Puppy Love

The Life of Riley
October 2007

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Our Checklist:
Get a house. Check
Get 2 cars. Check
Get puppy. Check

The transition is complete. We are back in the US folks.

Meet Riley. He is our new puppy. He loves licking faces and toes, football and hopping through monkey grass. He is such a sweetie. He is one of those so-called "designer dogs"...a Labradoodle. I didn't type it wrong....he is a lab/poodle mix. All of the great characteristics of a lab with the bonus of being smaller and he doesnt shed! Did I mention that he is very smart? He has fit right into our family, bonding with each of our children in his own sweet way.

I am positive that you will be seeing more of our newest additon on the blog. Here are a few starter pics of his first day in our family! Have a great week everyone!

Blond and Blonder

Sadie and Riley

Sam and Riley


Be Passionate.

The Game Face
October 2007

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Yeah, I know....I am a loser.

I have been trying to strike a balance with my blog and I definitely haven't found it yet. Any advice? I am open! I have photos coming out everyhwere and haven't begun to share as many as I would like with you. My Mac is overflowing!

Anyhow....onto the pic. This is my nephew. He is a sweetheart. You can ask this kid anything about any animal in the world and he can tell you all about it. I love that....I love how God makes us all so different. The easy answer to where I have been lately is that I have been soaking up being so close to family and friends. My sister-in-law asked me to tag along to one of his games and take some shots for them of him playing with his team. I got some great ones...

Here is the first installment for you all.

Ready for the first pitch
October 2007




Ready for Fans

Pick a Row...Any Row
October 2007

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Well, several of you were right on! I was at Talledega Motor Speedway in Birmingham, Alabama. I am SO hooked on Nascar now after the feeling of the cars going by me at 180 miles per hour. And my two favorite drivers came in first and second...Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson. I will be sharing more shots from my time there but first I am going to share a few more that I love from some another place I have been recently. I started sensing that I was having an issue with lines....more specifically seats...empty seats.

LOVE them! I hope you all like these!

Take care where you are!


My Weekend

Seats to Fill
October 2007

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Hi everyone! Please accept my apologies for lack of posting. Seems like this American "way of life" is a lot busier than I remember....or maybe it is just because I am a mother of a freshman in high school now. Actually, I am sure this is the reason! My schedule these days is Crazy (with a capital C).

Anyhow, thanks for all the help on the flower. I will be letting you all know about my project as soon as it is official! OK, the image up top is one of my favorites....you all know why...the lines! I love it. Can anyone guess where I was? For those of you who do know....don't answer! :) I will be sharing lots of pics from my weekend as I can get them up.


"Shake and Bake!"

By the way, check out the song I am listening to on iTunes! It has a great sound. Later!


Green Thumb Needed

Any "educated" guesses?

I am trying to identify this flower. Those who know me know I am absolutely NO green thumb! I can't stress that enough. I am working on a project and need to know what kind of flower this is. I snapped this in London at the start of summer and it is one of my favorite images....and yes John...I took the photo off center! :)

Thanks for all your help!

Thanks Julie for figuring it out! It is the Star of India or Clematis flower.


A Girl and Her Dress

The Dress
September 2007

Tie It Tight

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The day came and went. Her first formal dance. I need to reread that as I write. I am still wondering where my baby went.

What a wonderful way to start off this year of change! She has made some friends and together they all went to the Homecoming dance at their high school. I seriously wish I would have done that when I was younger. How great it is to just enjoy your friends and not have the awkwardness of a date as a freshman.

This generation may have it all figured out. We will see.

I snapped this image just before she put her dress on that night. It is very whimsical and dreamy and reflects the mood she had as she primped and prepared for the night.

I am not sure how much more of this I can take!

My Girl