Tickets and Cokes


My iTunes:  Love It All by The Kooks 

I love red and yellow!  I snapped these at the Go Kart place where when I took Sadie and her friends for some fun!  Who would have thought these two subjects could be so interesting?!?
I despise those yellow tickets.  Why?  I spend good money to watch my kids earn tickets to pick out something for a 10th of the price if what I paid for them to play the games!  It's insane I tell you!  Of course I know it's my fault for taking them there!  But this is NOT about me!!!!!  After one trip to Chuck E Cheese when my kids were little, the place was designated a GRANDPARENTS ONLY spot and my husband and I have never returned!!!

I hope everyone is well.  Send me thoughts and prayers please as I am in talks to be hired for two more weddings.  YAY!  I am very excited at the possibilities of all that is happening and know it will all come together as it should...

Have a wonderful weekend!



My Jack

John David
July 2008

My iTunes:  Shine On by The Kooks

My Sadie gets a lot of exposure here...mainly because she is a teen and NEVER camera shy! That always makes a good subject. Her brothers are a little less excited about being in front of the camera but every now and then I manage to get one that is a genuine glimpse into their personalities.  The odds are in my favor to get that pic seeing how my camera is NEVER off.

This one image Jack is one of those captures I am happy to get.  He is more fashion forward than most of his 10 year old friends...he loves 80's music on his iPod, prefers to shop for his own shoes and clothes (like the shirt above and the orange converse shoes you don't see) and cleanliness is a top priority.  He informed me last week that he is growing out his blond hair long...most moms might cringe but I was over the moon at the thought of it!  I will be sure to update on his progress.

Today we all stayed close to home and are starting to feel better.  Hope you all are well where ever you are!


Cluster of Orange

May Day
May 2008

My iTunes:  Revelation by Third Day

It is going to be short tonight.  Three out of five of us are feeling under the weather...unfortunately I am one of them.   This shot makes me smile so I will share it tonight.  It's another shot from Colorado.  One day we biked and biked and then biked some more and ended up resting for a bit on the river that winds its way through Durango.  I can feel the wonderful, mountain breeze as I sit here in my kitchen in Atlanta.  I saw these beautiful flowers and snapped them quickly before we headed on our way.  Not the greatest of images but I sure like it.

Hope your week is going well!


Amp Love

Turn It Up
July 2008

My iTunes:  Easy To Love by Jubilee

OK, so maybe I have a thing for amps too!  Feet and amps...what can I say?  Here's another amp.  It looks completely  different from the one the day before yesterday!  Don't you think?  

I did post this for a reason....

Some of you are readers of Jeanne's blog.  Please go and check her blog out if you have not already!  Her daughter Grace is in a band called Jubilee out of Seattle.  Music lover I am, I got in touch with her and asked about their website and myspace.  I was so excited when the songs started playing.  So I found them on iTunes and bought all I could.  I hope you will follow the links below and listen for yourself and find out what Jubilee is all about!  One word...AWESOME!  My soul was smiling as I listened....

I have to say that it is refreshing to not only hear their music but to know their purpose.  They are a Non-Profit band which means they give half their sales away to a worthy cause.  They support IJM, the International Justice Mission...a human rights group that fights forced child prostitution and slavery around the world.  I actually had heard of this organization while living in London, England where there is a very real grass roots effort taking place to end child prostitution.  Below is the website for International Justice Mission.

Bless you all and if you ever need anything please feel free to contact me!

"Christ has set us free to live a free life.  So take your stand!  Never let anyone put a harness of slavery on you."
Galatians 5:1
The Message


Go Purple and Gold!

Banner Time.
July 2008

My iTunes:  Waiting For My Real Life to Begin by Colin Hay

What an awesome worship today!

Thanks to the uber-talented musicians that visited our church today.  I wish them all the best and cannot wait to see them when they come back through Atlanta in September again!  All who came to church this morning were blessed by their gifts....so thanks guys!

I snapped this shot the other day while my daughter and her cheer buddies were painting banners for the upcoming fall football season.  It was screaming at me for a pic....so here it is.  There is actually no gold here but you get the picture!  It just didn't make sense to say "Go purple!".....

Have a wonderful week everyone!  Please, please, please check out the song up top I am listening to tonight on iTunes.  If you liked Men At Work in the 80's you will remember Colin Hay.  This song is amazing and I heard it on the new series The Cleaner on the USA network.  Also awesome!    Let me know what you think of them both!


