A Birds View...

The Perfect Spot
July 2007

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Hey friends...

WOW...things have been crazy since I have been traveling quite a bit. Sometimes my internet connections are good, sometimes not. I am glad to be able to post tonight. I am having some serious blogging withdraw and have really appreciated all your comments despite all the days of quiet over here on my site. :)

As for my pic above...I like the simplicity of it. That is why I am posting all by itself. I took this in Italy while we rode in a water taxi from the little island of Murano back to Venice. This bird perched high up looked very intent on watching all the goings-on in all the lanes of water traffic. And as I clicked through my photos of this trip this one stood out as one of my favorites. I hope that you all are fond of it too!

Have a good Wednesday!


Views While Wandering

July 2007

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Internet connection...CHECK!

YAY! I am back up and running but will be traveling a bit. These three shots are a few of my favorites from our exploring in Venice. As we strolled, I always had my eye on the beautiful fruits and flowers on the stands throughout the narrows alleyways. I am drawn to all the vibrant colors and smells. I hope that these bring some cheer to your day like they did to mine.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Green Grapes in a Basket
July 2007

Smelling the Flowers
July 2007


Pen and Paper

July 2007

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I am still trying to function on about 10 minutes of internet a day! I am such a modern girl! What would I do without my Mac or my iPod? I don't want to know...it is too scary to think about! These images from Italy are perfect with that question. While in Venice, we journaled, we read....we tried communicating by writing postcards. What a change for both of us. I have to say, it was refreshing. Something about putting words on paper makes everything more real. My husband is a devoted journaler (is that a word?) and has been for years. I am not but I do love my blog so maybe that is close to the same thing.

SIDENOTE: I was extremely diligent and purposeful at writing postcards (as you can see below) but not so good at sending them...sorry. Not one made it to the post office. I really need to work on that. Tim, that one face up is yours! :)

Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are!

Keeping in Touch
July 2007


Piece by Piece

Mary and Jesus
July 2007

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In my two seconds of internet I am so glad to be able to post. I shot this in Murano, Italy. There are many places on walls where you can stop and pray throughout Venice. This was the mosaic on one such place. I found it to be stunningly beautiful the closer I got to it. Below are the tools that are used in doing mosaics.

Happy Tuesday!


Sorry for the Interruption

Wall in Murano
July 2007

My iTunes: Nolita Fairytale by Vanessa Carlton

My internet is come and go right now so my posting & commenting may be scarce for a few days. I was however, able to get on tonight and put up a few images that I took in Murano, Italy. Murano is famous for its glass. Blowing glass is such an interesting craft. We weren't able to see anyone actually doing it the day we went but I thoroughly enjoyed hitting the galleries and looking at all the pieces. Just beautiful!

Enjoy these shots and have a wonderful week! Hopefully I will be able to post again tomorrow night.

Glass chandelier in Murano

Boat in Murano


End of the Day

Sunset on the Hill

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Sorry this is up so late...

Not many words tonight. I am so tired! :) This is one of my favorite images and a typical view from our life here on the Hill. The sunrises and sunsets are wonderful. I do need to clarify that the sun comes up here at 5 am so I dont see many of those! But when the sun sets at 9 pm, I am able to see indulge myself. I like this shot because you can see the rolling hills in the distance going out from London.

Serene and unforgettable...

Take care everyone...more Italy images tomorrow!


After the Rain

There's the blue!
July 2007

My iTunes: Only You by Joshua Radin

It doesn't happen often that you have a thunderstorm in London. The rain here is at a constant drizzle year round...so when I got up this morning to buckets...I mean large, bottomless buckets of rain, I just watched. I hadn't seen a thunderstorm like this one since I was in America. There was about 3 hours of torrential rain that dumped over 2 FEET of water in West London (we are in Northwest London). Tube stations were closed, flights cancelled, and streets shut down. But in typical London fashion, ten seconds after the rain had stopped drenching the streets and people, the skies were the prettiest I had yet to see here. Each blue sky here pales in comparison to the next one a day later. When you think it can't get more blue, it does. This is just the way it is here. The weather is one of my favorite parts about Britain. The high today in London was 64 degrees and as I write this it's 55 degrees. Sorry, call me crazy but I love it!

Anyhow...I wanted to capture the sky for you.


