God and Music

Michael Boggs
August 2008

My iTunes:  Undignified by Michael Boggs (LIVE)

Hey everyone.  This is going to be short since I have some time out with friends and my better half to get ready for tonight.  I shot this last weekend at church during worship.  Michael Boggs (1/4 of the group FFH) was leading worship at our church for the day and I was there taking photos for the website.  I will be sending along all my edits to him so that he might be able to use them on his site or something.  Pretty cool.  He has a great solo album out. You can get it on his site at www.myspace.com/mboggsmusic  so make sure to check it out.

I love this image.  You can click it for a bigger and better view.  He was just awesome and being a fan of FFH, I loved hearing him solo.  What a gift!

Have a good weekend everyone!


And E Makes Three...

Hold me tight...
August 2008

My iTunes: Green Eyes by Coldplay

Meet E...L's little brother.  I just have to keep repeating myself with this session.  The kids are just beautiful!  I am posting last about E mainly because I loved this top pic and I though it would be a good one to share last about this session.  E was just as content as he could be for the entire time I was there and clicking...I was tickled to look over at him and he was just gazing everywhere with those amazing eyes!  Thanks Elaine for letting me come and do this session...it was a pleasure and I hope everyone is happy with the images.

Happy Friday to everyone!!!

Those beautiful blues!


It's A Jeep Thing

Going For A Ride with L
August 2008

My iTunes:  Lovely Tonight by Joshua Radin  

Ok, this one was the hardest to shoot but turns out when you put him in his Grandfather's Jeep, he lights up and all is well.  These are a few of my favorite jeep shots!  Make sure you click them to see those beautiful eyes!

I have two questions....One, could he be any happier?  And two, can I bottle it?

My Rear View View...


Meet Miss M

August 2008

My iTunes:  How Great Is Our God by Michael Boggs

This is short tonight....I have a busy night ahead still even though it is 9:45 pm!  This is a shot of M from my session the other day.  She is such a sweetheart and this was my favorite of her on her tummy.  So sweet!


Cute Times Three

With these three...I had to keep my finger on the shutter and have the continuous shoot on!

August 2008

My iTunes:  The Fear You Won't Fall by Joshua Radin

I just finished editing a job that I will be sharing about over the next few days...

Three cousins....under three.

Do I really need to say more?  It was a  lot of fun and a pleasure to photograph the grandchildren of Elaine.  She is on the tennis team I pay with during the week.  I got some great shots and thought I would share a few of all three of them today and then a few over the next couple of days I will share some indivudual images.  I managed to get several while they were on this white couch...these are a few of my favorites from that spot.

Enjoy the cuteness.....it is obscene how cute they are!


Another School Year...Another Sport

Number 11

My iTunes:  Undignified by Michael Boggs  

You can pretty much count on the fact that over the next several weeks I will have at least one soccer picture up on my blog a week as Sam starts his season.  He is very excited and we all enjoyed his first game yesterday.  The Avalanche won!  

(That was us, by the way)

I have a pretty busy week ahead of editing and more editing....I am looking forward to being a regular blogger this week seeing how I will not be more than 12 inches from my computer at any given moment during the day!  Have a great week everyone!


My Kind of Worship

Rocking Out
August 2008

My iTunes:  Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie

What a great Sunday last week!  I didn't get to hear much of the sermon because I have been hired to do all the photography for the new church website.  It is a vast job and I figure this project will be over several weeks.  Seeing how I am so visual, I am thrilled to be a part of putting a face onto Briarlake and what people see on the site.  I spent last Sunday morning running all over taking pictures.  One thing that I could hear was the music was awesome!   
I am loving all the different musicians coming through as we look for a worship leader...the variety has been great and I feel like I get led into all sorts of praise.

I am SUCH a groupie.  Shocking, I know.

Have a great weekend!