Ready for Worship

Amp Shot
July 2008

My iTunes:  No Other Name by Unhindered


Sorry for the missed post yesterday!  I was in need of rest and so I took the night off!  I am looking forward to tomorrow because I am weary and in need of some worship!  For those of you who know me and read my blog...you all know how much music means to me.  I cannot sing or play an instrument but it's in the the depths of my soul and fills me up daily...

I snapped this amplifier at a local guitar store.  It was just sitting there...being all RED (which happens to be my favorite color!)...so I captured it.  Kind of nice I think...I love the lines!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Sister Love

Katie and Brittany
July 2008

My iTunes:  Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
The Breakfast Club soundtrack

Seeing how my own sister's birthday is tomorrow, I knew this would be the perfect post.  

Some of you know Brittany (top right)....she is a fellow blogger.  She also happens to be the big sister of Katie (top left), who is friends with my daughter.  I shot these images for fun the other day!  Check her blog out and say hello.

Back to my sis, I love her...I miss her.  Happy Birthday Kim!  I don't see you nearly enough!
Have a good day tomorrow!

Kicking Back


Southern Hospitality

One Day...
July 2008

My iTunes:  Coldplay baby!

Short and sweet.

I snapped this while at a shoot at a bed and breakfast.  What a warm welcome as you walk onto the porch.  Just lovely.  I am sure you "can" get this everywhere but I am a southern girl at heart and these are just the kinds of sentiments I love to have around me as much as possible!

Hope you all are well!


FINALLY....A Wordless Wednesday

A Wall
July 2008

My iTunes:  Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park

All of you know I am NEVER wordless.....

I shot this wall yesterday when I was photographing Sadie and her friends at a nearby church.  Every two months or so I offer to take some pics at the location of their choice.  It is always fun to do this with them and these are pictures she and her friends can have years from now.  I will have more of those tomorrow maybe...it is too late tonight!  Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday...I was exhausted from editing! I guess that is a good tired!

Hope you all are having a great week!


Goodbye Black.

Those Eyes.
July 2008

My iTunes:  Waiting for the World to Change by John Mayer 

I usually warn you all when my Project is about to end but this time is going to be different!  

I was going to post this image in black and white but just couldn't do it!  Those eyes are wonderful and I could get lost in them.  As I photographed this little one yesterday I found myself wondering how in the world his mom gets anything done during the day???  The entire family was wonderful and all three cousins have the most beautiful eyes!  I am hoping that his mom and dad will be checking in here so they can get a sneak peek of what they will be looking over later in the week in their proofs.

Have a good week everyone!  I will announce the next Project at the beginning of September so come and check it out!

July 2008


Project Black. Take Eleven.

Not Just a Chair.
July 2008

My iTunes:  Thunder by Boys Like Girls

I had a fun shoot tonight at this quant bed and breakfast.  It was great to meet my clients in person and we all clicked immediately!  I was shooting 2 twin sisters and their grandchildren.  I will be posting some of the wonderful pics after I am done editing.  

I was so happy to see this retro lawn furniture when I arrived and when I spotted the old black paint on the back showing through I knew I had my next Project Black...I am in LOVE with this picture...

Thanks Courtney for a very fun shoot!  It was a pleasure to meet your family!


Project Black. Take Ten.

Three Peas in a Pod
April 2008

My iTunes:  Change by John Waite  (an 80's MUST listen!)

I had forgotten to edit some images for my daughter and her friends from awhile back and was gently reminded about it yesterday.  Thanks KW!  I apologize to my facebook friends that saw these yesterday when I posted them there!  Lucky you...you get a second showing today!  

It was fun to look back and even though it has only been a few months...everyone looks so different already!  I enjoyed editing a job without pressure and I thought I would share a few that I liked that I edited in black and white.

Enjoy!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Friends and Dirty Feet



Project Black. Take Nine.

Sticking with Signage...
July 2008

My iTunes:  Penny and Me by Hanson

WOW...has it been 9 days already of Project Black?  Time flies!

I actually have a TON of black in my house and I until yesterday, I hadn't shared much of it.  Here is another piece.  BTW, quilly's comment yesterday about cowbells under the newlyweds bed got everyone in stitches laughing!  Thanks quilly!  Man, I feel sorry for those two!  Please go read her comment yesterday if you have not yet seen it!

This piece hangs in our kitchen.  My sister has one also and it has followed us from home to home over the years.  While I did not turn this image to black and white, I faded it quite a bit for a different look.  In my quest to purge...this will not be going anywhere either!  I guess you are realizing how hard it is for me to get rid of things!


Project Black. Take Eight.