Being Still

A Seat for Me...
July 2007

My iTunes: You Are So Good To Me by Third Day

Let me start off by saying how much I appreciate all the encouraging words from you all on my post from yesterday. It really meant a lot to me so thanks.

My friend Anna and I were walking on the Hill when I got the shot from my post yesterday. She is here visiting with a family here in London and has made her way over to my home a few times to crash and use my internet to check Facebook (which is so cool by the way). I am hooked on that now too! That day with her I also got the image above.

What is it about benches? They are so inviting to me. I am reminded to rest, to share with a friend, to admire, to put things on pause. I have been posting a lot about that subject lately....taking it all in and not missing a moment. That is one of the reasons why I started my blog here...to see the beauty around me or at the very least reflect on the world through my lens. To be able capture and share these moments I have to remember one thing...to be still. Why is that so hard some days to remember to do? I think this day I got it right. I like the way this one turned out.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.



Harrow School Chapel
July 2007

My iTunes: For the Moments I Feel Faint by Relient K

Evening all. This was going to be another lame attempt at a Wordless Wednesday but I look at my clock and it is 12:03 am London time....well, it's still Wednesday somewhere in the world right?!?!

There's a lot of big changes happening in the life of my family right now. These changes aren't bad ones just emotionally draining. As much and as long as I have yearned to be settled in one place, God hasn't settled us just yet. Maybe He will soon. I will wait, although not as patiently as I should, but I am sure He already knows that about me. :)

I snapped this on a walk on the Hill. Very serene. Very hopeful.
The original shot is below for those of who said you who wanted to see it when you commented.

So much for wordless...

Take care everyone.



California Redwoods
July 2007

My iTunes: 1000 Miles by Caedmon's Call

.....God's beauty.

Isn't it something to appreciate? All the things in the world that were created for us to take joy in...I am so grateful that my eyes can see and experience these things. I had to snap this picture of one of the California Redwoods that was brought here to London to be on the property of ths Grim's Dyke Hotel. All I could think of while I was looking up was how much my boys would love to climb it!

Have a wonderful day and make sure to stop and take in your surroundings wherever you are in the world.

Lone Bloom
July 2007



Quitting Time
July 2007

My iTunes: To Be Alone With You by Sufjan Stevens

We are back to our photographic tour of Venice!

I decided to post some pictures of reflections that we saw while we were on our trip. John and I both love to be near water when we go on holiday. Water calms us almost immediately and allows us to relax in our new surroundings. That is good when you only have a few days and want to make the most of it. This made Venice ideal for us. During the day you could sit by the water and read or talk...at night you could take a gondola ride and relax as you make your way down the Grand Canal (more pics of that later).

Here are a few images of reflections that I snapped. The second image was taken in the piazza as the tide was coming in. It gets covered in water during that time of the day and then drains when the tide goes back out. That night there was a beautiful sunset so I captured it...on the ground. You should have seen the crazy looks I got. I was the only one looking down that night! But I am happy with what I got.

See ya'll tomorrow!

Sunset in the Piazza
July 2007

Waiting to Hitch a Ride
July 2007


Venice Interrupted

After the Rain
July 2007

My iTunes: No One Loves Me Like You by Jars of Clay

I am taking a brief break from posting my Venice images because I wanted to share these. It has been beautiful here in London. So while I am not giving you sunshine pictures today JoAnn, I thought you might like these. In London (well, all over Britain) it can downpour one minute and then be insanely pretty the next. I think that colors here are so seem much more vibrant because you get so used to the dreary weather. Whatever the reason...they are breathtaking and will make you stop and appreciate it. I snapped these after the rain when out with some friends last week to get some tea at an old hotel here. I posted them in the order that I like them. I hope this brings a little sunshine your way wherever you are...

Take care and have a great week!

Hanging Reds
July 2007

Lovely Pinks
July 2007


Let There Be Tourists

Ready for Business
July 2007

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I really like these shots. I took these early in the morning as the cafe was getting ready for the days business in St. Mark's Square, Venice. This is the place to be whether you are gazing at the Basilica di San Marco or feeding a few of the thousands of pigeons. Of course I liked all the chairs lined up all nice and neat. Picture perfect! Don't let this relaxed atmosphere fool you...it comes at a price. If you sit here for a cup of coffee you will also be charged for the music you are hearing if the live music is playing! We opted to sit on the ground and listen for free!

Sorry this is so short...it is 2:30am in London and I need some sleep!