Summer Days and Basketball

Front Yard Fun
August 2008

My iTunes:  Bread of Life by David Glenn

Hey everyone!  Sorry to post so late!  Hey, at least I am posting!  More of these fun shots.  I have been experimenting a lot with my cameras and really enjoying it!  I took these today when Sam and I shot basketball outside for a little bit...Lucy even joined us later!  Can you tell I am enjoying this?

So basically, these shots are a type of photography.  Who would have thought?  It is called TtV (Through the Viewfinder).  Go ahead...google it.  It's there.  You basically take a picture with your digital camera through the viewfinder of a vintage camera.  Fascinating and fun!  My dad helped me out a ton by taking some measurements for me to be able to do this.  You have to build a contraption to fit over your camera to take care of glare and he was nice enough to help!  Thanks Dad...you're the greatest!

Have a good weekend everyone!


A New Twist on an Classic

Old and New
August 2008

My iTunes:   Strawberry Swing by Coldplay

This post has been a long time coming!   Some of you remember that I won an old camera on Ebay.  I was SO excited...and this is why...these images were taken with that vintage camera AND my Nikon D200.  That is right...I used both cameras!   I have had a bit of a creative block lately with all the craziness in my life and this was just the trick to get my juices flowing! I carry it with me everywhere now and I am so excited about seeing life again through my camera viewfinder.

Hope you all have a great day and I will be posting more of these cool pics tomorrow!


My Day

My View Today
August 2008

My iTunes:  Lovely Tonight by Joshua Radin

Ever had one of those days?

Well, I wasn't in the car ALL day but for some reason it felt like it!  I snapped this with my new iPhone which I have been obsessed with for the past 24 hours.  I am loving it.   I was sitting in a line of minivans when I took this....

I am slowly getting back to blogging after a crazy first week of school!  I missed ya'll!


Crazy, Busy Times

All Smiles
August 2008

My iTunes:  Mr. Tambourine Man by The Byrds

Sorry for the no post yesterday.  With the start of school, I am feeling pretty out of sorts and haven't picked up my camera in two whole days!  That is SO NOT LIKE ME!  Hopefully I will be back to my blogging-photo-taking-self in the next few days!

I snapped this of my nephew when he was here visiting earlier in August.  He has had that grin since he could smile and I just love it!  It is uniquely him!  I miss my family as soon as they pull out of my driveway but I am excited that I will see them in October when I am visiting there doing several photography jobs!  I will see you all soon!

Hope everyone is having a good week!


School Days Again

All Packed Up
August 2008

My iTunes:  See the Sun by The Kooks

Monday was the start of school here in Atlanta.

I was so ready for this day.  My kids and I do so much better on a schedule...we get along better and I feel my home run more smoothly.  So when I walked out of their elementary school and the PTA had provided Kleenex for the parents, I graciously offered my pack for some one else to have!  I am sure some mother's (like me) were crying tears of joy as well....

I snapped this pic of my Jack as he waited to get in the car before school.  He was ready!  Of course, he wasn't ready until he laid his eyes on the pair of skinny jeans I got him (yes, I said skinny jeans).  He has been wanting these jeans forever...ever since he has seen them on all the British rockers in London when we lived there and at our church on Sunday on the guys in the worship band.  He had his new bag, his new shoes and his new jeans....in his realm of reality...it was a perfect day.

So far so good...


More Sibling Love

Feet Shot
August 2008

My iTunes:  Shine by Krystal Meyers

I am done editing the job from this past weekend!  Yes, I said job although I have a hard time with the realization that I get paid to do this!  What a trip!  Anyhow, I have TONS from this shoot so these are just a few more that I enjoyed.  You can tell that I they loosened up with me as the shoot got underway.

Hope you all like them!

August 2008


Fifteen Today!

Sadie Girl
August 10, 2008

My iTunes:  Wonder of the World by Rush of Fool

I was going to post a few more of my shoot yesterday but I as a mom I need to do one more of my birthday girl.  This was from tonight when we went to dinner.  Time has gone by so quickly and to think we are facing college in three years is INSANE.  We are incredibly proud of her and wish her nothing but good blessings as she starts a new year in life and a new year in school as a sophmore.

