Marquee View
September 2008

My iTunes:  What else?...You Wanna?  by The Kooks

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone!  I am redoing my blog so I may be a little scarce for another week or so while it gets put up....

Last night I went to see The Kooks in concert here with my better half and two wonderful friends!  We had a great time!  Man, The Kooks rocked the house too!  If you love British bands...go find them now on iTunes and listen!

Have a wonderful week everyone and I look forward to more posts soon!



September 2008

My iTunes:  Not About Me by David Glenn

Another Saturday goes by...another soccer game into the season.  This is a shot of my Sam as he breaks during his stint as goalkeeper.  Oh and before I forget....Happy First Day of Fall everyone!  I hope to be posting more when my better half returns from his long trip overseas to India...

Have a great week everyone!


Wordless Thursday

August 2008

My iTunes:  The Call by The Museum

OK, I am going to give Wordless a shot.  Sorry for the scarce blogging.  I am trying to do better.  With my better half around the world and photography, I have been in the middle of a bit of chaos!  I hope you all are well and keeping up better than me!!!

I knew I couldn't do wordless!


It's Pool Time!

All Lined Up
September 2008

My iTunes:  Change by John Waite

What do you do when you have three sisters that like (LOVE) to swim and the pool is closed?  Get the keys and put them on the diving board of course!   This was so fun....we had a ball being the only ones there and hanging out.  And I got some great images.  Here is just a few...and yes....they are all of feet.  :)  I have issues, I know this.

Hope your week is going well! 

I shot this while sitting under the 
diving board...too fun!!



Little S
September 2008

My iTunes:  Sky by Joshua Radin

Well, yesterday was all about sisters and today is about brothers....

These three were a handful and I had a great time getting to know them and hanging at their house for awhile.  I managed to get some great pics as I ran in three different directions and getting my workout for the day!  Hats off to moms of three boys!  Have you ever seen such boyish faces?  Too cute!  Their mom told me she loves black and white so I did these for her to take a peek of our session.

Thanks everyone for being so patient as I blog about my sessions!  My blog is where this whole ride started for me in photography and so I love sharing about it all here!

Mister M

Big Brother



Meet Kelsey, Lisa and Ashley
September 2008

My iTunes:  Lovely Tonight by Joshua Radin

Here you go girls...and your mom too!  This is a sneak peek of what I have been working on these days.  I had such a great time photographing these sisters.  We did the shoot over several days thanks to Hurricane Hannah?  Is that right?  Anyhow...we came away with some good shots and I told them I would share a few for them to see as I started working.  Thanks girls, I had a great time getting to know each of you better...

I hope you all enjoy these!  Be sure to click the picture to make it bigger!

A fun find...a container & tires!




One more for Ashley...
one of my favorites

I can't resist....the feet.


Snapshots from High School

The Clock
August 2008

My iTunes:  Strawberry Swing by Coldplay  

Sorry it has been awhile....I just returned from my work trip and starting tomorrow will be editing all my sessions for my clients.  I hope to be posting regularly this week if I can so be sure to check back!  

I have been on facebook for almost two years now and lately I have been finding tons of friends from high school.  It has been pretty cool to find different people and see what they are up to these days almost 20 years since we graduated.  Can it really be that long?  As I was thinking about it all, I remembered I had taken these shots from my daughter Sadie's sophmore year orientation this past August.

When I was in school, I looked at that clock ALL DAY LONG....and so does my daughter I am pretty sure!  And the lockers below....I just loved the blue color and had to get the shot.  By the way, these were taken with my iPhone and I am perfectly happy as to how they came out after I edited them a bit!

Take care everyone!

The Lockers


Mac Attack

Food Time
September 2008

My iTunes:  Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade

Hey everyone....I am on my work trip but I wanted to give you a post.  I took this of my nephew with my vintage camera today as he was getting ready to eat.  It is so great to be staying with my family here and to connect more with my niece and nephew.  There may not be much posting and commenting from me over the next few days...I may try to post when I can.  I look forward to checking up on you all when I get home next week and also sharing a bit of what I am up to here on my trip.

Have a good weekend everyone!


My Beloved Is Mine

September 2008

My iTunes:  Mr. Jones by Counting Crows

Tonight was our 13th wedding anniversary.  We had a great time. He is my everything...
I will miss him while I am out of town for the next few days.  I shot these with my vintage camera using the TtV method.  I just really like the looks of these!

September 2008


Old Truck

Front View
August 2008

My iTunes:  Where Is My Mind?  by Gavin Rossdale
Live from Las Vegas at the Palms

I was out driving with some friends when saw this truck.  Of course, I had to pull over and get a few shots.  My friends understand.  They are used to me.  Truth be told, they didn't have a choice...I was driving.  I love my friends.

Rear View
August 2008