Marquee View
September 2008

My iTunes:  What else?...You Wanna?  by The Kooks

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone!  I am redoing my blog so I may be a little scarce for another week or so while it gets put up....

Last night I went to see The Kooks in concert here with my better half and two wonderful friends!  We had a great time!  Man, The Kooks rocked the house too!  If you love British bands...go find them now on iTunes and listen!

Have a wonderful week everyone and I look forward to more posts soon!


Anna said...

I figured you would post this one eventually :-)

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

hi Anna,
Why scared for what? Not posting enough, its what YOU like that what you do. Nice the KOOKS, and how doies the ITunes work? Its still a mysterie to me, but I would lOVE toknow how it works,

Bye I always LOVE your photography,
JoAnn's D Eyes/Holland


photowannabe said...

Hi Anna, welcome back and I'm glad your Honey is home again too.
You are one very busy person and i look forward to seeing your new blog setup and your interesting angle shots.
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Its appreiated.

Robert said...

Glad you got out for a fun night. Love the classic Anna tilt here! :)