City Lights

What a long day! I snapped this picture at Piccadilly Circus tonight. This jumbo screen in Central London is similiar to the one in Times Square, NYC. I liked the colors in this especially.


A Moments Peace

Here's our Sadie Katherine watching the rain today. She's had that birthmark underneath her right eye since the day she was born and I can't imagine her without it. She looks so peaceful here. Something tells me that isnt a normal teenage trait so I thought I would get photographic evidence. She's growing up so fast...HELP!


Walking the Streets of London

We must have walked a zillion miles today...OK, OK...we figured that it was actually about 7 miles (and we saw about 12 Starbucks). This is a shot looking up Fleet Street to St. Pauls Cathedral (Princess Diana was married here). I loved the cab, the double decker and the church in the background. We climbed all the way to the top of the dome (280 feet up) and were able to get a great view of London.


Day Out in the City

You might be expecting a photo of Big Ben...but one of my favorite things in Central London is the parks. I love that in a city so massive that they have saved these spaces for people to enjoy. They are immaculately maintained and are filled with wildlife, plants, flowers and trees. Many of the trees have stood there for almost 200 years. This tree is in St. James Park. It covers 58 acres in front of Buckingham Palace. That is some front yard for Her Majesty the Queen and I am glad she shares. This is a Plane tree and there are many that run along the outside of the park in a perfect line. I wish they could tell stories of all that has happened beneath them...don't you?


A World Away...

This is a bit more serious of a picture than you are used to seeing from me...no flowers or kids today. I am not sure who paid to have this new billboard put up, but it is less than a mile from our home. This is a sentiment that most Americans are not used to seeing about themselves. Although, if you have ever lived outside the US you will know that it can be a pretty common view. I was pretty shocked and saddened to see it on our drive tonight. I miss home.


Not So Ordinary...

Well, can any of you guess what I did all day? I cleaned. I have a friend coming from the States tomorrow for a visit. I took this pic at the end of my day after I had done about 10 loads of laundry. This is the inside of my dryer (which is at least half the size of the American ones and is not vented...I'm not liking that I must say). I really like this photo because my day was VERY ordinary (and dusty)...and this picture really isn't so ordinary.


English Garden

Today I went with some girlfriends for tea and scones at the Grim's Dyke Hotel. Set on 49 acres, it was built in 1870 as a family home and then later in 1970 was converted into a hotel. They have high tea accompanied by the in house opera company that performs Gilbert and Sullivan songs and operaettas. Sir William Gilbert once lived in the home with his wife and wrote many of his works here in the library while his wife was an avid rose gardener. As I sipped on my tea overlooking the beautiful gardens, I felt as though I was in a Jane Austen novel. The hydrangea blooms were beautiful and I had to get a picture for you all to see.


A Taste of India

This is India's most popular sweet called jalebi. They are made with plain flour, gram flour, lentil flour, water, then deep fried in butteroil and lashed with syrup. I wish I could tell you that I have tried them but I haven't gotten up the nerve yet...I just thought they looked cool all stacked up like that! Maybe next time!


Rainy Day

I snapped this pic of our rooftop from the boys bedroom during a downpour this afternoon. Looks like the rainy days of winter have returned to England.


Quiet Retreat

Since 1094 the Church of St Mary has been atop Harrow-on-the-Hill. From our home it is a five minute walk. I included a bonus picture of the church for you. When I visit there this archway welcomes me and always makes me pause and reflect. Just after you walk under this arch there are gravesites that are dated as far back as the church has been standing. I love the thick, rugged wood and the verse that is etched..."The Lord is risen indeed. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."


A Penny for Your Thoughts...

I'm not sure what to make of this picture of Jack. There is something about this one. His eyes are beautiful. If I could only know exactly what he is thinking...then again, maybe I don't want to know.


Public Footpath #75

John and I started running together a week ago. We are trying to get into shape and spend some much needed time together. So far, so good. However, we couldn't have picked a worse time...our home is situated on the top of a very large hill. No matter which way we go...the run is going to hurt! I am NOT exaggerating! I snapped this pic tonight during my "cool down"... there are old cobblestone footpaths like this one all around our neighborhood that just add to the quaintness and village feel. It seems like a storybook most days. I was a click away from sending you a picture of me passed out on the pavement taken by my better half...but no one needs a picture like that in circulation...especially me.


Don't Forget to Look Up Sometimes...

I did the math on this one...I walk under this at the very least 50 times a day (most of those times I am toting endless piles of laundry that needs to be sorted, washed or folded). Same stuff, different country. Rarely do I ever look up...but today and did...and here is your Photo of the Day! This is the skylight in our flat that has a ladder hanging on the wall to get up to the storage space nearby. I was fascinated by the lines and light of this and thought you all might enjoy seeing it.

Lesson: The next time you are going through your daily routine maybe you should look up too. You might be pleasantly surprised!


Room with a View

I caught this pic of Sam looking out the third floor window of our flat (this is from our living room). He is watching the double deckers go by on the High Street below. He has memorized the bus numbers that come up here on the Hill and watches for them all the time. This is one of those things I will remember about being here...


Colors of India

I was drawn to these beautiful fabrics and colors in a shop in Southall that makes Sarees and Punjabi suits for women...the colors are so rich and vibrant that I had to get a pic of them!