Project Red. Take Two

Bin View
March 2008

My iTunes: Stay (I Missed You) the cover performed by New Found Glory

OK, so we are getting ice cream....(see yesterdays post)

And to go along nicely with the red iron benches there are red iron trash bins to match. LOVE IT! So there I am, lying on by back looking up at the bin taking pictures from the concrete (quickly, since I don't want to stay down there forever). I like the red and the blue sky here.

When I took my first photography class years ago we had a project to take black and white images and then we would make slide and be critiqued in class. I made my way down to the River Walk in Richmond, Virginia and took four rolls (yes real film, not digital) of the black iron trash cans and benches. That is where my fascination with both those subjects started.

Hope you all enjoyed these! Should I continue Project Red?


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Very cool, Anna.


Luke Wiley said...

yes! continue project red! great picture!

Wiley Willows photoblog

kenju said...

It's okay with me, Anna!

Mark said...

The red bench still is the centerpiece for "Project Red." Keep it up, though, and maybe something else will challenge it.

Here's my reply to your comment on my blog, in case you don't get over there again soon:

We got about four inches of rain as of 10 p.m., and an inch or two more on the way tonight. Places just 20 or 30 miles south of here got about six to nearly seven inches. Very quickly. Major flash flooding. Not usually consumers of TV news, we watched it tonight just to see the results and to see how much rain we got.

On the way home from work, I saw an entire golf fairway and green submerged in flash flood water -- I'd say a good three feet deep. I tried to get pictures, but as soon as I unzipped my laptop backpack, I realized I didn't have my camera. Curses!! Handy point-and-shoots are useless sitting on the computer desk at home.

b13 said...

I'm enjoying project red! Let's see where this journey leads us :)

photowannabe said...

Absolutely...continue. I love the way you look at "life".

Gina said...

Yes please!
I'm really enjoy your itunes.. you have good taste in music too :O)

fishing guy said...

Anna: This made me laugh. You laying on the ground next to a trash bin and someone missing it with their trash and landing on you. LOL Fascinating picture.

gaz said...

another great abstract shot.
keep em comin!!

CG said...

i love this angle!! I wish we had a photo of you taking this photo!!!

Bob-kat said...

Definitely continue! I love this shot and the one of the bench.

I can just imagine you lying on your back. I have done similar things adn then realised that I have gotten a couple of funny looks! LOL!

Yankee, Transferred said...

Do the red! Love these.

Cris said...

Nice! Let's see how many shades of red you can get.

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

I love the way you see, Anna (and my vote is "yes...Get Inspi(RED)" :).

I just wish someone had taken a shot of YOU taking a shot of the trashcan!