Cow Bells
July 2008

My iTunes:   The Great Divide by Hanson 

These are in my house.  I love to go into antique stores and find things.  However these days I no longer go hunting for goodies....why?  Because I am purging any and all things not necessary.  For some reason I have had enough.  For now, these are staying.  I like them.  The top one is black and the other is a copper and black.  

More tomorrow!


Project Black. Take Seven.

Signage Part Two
July 2008

My iTunes: See The Sun by The Kooks

I could not resist this.  I know, two signs in two days...well, I like it!  
Actually, this is one of my favorites!  And yes, I did break the rules again...but guess what???  Next time...NO RULES!  :)

Mary Mac's Tea Room is in Midtown Atlanta.  Please come and check them out when you are here to support out local economy!  You will not be disappointed!

Project Black. Take Six.

July 2008

My iTunes:  Still Dave Matthews...see previous entry...

So I finally got it up!  Here goes.....

I can't do a Project without at least one sign!   My father-in-law took all his grandkids to lunch today and I snapped this!  Mary Mac's Tea Room is an Atlanta favorite if you want homestyle southern food.  On my handwritten order?  Chicken and dumplings, green beans and fried green tomatoes.  YUM!  Anyhow...it was great!

I am kind of Mr. Linky'ed out right now so I am not putting the links up.  Tomorrow I am home all afternoon and night so I am going to catch up on all my commenting...if you haven't heard from me yet...I WILL BE THERE...I promise!  Also, I am going to be doing Project Black for a few more days at least for those who have been asking...

Have a good week everyone!

Project Black. Intermission.

My iTunes: Crash by Dave Matthews Band

Hey everyone! Is anyone else having the same problem as me? I am not able to load up my picture. As soon as I can do it, it will be up for you! Hope your luck is better than mine!


Project Black. Take Five.

My New Moo
July 2008

My iTunes: Gravel Lines by Amy Seeley

Hey everyone! OK....I am so excited! I got my new MOO business cards! They just started printing regular size cards and had a special offer and since I am in LOVE with everything MOO...I ordered some. MOO uses all your own images on your cards which is wonderful to give people a glimpse into your work when you only have a few seconds to make an impression.

Do you know how elated I was to see the black case they arrived in? Hello Take Five! Here is a couple of snapshots of them! I can't tell you how much I am hooked on MOO. I use them for all sorts of things for my business and my clients. Email me if you are interested in all the ways I use them...I would be happy to share!

I know the Mr. Linky thing has gotten a bit crazy so DO NOT SIGN UP AGAIN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE DONE IT! I will figure out a better system for next time! I am glad to see so many new participants! I am still making my way around to all of you so thanks for being patient with me!

See you tomorrow!



Project Black. Take Four.

Looking Up for Black
June 2008

My iTunes:  To Be Love by David Glenn

This shot was taken in Durango at the train station.  I mean, who doesn't love a lantern?  When we lived in Europe I as always enjoying finding new lights.  They are all so different!

I need to be clear about Mr. Linky...please sign up ONLY ONCE.  You just add the URL to your main page and people will always see your latest addition to the project.  If you have signed below more than once you may see that one (or more) of your names are taken off.  Thanks for trying to do this right....it's very time consuming to go to each individual post if you are up more than once!  Thanks for your help and thanks to those of you who have emailed me or contacted me when you realized what to do!

Everyone still having fun???



Project Black. Take Three.

I Think I Can!
June 2008

My iTunes:  Thunder by Boys Like Girls

OK, so I am breaking the second rule in two days...again, I am  not so good with rules.  

This shot is another absolute favorite from CO and I am thinking Mike will like this one!  Check out his site and his PB post from yesterday....Men In Black anyone?  Very creative.  Anyhow, as everyone was sitting on the train in Durango, I was out in front of it...my boys were VERY nervous that I would get left behind.  No worries, I made it...barely.

The black is looking good everyone!  Keep it up.  I am still trying to get to everyone and comment so thanks for your patience!  If you are new to Project Black below is what you need to do to get started.

1.  Turn on your camera.
2.  Find black.
3. Take picture.
4. OK, if you are me, take the lens cap off....then take picture.
5.  Post your image.
6. Link back to me.
7. Sign Mr. Linky

It's that simple.

Have fun!



Project Black. Take Two.

In Case It Isn't Clear....There Is A Sign.
June 2008

My iTunes:  Back In Black by AC/DC

Hi ya'll!  How is everyone enjoying Project Black?  It is a challenge isn't it?  I sure think so.  I am breaking my own rule for myself during my challenges (for anyone who knows me, you aren't surprised at all!).  For the most part, my images are taken that day but it was brought to my attention by one of my good friends (thanks Tim) that I did not post a lot of my Colorado images....well let me tell you, the only color they have more of in Colorado than brown...IS BLACK!  So I will be sharing a few of my images from there as well as day to day ones here.