Take a Seat
July 2007


Random Shots

Drying the Clothes
July 2007

My iTunes: Rain King by Counting Crows

The idea that I had when posting images of Venice was I was going to do sets. But some of these unforgetable images for me don't belong in a set. Here are a few. Tim, this top shot is for you. You and I were entranced by the same exact thing on our trips to Venice even though they were 12 years apart. The one thing above all I saw there that I will always remember is the laundry hanging on all the buildings to dry. Not one building was safe from the lines stretching from window to window. It was so quaint and definitely not something I would see anytime soon back in London or America which made it all the more interesting to me. I found it funny that if I were to hang my laundry for a week I would need the whole entire side of the building! :)

I was also surprised at how early most businesses closed while we were there. It is so true that in Europe they know how to live....a time for work and a time for play. You can bet in the US that if there is an hour to make money the stores are open. As we roamed around in the evenings, the way was lit by pretty wrought iron lamps at every corner. Venice by night is breathtaking another sight I won't soon forget.

My last image is the flag of Italy. I just liked this shot. I have always liked flags. Unfortunately, this day wasn't windy so I waited and waited for any movement...this was the best I could get. As I am looking at my images I am realizing in each one I am looking up (AGAIN)....I am so glad I did!

Lighting the Way
July 2007

July 2007


Lines and Curves

Rusty Window
July 2007

My iTunes: Samson by Regina Spektor

Hey All. Short post tonight. Exhaustion has set in tonight.

These are three of my favorite pics off my FIRST memory card. The thing that struck me about Venice it the buildings look so dilapidated from the outside (like the window above) but yet the occupants will paint some really vibrant colors (like the image just below) on some part of the facade. Quite eclectic really, which I love. This city screams character and everywhere you turn you are transported back to another time. The last image below is when we were making our way through the maze of alleys you walk through ALL OVER Venice. I have said it many times how I am never disappointed when I look up and I love how this came out. The pretty blue sky, white clouds, the buildings side by side and the warm sun coming through. It was quite the holiday from the 50 degree, cold and rainy weather in London.

Yellow Paint & Green Iron
July 2007

In Between the Lines
July 2007


Italian Varieties

Pretty Corners
July 2007

My iTunes: Miracle Drug by U2

This is so hard choosing images to share. The loveliest thing about Italy was the beautiful architecture. You all know how I love to look up and so these had to be some of the first shots I was going to show. Arent these buildings great? The colors, the lines, the textures...it was all so interesting that I could hardly contain myself. And their stories...what would they be? The forecast while we were away said rain for the duration of our stay. As you can see in the top picture, we never saw a drop. It was clear and beautiful the whole time. As we wandered, I would take a picture and my husband would sometimes gently remind me that I had already taken it before. However, it didn't matter to me though because the images were completely different. I was struck by something different everytime I looked around.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Narrow Alleys
July 2007

Worn Sides
July 2007



David Hessemer is doing a blogathon TODAY for his "Through Their Eyes" Africa project. He is going to be taking a team of photographers to Africa next year to areas where all the adults have died and the children are more or less on their own with little aid.

In addition to helping the people living there, we will also be teaching them to take photographs, in the hope of giving them a skill as well as to be able to see the world the way they see it. The photographs they take will be formed into a traveling exhibit all over the country. It's really a fantastic project, however, it needs funding to make it happen!

Today and tomorrow we are running a blogathon to make that happen. The link where you go to donate and learn more about the project is below...

Through Their Eyes Website

Please go and take a look, it is a great cause! Also, I will be continuing my with my Venice images tomorrow! Take care...


Ciao Venezia!

Winding Through A Canal
June 2007

My iTunes: Star Mile by Joshua Radin

Welcome to Venice! This city is such a gem! It is a place where cars have been replaced by boats, lunch lasts two hours and gelato is officially a food group all its own! If you frequent my blog, you all know I love to capture doorways. Well, forget doors here...windows are what caught my eye....each one as unique as the Venetian living behind it. Mike, I even found a front porch Venice style! I will be sharing that later. Come along for a glimpse of Venice through my lens and hopefully you can see how absolutely breathtaking it is around every turn, across every bridge and under each tunnel.

