Summer Heat

Cooling Off...
May 2007

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Sorry to be a day behind in my photo of the day....here are two images for you.

You can tell from my images, it has been pretty hot here in London. Well, it HAS been...as I type my post, it is cold and rainy, conditions you might have in February not May. The top shot is of one of the many fans throughout our home. Being American, I am used to hot, humid weather....however, I am not used to no air conditioning! I'm so spoiled! :) One of the great things about London is it doesn't get humid here. It is a constant dry hot. As the temps rise, our home gets hot so we totally rely on high powered air circulation fans...like the one above. And like always, I love the lines...it makes for a good picture to share.

My eyes came across the shot below as I sat in my daughters room yesterday and glanced out the window. The sun was beating down so hard on the brick it washed out the side of the wall while around the corner you can see the texture of the bricks in the shade. As I looked, it seemed to be a good image of how bright the sun was that day.

I hope you all are all having a good weekend!

The Hot Sunshine
May 2007


Mike said...

Well it certainly looks hot there. I love the fan shot. Just seems to exclaim heat.

Hope all is well there. It is pouring rain here.

Elaine said...

I like the fan shot--I love to sit in front of a fan! (A windy beach is great also, but we don't live near one anymore.)

My macro lens is an EF 100mm f2.8mm USM. It is by far my favorite (and highest quality)! As for the daisies, I am not usually allergic, but after 3 hours on the prairie my eyes were itching!

Have a great weeken!

John Roberts said...

I like the fan photo best. The colors add to the feeling of "hot".

photowannabe said...

Anna...your pictures are HOT...LOL
Great shots.
When we move we will have air conditioning units for the first time in our married life. Temps. get into the 90* and above in the summer. In the San Fran. bay area we have natural air conditioning..the ocean and fog, fog, fog.

Pat said...

Great capture of the fan, Anna. Yes,our hot season is coming very soon. Actually we've had a few very hot days lately here. Cooler today.

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Guelph Daily Photo

Jackie said...

Wow, I thought it was paint on the building, but I double checked out the window.

I think its so funny how people here comment so much about "hot" and "cold." I really only notice the rain-maybe I'll blog about that next!


AB said...

Love those lines... beautiful depiction of hot days.

Wish it had been this hot up north here in Sunderland -- while it's been nice, it's been nothing like what you've been enjoying down south. Being Canadian, I know what you mean about the heat and humidity - but even after all these years I sometimes wish for air conditioning!


Jeremy said...

Great shot. Forget the hot-cold contrast, the WHITE and BROWN with soft Rothko-like transition is mezmerizing.
If you unfocus your eyes you can see this more clearly.
I then like the content in the fields of colors.

kenju said...

We're just HOT over here this week, Anna, and we might be wanting some of your cooling rain by the time this heat wave gets into full swing!

Mrs Wibbs said...

mmmm...Yes. Being all of about 45 minutes down the road from you, we are spoiled with the same weather! Really not enjoying the extremes of really hot then chilly/ damp/ yukky either. It just doean't make sense to me!
We have one of those industrial fans at home, but really cannot sleep with it on as it makes so much noise. And I would say night time is when one could do with it most!!
Love the shot of the wall, the contrast between both sides is really very stricking, and reminds me of the shot you posted a few days ago of the tunnel and the stairs leading up to the light.
God really speaks through your photography you know! It is a real ministry you have.
Enjoy the long week end!

Moi said...

loved both the shots Anna....i have been trying to achieve something similar with the fan at home for a few days now...but in vain.....i am determined to try harder now ..:)

JAM said...

I try that with some of my photographs too, to make the viewer feel the heat or whatever in the photo. It's a great exercise, and you've done a great job here.

CG said...

Really hot shot on such a chilly day!

gretnalivin said...

Love that fan shot! It was very warm in Tuscany, too--not a day of rain. Sweet!

Moksha Gren said...

Saturday, a friend and I strolled about Minneapolis with our camera...searching for inspired shots. We climbed on things and crawled under things to get interesting perspectives. We debated angles and did much head scratching. When we finished, we were only mildly happy with our results. We returned to his house and checked your site...to find this...a picture of an ordinary fan that was 20 times better than anything we shot all day. An f'ing fan! You clearly have an eye for framing that I have do not yet share. It is maddening and inspiring ;) Keep up the amazing work.