Project Blue. Take One.

All Up in the Grill
May 2008

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Welcome Project Blue! For those of you who are new, go out with your camera and find blue...post it on your blog and link back to me here so others can follow along! I am looking forward to sharing the blue in my world with each of you!

This subject is a little beat up and old...but I am loving it! I snapped this at dinner tonight as we left and noticed this blue beauty parked next to my car. I told you all I wouldn't take a picture until today and decide the color...

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Hello Sun

Good Morning Sunshine
May 2008

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Hi everyone...I promised you a Hawaiian sunrise so here it is...

In the wee hours of the morning before we left Maui, we were picked up at 2:05 am at our hotel. We were driven up to the top of a volcano to watch the sunrise. After the sun was up were rode bikes down to the bottom. It was amazing.

When the sun began to show itself...I was captivated by the line in the horizon. The beautiful blues, oranges and yellows. Just majestic. If you click the image you can see the clouds...as it got brighter you could see the clouds spilling into the crater. You can see it in the image below. Beautiful.

The shot below is of me with the crater behind me. I am dressed in my all weather gear they provided to me to ride the bike in freezing temperatures. As the elevation dropped, the temperatures rose and the layers were peeled off one at a time! It was a blast and I recommend that if you go to Maui...please do this bike trip!

Everyone get ready....my new Project starts tomorrrow! I haven't even decided on a color yet!
Have a good weekend everyone!

Me and the Crater (and the Sun...)


My Last Hawaiian Sunset

Pretty Hues
May 2008

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There is no other word to describe a Hawaiian sunset. John and I have traveled all over the world and I just have never seen anything to rival it. Tracey and I made a point to see sunrises and sunsets while we were there and I am so glad we did. We did comment about the sunset that night being incredibly long...it took over an hour for the sun to completely set. It was worth every second we sat there. The image below is when I was walking on the beach that same night...I always look up but at that moment...I looked behind me. Cool shot I think.

Tomorrow? The last sunrise I saw on my trip. Hope you all are doing well!

Looking Behind Me


Flat On My Back...Hawaiian Style

Dreaming in Black and White
May 2008

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My regular blog readers know that I have an affinity for looking up and taking pictures. Another blogger friend Joel had done a post I had liked a while back. Please check out his blog. Once you visit you will be a regular like I am. He normally posts once a week or so. Anyhow, this image is in response to his post titled FLAT ON MY BACK. I had this post in mind when I laid down in the sand just before sunset in Maui. It came just how I wanted.

I am missing my vacation as I look at this image.

Happy Birthday to my good friend timtim...
See you soon in Atlanta! Please check out his blog as well!


Sugar and Spice

So Tired!
May 2008

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This is the last of my photo session posts for a bit. As of tomorrow, I will be back to my regularly scheduled blogging of all things "ordinary and routine"...

My next Color Project will be starting this weekend so please check back!

Now you can meet "E"...

My daughter is in high school so I look at these and can't help but be wistful about when she was a baby. I had such fun shooting her while in Hawaii. She was after all, the perfect little subject. I hope you like these shots!

Hope everyone is getting back to a normal week after the long, and hopefully restful weekend!

And Baby Makes Three!

Isn't She Lovely?

So Sweet

Looking Up

Father and Daughter



Twin Feet
May 2008

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This was my first ever "twins" shoot. It was fun...and very hot! I was asked to photograph these 10 months old brothers while I was in Hawaii...that was a total bonus to have another session while I was there! Can yo make out the lei in the top image in the right? They were both wearing them until one started eating his. "J" was the TOTAL ham! Laughing, smiling and cutting up...until he didn't want to anymore an then watch out! "H"...was more reserved but just as playful once he made up his mind to be!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my wedding images from yesterday! If you did not see them yet check out yesterdays post. You all are very kind and have been great to encourage me on my photographic journey. Thanks!

Meet "J" and THOSE EYES!

Meet "H" and THAT GRIN!



Derek & Erica

My Favorite...

Take Your Shoes Off
May 2008

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Hi everyone! I am finally ready to share some images of my first wedding shoot. I had such a fun time with everyone and came away very pleased with the shots I managed to capture. The wedding was small, intimate and casual...which fits me to a tee. And I have to say, I had a perfect backdrop!

I hope you enjoy these!

The Conch Horn

The Ring and the Dress

Almost Ready

Finally Resting

A Moment

Stealing A Kiss...

Or Two....

The Cake

Holding Hands

The Bride


Girl Meets Sea Turtle

Line Up the Masks
May 2008

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OK, so the whole reason I wanted to go on the boat from yesterday's post was because I wanted to see sea turtles. I mean....we have all seen Finding Nemo right?!?! How awesome are those turtles? Duuuuuuuude.....

All the other things were wonderful but I couldn't wait to see them swimming around underwater. I will have more pictures from underwater later but these are good for now. We dived at Molokini which is a volcanic crater from many years and years ago. There we saw many fish and coral in all colors of the rainbow. The water was as blue as you could get and everything was within reach to touch. We then sailed over near the Maui Prince hotel where there is a reef with many sea turtles in the area. And as close as the bottom image is...I am pretty sure I have closer ones!

Enjoy the pics!

Oh and BTW, I will be doing another color project at the end of next week....thanks for reminding me Robert! I DID say late May didn't I? Wedding pics coming tomorrow!

