Project Blue. Take Two

Faded Blue Flower
June 2008

My iTunes: Don't Look Back In Anger by Oasis

Hey everyone! I am so glad that everyone (most everyone) seems thrilled about doing the color blue! I am enjoying it I must say!

This was taken in my backyard this morning before church. Isn't it pretty? I am no green thumb! This along the the 10 other bushes around my yard was courtesy of the previous owner. YAY for me! :)

Keep finding blue! See you tomorrow!


Mike said...

As always a nice picture and a wonderful blue!

christy said...

Very nice for project blue! I'm not sure I'll join in this time around -- I'm too excited about finding great pictures of Philly! Perhaps I'll find something blue and it can count for both!

Robin said...


I LOVE hydrangeas, you are so fortunate to have inherited these beauties! My grandmother used to have a garden full of them, so they hold a special place in my heart. We have a few, just not near as mature and lovely as the ones she had (and even the ones you've pictured here). Not sure what I'll post for my nest PB, but it'll be fun looking!

Til tomorrow...:)

Dillo said...

Thanks for the challenge (and you can thank Robert for sending me over!)Can't wait to see what creative stuff everyones posted!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

YAY for you for buying a house with a yard that's beautifully landscaped! That is one of my prerequisites for our next home.

That is a lovely soft blue btw. Great shot!!

Gattina said...

I have the same flowers (also blue) at my entrance to the house !

Mar said...

Such a wonderful shade of blue!! very beautiful.

Carletta said...

It seems so delicate - maybe because I look at it and think "baby blue." It is lovely.

It's exciting to be joining in again!

quilly said...

Beautiful hydrangea!

DeLi said...

hello, im a newbie who passed by and fidn thsi project and place inetersting so i joined :-)

Jenty said...

Beautiful! I love hydrangeas!

Zoey said...

Lovely color - blue - it happens to be one of my favourite colors :D

timtim said...

Beautiful flower! Hope to have some in my yard some day. Posted #2, much more abstract than your natural shot. Heading to Baltimore today. Wish it were to the harbor, I'm sure I could find blue there!

Gina said...

A beautiful delicate blue hydrangea.. apparently you need acidic soil for them to be blue, otherwise they will turn pink.. Lovely softness in your photo :)
I'm all up to date and have posted blue both days..if you get the chance to have a peep :)

lynn said...

Very pretty blue!

eija said...

First time visitor here. Blue is considered very Finnish a colour (at least here in Finland) so it's a great choice :)

June said...

Beautiful shot..

Melli said...

Nikko Blue Hydrangea!!! That is my favorite!!! Beautiful!

mummymac said...

I've just planted a hydrangea in my garden - I hope it's that shade when it blooms!

annette said...

I often look at these in nurseries, but have never seen such a pale pretty blue, lovely Anna - nice to be looking for colours again!!

Anna said...

Love it! Have a great time away with the fam!

ellen b said...

That hydrangea is such a sweet blue. I love it...

JC said...

What a beauty... so mellow, even peaceful.

CG said...

that's beautiful. so subtle

Britt said...

Thanks for your comments! And it was so good to finally meet you yesterday!

the teach said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the teach said...

You're all invited to participate in "Ruby Tuesday" where you post something red. It's here on my other blog: Work of the Poet :D

maryt said...

I have take two up! Anna, that's a beautiful hydrangea!

Dianne said...

I missed Take One but I managed to get her for Two which is better than I did for Green.

I love these projects! I truly notice color so much more now, all its shades and the wonderful odd places that a splash of color will appear.

Thanks so much for doing these.

The flower is wonderful. How lucky to inherit such beauties.

Robert said...

These are nice. I love the blurred background which allows the soft blue to gently fall against it.

I love the response this project is getting. Looks like I was not the only one waiting for it to happen. I'm doing my best to visit all particpants. Good stuff Anna.

lucyknows said...

This will be fun! Lovely hydrangea.

Raven said...

Such beautiful flowers. Thanks for this fun project. It's a good way to stretch the imagination and reconnect a bit with my "beginners eye."

Anndi said...

I'll see if I can come up with something today.

This is my first visit here and your pictures are absolutely beautiful.

b13 said...

Excellent project! I still have some Cali posts for this week but you will find blue somewhere in each of the many pictures. I won't link though because they were not project specific. Hopefully I'll participate in the next one. :)

somitra said...

hi Anna nice image , the project blue surely is getting off. It seems we are covering 5 elements of our planet.

Carletta said...

Anna - do you want us to link each day or is once enough?

Thought I'd ask.

annette said...

Hi Anna, having trouble linking, linked twice last night, and it showed up each time - but when i went back to check both had dissappeared, will try again now?Anyone else having trouble?

Sailor Girl said...

Hello!!! What a lovely idea. My blog Atl├óntico «Azul» means Atlantic «Blue» and I heard about this Blue Game through Gorge Townboy!!!

Today I posted a bit of Blue (the lighthouse and the ocean and the sky).

Just one question: must we post a daily blue thing?


srp said...

Love the hydrangeas and the pick of the color! I always enjoy your pictures, no matter the subject!

Dorothy said...

Such a lovely, delicate blue. Nice.

Christy said...

Hooray! I'm so happy you chose Blue as the theme Anna!

Paul said...

This is my first time to your blog. Outstanding! I'm number 106 and picked a pic that I took last January. Not today (Tues). But I'll be back...I think, to do it right.

Thanks for being there.

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