Home for the Holiday

Giving Thanks
November 2007

Hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Light Show

Lights at Turner Field, Georgia
September 2007

Hey all!

I am going to be doing things different on my blog. I have pics to share but I am at a loss for words these days. I am running 24/7. I look forward to at SOME point getting my voice back in my writing....until then I will be posting pics!

This was taken at Turner Field. There I go...looking up again!

Hope that you are well wherever you are and you have a great week!


I Love Lucy

Taking a ride in Sam's pumpkin!
October 2007

My iTunes: Dancing Nancies by Dave Matthews Band

When we found Riley....(see last post)...we were in search of a puppy for our Sam. However, he had specific criteria for us to follow...

1. girl dog
2. small dog

Riley fit neither of these. He will grow to be about 40 pounds. Lucky for us and Riley...we saw him first and my husband went nuts! So we were still on the hunt for a little girl. Sam wants a little girl for a specific reason. He is our youngest and has always wanted a little sister! That was NOT happening! So a girl dog was the next best thing. He had her name picked out before he even laid eyes on her and her name fits her perfectly. He is very serious about this new relationship and takes her everywhere.

Lucy is two whole pounds of love. She is a sweetie and will grow to be 9 pounds. She is a Schnoodle not a Snickerdoodle as my husband keeps lovingly calling her! This breed is part miniature schnauzer, part miniature poodle....also hypo-allergenic and they don't shed. She and Riley have met and seem to be getting along just like brothers and sisters do! :) So at the end of week one....things are going well. With an A-OK at their first vet visit, they are being crate trained and they have been doing their "business" outside since they came home to us! YAY!

Anyhow....here is a few more pics. Have a great week!

Boy Meets Girl

Lucy Girl