Molokini in the Distance

Hello, Mr. Turtle


A Day to Sail

Kai Kanani II
May 2008

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I am taking a break from Hana for today and sharing some images of the day we went sailing. This massive catamaran anchors off the shore from our hotel The Maui Prince. I remember seeing it the first day and wondering what life might be like on it. I bet my mom and dad are thinking the same thing right now.

Turns out...life is pretty darn good. It is a charter boat that takes tourists out for scuba diving, snorkeling, whale watching and trips to turtle town. They also catch some amazing fish off this thing as well. Tracey and I signed up for the 4 hour trip to Molokini where we would get to snorkel, eat, drink and then sail...

These images are from when we were on the boat (more to come later of the fun we had in the water!) The crew was great fun as well. Mainly kids in their 20's taking a break to work in Maui for a few months. They pass their time by sitting on surfboards and making sure novice snorkelers don't drown themselves or something. Dad, they may have an opening for you! All I kept thinking is..."My dad needs to live here!"

What an awesome job!

Anyhow, enjoy the pics! BTW, I hope these blues come through on your screen....NO PHOTOSHOP HERE! I have never seen water so blue in my life....in so many shades! The wedding ones are coming...I am almost done editing! YAY!

Safety Ring

Sailing Knot

Blue and White

Our Captain
(I was getting a pic of the bartender and he just had to sneak his face into the shot...he thought he was too fast for my shutter finger....he was wrong!)

Looking Up


Scenes from the Road to Hana

Me, the Rule Breaker
May 2008

My iTunes: On the Road Again by Willie Nelson

Another thing MUST on our list was the road to Hana. You fill up with gas and pack a lunch and before you know it you are on 54 miles of winding road that takes you across Maui. 54 miles in 4 hours. You weave along the two lane narrow roads to see gorgeous, black sand beaches and dense bamboo forests. There are several stops you can make where you can stretch your legs and hike to a waterfall or see some of the most beautiful plant life in the world. For Mother's Day I got some Keene's from my better half and the kiddos and I wore them out that day for sure!

Oh, and the song up top? That was playing over and over on the Road to Hana CD we got to go along with out drive by mile marker. I can honestly say I don't ever want to hear that song again! EVER. Right Tracey?

I will share some more scenes from the road to Hana tomorrow! Enjoy!

Local Art

Fresh Pineapple...so sweet! The best ever!

And they weren't kidding...

Tropical Plants


Blogging Uninterrupted

The Perfect Shade
May 2008

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Greetings everyone!

I am so glad to be back to blogging! Thanks to my "wonderfully, amazing" big sis for posting for me to let you all know about my lack of internet access. :)

It seems as though while I was away in Hawaii, I found a lot of things are perfect. Today's post is of the perfect shade. If anyone of you has been to Maui then you may have gone to Mama's Fish House. It is an island MUST and I got tons of great images there. The Mahi Mahi was incredible and the view is breathtaking. The palm trees on the beach provide the wonderful shadows of the palm branches on the sand. The image below shows you all the shadows and the beach. You can't help but breathe in deep and sigh when you look around.

Enjoy the view and I will see you tomorrow!

Mama's Beach
May 2008


Technical Difficulties

Shrout Family Feet
April 2007

Anna always said I would be a guest blogger...I never thought it would be like this. In between swimming with the sea turtles and visiting in Margaritaville, Anna called me and told me that she has no internet access.  You can only imagine the withdrawals she is experiencing.  She will be posting upon her return.  Please be thinking about her tomorrow, Sunday, as she photographs the wedding.  

You all have seen Anna's Family feet Photo, this is our Family Feet Photo that I'm so flattered that she copied of.



Aloha Maui

A First Look
April 2008

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I apologize for the late post! I have not had internet connection since I got here until now. Here is my first glance at Hawaii....Maui to be more specific. Look at those beautiful blues and greens! I can honestly say it is the most beautiful place I have ever visited. We are having loads of fun and the wedding is this Sunday so I am preparing for that as well. The agenda for tomorrow??? We are going snorkeling in Molokini. We take a sailboat there and then we snorkel for four hours. I am hoping to get some good pics while I am out there.

I am sorry that I have not visited your blogs since I have left. I probably won't be able to comment until I return but I will be posting everyday now that I am FINALLY connected.

Ya'll have a great week!


Missing My Family

Our Feet
April 2008

My iTunes: To Be Love by David Glenn

Short and sweet tonight. I am on my way to Hawaii and missing my family. I snapped this pic on our last vacation. From the top....me, my better half, my Sam, my Jack, and my Sadie. I would love to say that this was my idea but my sister had done this shot and I loved hers...she's my sister so I can copy! ;)

I hope they are all well tonight!

Tomorrow I will be greeting you all from Maui!


Who I Mother

My Sam

My Jack

My Sadie

My iTunes: Green Eyes by Coldplay

I had a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope yours was special or you made it special for someone. I thought I would share a few shots that I took today. I am leaving tomorrow morning for my trip to Hawaii and I am going to miss my family so much! I also included below a pic of my husband and me (taken by my sister) on our beach trip. I am glad he was up for holding down the fort while I will be away! I am off to bed...I have a very long day tomorrow!

Have a good week everyone!

My Better Half