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March 2008

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Hope you all are doing well on this Sunday night. I'm getting ready to pack lunches, sift through backpacks, and lay out clothes for the start of another week tomorrow. I wanted to post this real quick before I get too distracted with my "to do" list. :) I snapped this when we were at Houstons Restaurant last week and have been meaning to post it but let's face it...between tennis matches and tornadoes, whose got time? I love the urban and masculine look of these lights. Very cool. I posted about our dinner out that night here.

Have a good week!


kenju said...

Those lights are very industrial looking, Anna. If that is real copper, they are worth a fortune, too.

photowannabe said...

So glad you and family are ok. When I heard about the tornado in Atlanta I immediately thought of you. I like the simple light fixture turned into an art piece.

pnfphotography said...

Nice capture and I hope your week rules!

gaz said...

neat lamp. looks hot!

I'm getting ready to pack lunches, sift through backpacks, and lay out clothes

i know that routine... :-]

Moi said...

this so reminds me of ancient copper drinking glasses used in India....funny how some pictures conjure up images from past , just like that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mom's home shortly and wants a casual night out for a change. Atlanta's Houstons has been one of our all time favorites, really wish we had one here! Really like the photo, so typical of the style there.


Stacey Huston said...

Thanks for taking a moment out of your hectic life to post for us all..LOL..Mother of two so I understand, I do my posting between 6 and 7 a.m. when they leave for school.

b13 said...

That is a fancy fixture! I love the tone it sets.