Get Your Game On Sam!

All Suited Up
January 2008

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Today was Sam's second basketball game of the season.

And while his team, the Comets put up a fight...they did not win. Despite that fact, they have so much fun out there. It has been great for us to go as a family and support Sam while he plays and learns. For my part, I am wishing I could bottle his energy as he skips down the court (that is right, I said skip). Hardly the running style of the NBA but we all must start somewhere.

He plays in a church league where his uncle is the coach and one of his cousins also plays on the team as well. During every halftime, the kids sit on the floor and watch a five minute movie on a big screen. It features NBA players, announcers or coaches talking about their Christian faith, being a part of a team and good sportsmanship in reference to the Bible. Sometimes kids sports get insanely competitive. It is very cool for all the boys and girls (and parents) to share this together.

I snagged the top image as he was waiting to play when we first arrived and the bottom image was taken right before the game started. I like these a lot. They turned out just how I saw them in my head before I shot them.

Game ball


Timothy said...

Great shots Anna! Go Sam go!

Alice said...

I had to take a second look at Sam's picture. He must be getting alot taller!! Get them good Sam!
Love, Gramma

Anonymous said...

Very cool from a guy who played a lot of church league ball :)

kenju said...

GO, SAM!! I hope they win often!

Kerri said...

FANTASTIC shots Anna! Both of my children - Daughter 15 and Son 17 -play basketball. WE LOVE to go and watch the kids play.

Beverly said...

Wonderful! Churches are beginning to get into sports big time with kids. Our church has the Upwards program, and it is a really good outreach.

Salty said...

Thanks for your comment on Country Captures and congratulations on your success on marketing your work.

Success; many dream of it and only a few achieve.

Mike said...

Go get them Sam! I love that bottom picture.

I want to know where your snow shots are?

gaz said...

great pics. every one of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Is that picture of somebody elses kid or Sam with fertilizer in his shoes. Having just been with all of you last fall, I still couldn't process the pic! Play hard Sam!

Love Papaw

Corey Bienert said...

Those do look good Anna.

Keep up the good work!