Words and Rain

Rainy Days
May 2007

My iTunes: American Girl by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (seriously)

I was asked by another blogger friend, Mark, if he met me would he think I was British. My answer was I am quite American still. I have only been here in London for a year and a half and even though my southern accent hasn't changed, I have found many words I say daily that are distinctly British and if I didn't adopt saying them, I may not be understood.

I will list a few examples below. The American words are on the left, British counterparts are on the right...

trash can...rubbish bin
bathroom....loo or toilet or W/C
that's fine...no worries
call me...ring me
cell...mobile (mo-bile)
underwear...pants (I cant tell you the trouble I had with this one!)
living room...lounge
hood (of a car)...bonnet
auto parts...motor spares (literal, huh?)

So while I am still an American gal...I am settling into the vocabulary nicely. I would love to hear any more words that anyone wants to add to this list. It could go on and on and on! I know my readers that are living here in Britain with me may have plenty more to add...feel free to leave them when you comment!

I snapped this image on a wet walk through the neighborhood. The wrought iron fences here are always a good subject for me....and this one is wet from rain which is totally appropriate seeing how the rain has been nonstop lately.

Stay dry! Cheers (translation...goodbye)!

And thanks Mark for the inspired post!


John Roberts said...

Nice macro shot, especially since (knowing you) it was probably hand-held. You have steady hands!

Do you even own a tripod? (LOL!)

Moi said...

Growing up in India , taught in British English, and now studying in United States, I know what u mean.....I even have problems with spellings.....colors vs colours , aluminum vs aluminium, sulfur vs sulphur, and the list goes on....

beautiful shot......i wish we'd get some rains here too!!!!

Beverly said...

When I was in London, I asked my host if she had a wash cloth. She looked at me puzzled and than asked me if I meant "face flannel?"

I assumed that was what I wanted.

I have friends who were missionaries in London for a while, and since they've come back to the States, my friend continues to use some of those words like loo, etc. I want to tell her she's back in America, but, oh well.

Love the reminders of my time there.

Mark said...

Great post, Anna. I had heard several of these, and the others are great to know, too.

I didn't see these:

French Fries....Chips

I suppose it could be that you left them off because they are incorrect.

Great photo, too. I love wrought iron fences.

Julie Blair said...

Love this photo...the repetition is great and I too love wrought iron fences and gates and such... The south (US) could use some of that rain since they are burning...and here in South cal too. Dry, dry, dry....I enjoyed the difference in the words but for some reason I don't understand surgery=theatre! Thanks for sharing.

kenju said...

I knew of most of the words/phrases on your list due to books I have read or people I've known. I wonder how easy it will be for you to go back to the American phrases once you move back home.....LOL

We had a delightful evening with your parents tonight! A good dinner and much conversation - which we enjoyed greatly! We were joined by a neighborhood cat; a young gray male, who seemed to enjoy my petting and ear scratching. He got brave enough to jump up on the table! Imgine what your mom thought of that.....LOL

Faye Pekas said...

I love rainy days and I really like the repitition in this shot.

Surgery = Theater?? Yikes! You would need to be very careful with those words. DON'T accept a date to go to the theater!

photowannabe said...

This is my kind of picture. I love the repetition.
For a while I was a Tour director and led tours of all Brits. It was a fast study in word differences.
que or cue for line
Brilliant for great or splendid.
Lots of fun and I had a few good laughs at myself and my mangled "English"

Awareness said...

Hi Anna......yes, great words....

I can think of a couple more.

potato chips....crisps
lemonade.....lemon squash

I have a funny little book filled with cockney rhyming slang and how the words have evolved and were developed. have you heard any rhyming slang? It's quite funny...almost like a whole language on it's own.....

Anna said...

Of course....you all are giving me some I left off the list! :) Thanks for sharing what you remember!

Julia said...

hhahahah surgery is theater?!?! thats so awesome.

and i love the picture by the way it reminds me of a movie but i cant figure out which one.

yeah, summer is definetely here for us :) :) and ive been having a blast!

have a great day/week

CG said...

My favourite is

suspenders - braces

Suspenders in the UK hold up ladies' stockings LOL.

Fab piccie :)

Anna said...

So suspenders in the US hold up a mans pants....and by pants I mean trousers not underwear! :)


Bob-kat said...

I think us Brits have the advantage in that we understand more Americanisms as we come across them in TV programmes and films. I'm not sure about the leetuce / salad one though. To me a lettuce is part of a salad, but then there are regional differences in language here too!

Another for your list: Movie / Film and Theater / Cinema.

Great pic!

Geraldo said...

There are also great differences between the Portuguese spoken in Brazil and in Portugal, and some of then are even more embarrassing than pants x underwear. Unfortunately, they're untranslatable, of course...
I think you reversed football x soccer. For us in the rest of the world, it is a mystery why the Americans call football a game that is played mostly with the hands...

Anna said...

You are right...I did mix those two words up....

As far as football...I am thinking an American would say that we are thinking outside the box with that one...


utenzi said...

I think you reversed the football / soccer relationship, Anna. Great list!

utenzi said...

I forgot about drugstores, Anna. Don't they call them "chemists" over there?

Ash said...

Beautiful image, great DOF!

Anonymous said...

I guess this must be my first visit. I have no idea how I missed you. Your work is very good and your narratives are special.

I didn't do much today but...

I did write about how people used to wear long underwear over winter or until we began to stink. You can find the link at the bottom of the post today.

Brookville Daily Photo

Stacy said...

Hey...eat some of those McVities "biscuits" (chocolate covered) for me. I bought McVities Tins while I was there just to remember them. :)

Do they put ice in their soft drinks now? When I toured London (20 years ago) we had a hard time finding a place with ice in the drinks. I did bring back lace curtains and a teapot!

Cris said...

Haha, nice list Anna, not to mention the driving, which made me always go to the driver's seat when I did not intend to drive and always look on the wrong direction out on the streets! And it was fun!

Babystepper said...

I had a friend in high school whose family was living in London. Her brother called erasers rubbers, even when he was home in America, which could be quite embarrassing yelled across Wal-Mart.

Mom, pick up some rubbers for me while you're over there!

Elaine said...

I like this--I am partial to lines and repetition!