A Friendly Reminder

Some Signage...
March 2008

My iTunes: Under Pressure by David Bowie...anyone remember this one?

My dad used to always tell me this...now my husband does.

See ya'll tomorrow!


Mike said...

My Mom used to tell me this all the time...still haven't learned to do it too well!

Great image Anna. I have been enjoying all your pictures and I am excited about your business. I love the website you have set up.

Moi said...

project red makes a comeback?? sorta!!! :)

Gina said...

I tell my husband all the time..my kids seem to manage ok?
YES, classic song! Magic combination of voices! Never tire of it..

Chad Oneil Myers said...

...I remember "Vanilla Ice" sampled the tune to that song...;)

Stacey Huston said...

I am always saying that to my children.. I don't think enough children hear that now adays.. thanks great shot..

Anna said...

My dad kept a bowl of dimes on my dresser when I was younger and every time I left the light on in my room he took one out... I learn really quickly not to leave the light on because I didn't want to loose the money!

Dancers' mom said...

I knew if I searched online long enough I'd find you. I really hope we can catch up. The pics of the kids are unbelievable.
I couldn't find anywhere to click here to email you. I hope you'll email me. Thinking of you often in Kentucky.

(brookedesign at insightbb.com)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna, whatdya mean I always told you that. Do you not recall you were always the FIRST to leave?


Anonymous said...

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