This shot was taken at the BAR-D Chuckwagon.  It's a supper and music show that is great for the whole famliy.  Be sure to check out the link and if you are ever in Durango this is a must see.  We were guests of the man who started it in 1969 and later in the week we were invited to return and I took tons of pictures for them for their use as a thank you.  It was such a good time!

Please remember to link back here and sign Mr. Linky...ONLY ONCE!  

Now go find more black!



And The Color Is......

July 2008

OK, so I am REALLY excited about this one!  Why?  I love black...ask anyone who knows me!  So get creative and have fun and please...no black and white images! Find black in color!  I will be coming around checking on you so be ready!

I can't wait to see what you all come up with!   Make sure to sign up below on Mister Linky...ONLY ONCE PLEASE! 

Happy Hunting!



Shoe Envy

Her New Shoes
July 2008

My iTunes:  It Ends Tonight by All American Rejects

Sorry for the "no show" yesterday...

Things have been a bit hectic and crazy and so I opted to collect myself and rest last night.  I am loving this pic.  Sadie got a new pair of shoes today...and of course, I love them!  I have some just like it!  But hers are WAY cooler.  The color rocks!  Anyhow, there they are.  I'm not  a shoe girl but I am a converse and flip flop girl so these are right up my alley.

Happy day today to you all!  Thanks for all of the comments on my photo shoot images I have posted.  I've had a lot of fun and I'm learning a lot!  Tomorrow night is the first new Project ? post so be sure to come by to check it out!


Brothers & Sisters

At The Mechanic Shop

After a quick change...a more traditional shot

Stuck In The Middle...
June 2008

My iTunes:  Free Fallin' (Live) by John Mayer

OK, so my clients said  I could post these but the shoot was a surprise so I am hoping their Dad doesn't see!  If these are your kids....turn away now and check your work email or something!


Everyone else still here with me?

Let's continue...

The day I shot this was a blast!  Three siblings, the Atlanta heat and 2 hours.  It started well when we found the train sitting on the tracks and decided to climb all over it for 10 minutes or until we were kicked off!  Thankfully, no one was arrested!  Hehehe.  The second shot reminded me of the Brady Bunch!  It actually is a liquor store but it was too cool not to shoot there!

Seriously, each of them gave me therer best and were good sports.  They did whatever I asked and we got some great pics!  These are just a sampling of the fun!  Enjoy!

BTW, my new project starts on Wednesday!  Get ready!

All Lined Up

On The Tracks

All Aboard!


Baptism and Bubbles

Fun with Bubbles
June 2008

Brother and Sister

My iTunes:  Underneath by Alanis Morrisette

OK, so know that I am busy with my photography, I hope you all don't mind that I share favorites from my sessions of late.  On this day I photographed a family celebration of a baptism.  It was fun to meet the whole family and watch the cousins together.  It makes me miss my family that is far from me.  I have picked a few favorites that I hope you will enjoy!

Have a restful weekend everyone!  And if anyone out there is waiting...the new Project will be starting soon!  I promise.


Kissing Cousins...

Those Big Eyes!


Oh, How They Grow!

R and K
July 2008

My iTunes:  Sky by Joshua Radin

Hi everyone!  I have been crazy busy the last week with my company so sorry for the late blogging!  I am headed to bed after a day of goodbyes to our friends and A LOT of editing of my latest jobs.  I shot this (and several others) for my friends that were here visiting.  They are missionaries and needed some photos to show their supporters.

I have missed them so and I love that we had time together!  It was so special and I will treasure every moment!


My Red, White and Blue

Patriotic Wall
June 2008

My iTunes: 24/7 by Andrew Balkwill

Hey! Man, I am posting late again...

I shot this at one of my photo shoots last week and it made me feel...patriotic! It's a package liquor store...no, I wasn't there as a patron...I was looking for interesting backdrops. Anyhow, the building was red and white and the sky was incredibly blue that day!

I like it. Hope you all do too!



Bumps and Bruises
June 2008

My iTunes: Free Fallin' (Live) by John Mayer

This is going to be short....again! I am so sorry, I am exhausted and need a good nights rest! Anyone who knows me, knows I love feet. I take them at almost every shoot. This shot was taken at my photo shoot the other day. I love the band-aid. Doesn't that say everything about being boy? About being a kid? Most moms would want me to Photoshop those out...but not this one! I love that. It was very cool.

Hope you all are having a great week!