A Gate Revisted

Open Up
March 2008

My iTunes: In The End by Linkin Park

You all seemed to like the gate from the other day so I am giving it a second look. I posted before with an image of the bottom of the gate here, this is the top of the same gate. I have always been an admirer of metal. Whether it is gates, locks, benches or fences that material gives a very gritty and urban feel which is nice to capture in an image. Also, it is even more interesting when it rusts and turns color.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Luke Wiley said...

another great one of this gate. interesting shot!
Wiley Willows photoblog

CG said...

Another very energised shot, very dynamic

John Roberts said...

I like the bottom of the gate better. I think it's the mirror-like image of the gate's shadow. Today's post would probably work as a B&W too.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture. If I took that it would look like.....a gate.

Ash said...

Interesting light and texture.