John and I were in a state of wonder as we explored all the nooks and crannies we could find. This trip was so unexpected and such a wonderful blessing for us. At times I found myself not believing where I was or what I was experiencing. There are so many treasures all over this city to absorb. We walked for days and days and when we weren't walking we were perched next to the water. Next to some of the bluest waters I have ever seen, John journaled nonstop and I lost myself in a crime novel set in Venice. I loved JUST sitting with him and enjoying eachothers company. Of course, every now and then I would look up from reading only to take a few hundred pictures! We even had time to squeeze in an afternoon nap here and there. I hope you enjoy as I sift and share.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Come On In...
June 2007

Brick & Iron
June 2007


The Fancy of Flight

Engines On...
June 2007

My iTunes: Beautiful Day by U2

Finally, the first 587 images from our trip have been sorted. When I am done with this, I think I may need to speak with someone about how many pictures I take! Please tell me that some of you take as many as I do. Regardless, here we go...

My better half and I have a wedding anniversary coming up soon. More on that a bit later. Unfortunately we know we are going to be apart for it....about 5000 miles apart to be exact. A couple of weeks ago we given a last minute opportunity to go away and spend some time together. No kids, no worries....what a treat this was for us! Logistically, traveling away from England is perfect because you have the world at your fingertips, and often you can do it pretty cheap. My ever-so-thoughtful husband, remembering that we are to be apart on our special day, surprised me with our destination and we were packing shortly after.

Leaving our home at 3:30 am certainly didn't seem like a holiday but that is when you get the good deals on seats. We were exhausted from no sleep and we were a bit teary at leaving the kids....for about 2 seconds! :) I snapped these two images as we started our journey with eachother. We have always loved traveling together to far off places, meeting new people and absorbing different cultures. It is quite rejuvenating for us as a couple to wander in places we have never been, where something new and exciting is always right around the corner. I can't think of a better way to spend time than to explore our planet from one end to the other. The top image I was able to snap as we walked to the plane and boarded the steps. I had one try to get this and I am thrilled it came out. I have the same fascination with planes as I do with trains. To put it simply...they're just so cool!

I was going to change the bottom image to sepia but I couldn't do it...the blues and oranges are amazing in this shot! I thought I would give you all a bit of a teaser and see if you might want to guess our destination. I can give you a hint. It comes from the image below. Those aren't just any mountains, they are the Swiss Alps. Stunning and breathtaking! I couldn't take my eyes away from them...maybe one day I will see them from below!

Seat with a view
June 2007


A Day With Friends

July 2007

My iTunes: Your Love Is Extravagant by Casting Crowns

Sorry about my late posting, our internet has been down here. Finally we are back up and so on with my post.....

What a memorable day!

My friends Mary and Josephine took me out today for a day in Camden. I have posted aboout Jos before here and today is Mary's turn. I had not been to this area of London yet and it was so fun and exciting. I am glad that as I am sifting through images, I am also doing some fun things so that I can be posting.

It was my friend's turn today to protect me from oncoming cars as I looked and snapped images left and right. We laughed, talked, shopped, ate and were silly. It doesn't get much better than that! I took this shot of Mary above as we all sat on cushions in this quaint little Moroccan cafe. The image below is of the beautiful lanterns that were hanging just over us as the three of us talked. I just want to thank her for being such a good friend to me. She has some great style and such a wonderful way of looking at life. She is so refreshing! She has loved me well and always brings things back to my faith which is exactly what I need. My heart is full tonight!

Thanks you guys for the relaxing day out!

Whimsical Lanterns
July 2007


Back to Reality

June 2007

My iTunes: The Hardest Part by Coldplay

Greetings from London!

It is 55 degrees and rainy! My holiday is officially OVER! I never knew that powering down could be so hard. I have to confess...I did check email while I was gone. I am amazed at where you can get internet access. I appreciated all your comments wishing me a good time away! I am still sifting through my 1600 images that I managed to snap here and there while relaxing! Hehehe. I am eager to share them soon!

Until then I wanted to share this image. I snapped this one afternoon at the British Library. If you are ever in London, make this place a must see. It is also nice because it is free. Right now they have an exhibit called SACRED where you can see many ancient texts and manuscripts including the Codex Sinaiticus from 350 AD. This is the earliest surviving copy of the complete New Testament from the bible. It was found at the foot of Mt. Sinai in Egypt. They also have a piece from the Dead Sea Scrolls. The piece you can see is from the book of Psalms from the year 50 AD. Pretty amazing.

I am so glad that I am back and will be touching base on blogs and commenting over the next few days! Have a great week!