See you tomorrow everyone!


Sibling Love

Anyone for a piggyback ride?
August 2008

My iTunes:  Overkill (acoustic) by Colin Hay

Today was a lot of fun!  We have been trying to schedule this session for MONTHS and today was the day!  Thanks to A and C for giving me some great smiles and letting me see in the window to their relationship.  I love how close you are and it comes through in the images!

I have only just started editing so here are a few that I promised their mom I would put up for her to see while I edit the rest....

I need to give a shout out to my sister-in-law for her birthday!  Happy Day Peg!

"Not So Little" Little Sister

Big Brother


Time to Bowl

The Birthday girl and her SWEET shoes!
August 2008

My iTunes:  High Voltage by Jubilee

It has been a CRAZY week.  I won't get into it all...I have to get ready for a shoot tomorrow and say goodbye to my family.  I am sad they are leaving but I am so grateful for my time with them.  Sadie Girl turns 15 soon and today she had a bowling party with friends.  It was a great time for her to have before all of the start school next week.

These are a few from the day....

Her Pin

Almost 15...



Charles David
August 2008

My iTunes:  Rain King (Live) by The Counting Crows

I am so glad that my family has come for a visit!   Every now and then I am with my nieces and nephews for their birthdays but not very often.  Tomorrow Charlie turns 9!  We are so excited to be with him and celebrate tomorrow.  Thanks Kim and Randy for sharing him with us here in Atlanta!  I snapped these today for his mom (my sister) who I am sure is missing him tremendously.  Above, his sweet side....below, his awesome sense of humor (he gets that from our side of the family!).


Is this "Whassup Dawg?" or "Whatever!"...???  I am not sure.


Sleep Tight

August 2008

My iTunes:  Life In Technicolor by Coldplay
(3 months and counting til the concert!) 

It's never a dull moment in my home when there are my three kids, three cousins, two grandparents and two dogs....COMPLETE CHAOS!  So when I was told by Robert on facebook to take a pic of something that is relaxing...I knew what I was going to do!

You all know Jack...man, this kid gives me a run for my money.  This shot is what relaxes me...him sleeping.  I sure wish I knew what was going on in that head of his!  

Sleep tight tonight Jack.  Mom loves you.
(and by the way...I am digging your hair Jack)



My New Baby
Kodak Duaflex 1950
August 2008

My iTunes:  These Are the Days by Jubilee 

I found some bliss on my doorstep....don't you love those days?

I love my mailman....and ebay!

I am getting acquainted with the newest member of my family tonight.  Yes, it does work...more on that later!  Everyone have a great night.....I may be pulling another all nighter Peggy!!!!


Girl's Night Out

The Culprit
August 2008

My iTunes:  Nine In The Afternoon by Panic at the Disco

Sorry about the no post Saturday!!!!  We had a power outage so I wasn't able to get internet.  Tonight was a ton of fun.  My sister-in-law had her birthday celebration tonight with girlfriends and I was invited to come along!  I introduced her to the Lemon Drop...see above image.  I am SUCH a bad influence!!!  We had a great time at The Cheesecake Factory and it was fun telling stories and hanging out for a couple of hours.  We all agreed that our 22 year old waiter thought I was crazy for taking this picture....I am sure he was thinking "those poor girls haven't been out in awhile!"

So true.  We need to go out more often.  

I am off to bed now.  Night.  Have a good start to your week everyone!


More Red and Yellow

Roof View

My iTunes:  See the Sun by The Kooks...yes, I'm on a Kooks kick!

I did not intend another red and yellow post but when I looked through my images from the Go Kart place I found this gem!  I straightened it and didnt like it (I know, shocker) so I am posting the original in its off centered, tilted best.  This is the roof that covers where all the anxious drivers stand before getting in their cart and burning rubber on the track...

Happy weekend all!