked out your "light" photo from December 1st after reading about it in your comment to Carmi. Wow! I left a comment on that blog.

utenzi said...

I love that picture, Anna. I'd never seen grocery carts with such colorful and beautifully contrasted handles. It, along with the hard metal angles, really makes a great photo. Good eye.

Natalee Whitesell said...

I couldn't see the shopping carts! Will check back. Which store? Tescos? Sainsburys?

Do you know Johnny and Kathy Hall? They are my aunt and uncle and just moved to London. They are AMAZING people. Their blog is londonhalls.com.

You are helping see beauty...
Thank you.

Anna said...

SARI...thanks for coming by! I am glad you liked the pics...
MIKE...hope that you liked the lines! :) Enjoy your MacBook Pro...LUCKY!
BMM...your hilarious! I paid all these people to comment here! :)
NAOMI...so glad you stopped by and that you liked the carts. Come on back!
Judy...I will NEVER take them all with me again...NEVER!
Stacey...glad to see another Mac addict. Do we need to start a support group or something? :)
Anna...thanks for the encouragement in homeschooling. BTW, love your profile pic from your wedding...black and whites are my favorite!
babystepper...I got some VERY weird looks!
Sarch...I wish that I could have posted a hidden camera video!
della...thanks for coming by and I will check out your blog for sure!
utenzi...I was thrilled that you were pleased with the picture. The blue, orange and chrome really make this photo.
natalee...girl, you are good...it is Sainbury's

Thanks everyone for taking your time to comment here! I appreciate it!

Chad Oneil said...

I appreciate your style. Very cool stuff here.

David said...

home schooling - good
taking crazy pictures - better
embarrassing daughter, BEST!

Carmi said...

I like that you revisit themes previously covered. I find myself doing something similar as I get deeper into my exploration of my new camera. I love this image. It's so evocative of something we do regularly.

Here's link to an old picture from our nearby grocery. Different color cast, but similar theme. I think I need to go back to the grocery store now :)