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Varsity Ready Position
June 2008

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Hi everyone! Sorry I have been so lax in my commenting. I have been incredibly busy the last few days and my better half had to be on a business trip! Can anyone say tired?? Anyhow, this week is a big week for me on the business front. I have two portrait sessions, I am photographing the JV and Varsity cheerleading camp at my daughters school (more on that in a sec) and VBS at our church. Oh and I just got finished doing Part 1 of a political session with a great woman who is running for County Commissioner. It has been very hectic but I am loving it! Not to mention I am getting my name out there on different fronts and learning a TON!

The shot above of the Varsity squad was taken this afternoon. I love the reflection on the floor! The shot below is the JV squad. My daughter (who has never cheered before) decided she was going to try out for cheerleading at her high school a few months ago. Of course, I freaked. Why? Because I NEVER cheered. Growing up in Kentucky, if you weren't cheering out of the womb you were out of luck at tryouts...it is serious there...along with college basketball. Well, she trained and practiced and she made the JV squad. I am so proud of her. I told her she will never be able to tell me she can't do something. NEVER. :)

I am officially hired to do all the cheerleading pictures both groups and individual so I basically I am team photographer. It is so fun and my daughter and I are getting to spend tons of time together hanging out. I love being a part of this community and they have embraced me and my business which has been a real blessing.

Have a good one!

JV Ready Position
June 2008


christy said...

How exciting, for you and for Sadie! Sounds like you all have an exciting summer ahead of you!

christy said...

I'm sure the trees in Atlanta are great, but I think few certain people would hold a stronger pull for visiting...

I'm going to be looking at my finances sometime over the next week or so, and we'll see if there's enough for a trip down... :)

quilly said...

I am glad business is booming, you deserve it. Your work is fresh and exciting. I love this first shot. I saw the reflection immediately.

Yay for your daughter, too. I am glad that her hard work paid off. Sometimes life is fair. Not often -- but when it is, it's sweet!

kenju said...

GO SADIE!! I am not one bit surprised at her - or you!

Mike said...

Terrific news! You will do great at all of your sessions.

How neat for Sadie (and you).

Robert said...

From our talk I knew all this was coming but I didn't realize it was all coming at once! Through all the busyness, I hope you're enjoying the process. :)

CG said...

Great news!!

photowannabe said...

Good for you Anna. Its wonderful to see a terrific hobby turn into a professional business. Love the style for your JV pictures.
You cracked me up in saying if you aren't cheering from the womb you won't make it. So glad Sadie proved that wrong...Congratulations to your lovely daughter too.

Beverly said...

Rah, rah, rah! for you and Sadie.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Sadie!

I sure do enjoy watching your life unfold through the photos you share.

You and your family are very special people Anna.

JAM said...

Really great shots here. They have "the touch" of really good B&W shots.

Congrats to your daughter too. It's gratifying to see a young person, desire, plan, and then go for what they want.

Anna said...

Sadie looks so serious in the bottom shot!

Robin (PENSIEVE) said...

A thousand years ago, I WAS a cheerleader and sadly, there are few pictures to record that season. Digital would've made a difference, but there was no "official" team photographer to track our progress.

I know you're proud as a mom; when our children "go for it" no matter what "it" is, it moves our very hearts.

So thrilled for you both--it sounds like a wonderful opportunity.