Looking Back...

Image shot by Jeanne for the finale of her Project Green

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Hi all!

OK, so I am not asleep....I have night duty this evening watching my sick one sleep. I thought I would pass some time by posting what I had been meaning to do earlier today. I have had so much fun with all these projects. It all started with a little red bench I saw and the title "Project Red. Take One"...the rest is history. It turned into this wonderful project with all of you participating! It is so exciting to be meeting all of you and sharing our color finds with each other in Blogland! I am STILL looking through Project Blue posts since I have been on vacation so also thanks for being patient as I make my way around to each of you!

Through these projects many of you have made me laugh whether with your posts....or with your comments to me. Some people have incorporated me with their posts and I have enjoyed that as well. I love that some of you may be noticing something in your everyday that you might have otherwise overlooked or that you have gotten creative again with the challenge to find a color. Here are just three I thought I would share with you all. I hope you like these as much as I did!

See you in July from another Project!


In the Land of Carson where the angles lie.
One Color to rule them all, One Color to find them,
One Color to bring them all and in the project bind them
In the Land of Carson where the angles lie.

Poetic license of Tolkein's work by Carletta on her final Project Blue


Created by Amy for Project Yellow!

Thanks everyone for embracing these projects and having so much fun! It is my pleasure to be finding all the colors of the rainbow with each of you! Be ready for more in early July!


Gattina said...

I really enjoyed these projects and am rather sad that it is already over, lol ! but I am sure you will come up with some new once !
Hope your little once will get better after a good night of sleep !

christy said...

Sorry to hear you have sick ones -- hope they're feeling better soon. I finally jumped on the Project Blue bandwagon today, just after it closed. But even if it is a "posthumous post," I like the shot :)

Cris said...

Hi Anna, I have learned so much from these projects, like small things that went unnoticed before and now details make such a difference. Thanks for making us look the world from another angle!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

I still have yet to make it around to see everyone's final blue photos. I think you chose great ones to highlight.

I am sad that I missed the red project though. Red is my favorite color.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to host these color projects!!!

Jeanne Damoff said...

I hope and pray your kids get well soon (and YOU get some rest!)

I'm honored you included my photo with Carletta's and Amy's clever spin-offs. What a fun and creative crowd you've assembled here, Anna.

Loved Green and Blue. Can't wait for the next one. :)

Dianne said...

Hope the kids are feeling better today!

thanks again for all the wonderful projects.

I loved thr street signs and the poem and the yellow for dummies - so many talented folks :)

Robert said...

Well I hope you got some rest. And of course I hope your boys are feeling better today. That is so hard.

obviously I'm loving the projects. I feel my photography has moved up to a new level because of these seemingly simple challenges. Additionally, I've loved seeing the work others post. Seeing things I never would have thought of on my own has been great both as an observer and as a photographer. Thank you so much for providing such opportunities.

July can't get here soon enough! But don't worry, I'll still be here to see your daily posts. :)

Carletta said...

I am honored to be included with such wonderful folks. Everyone has brought their own uniqueness to all the projects and that truly binds us together.
Hope your boys are feeling much better with rest so that the adventure can continue!

Bob-kat said...

It's been great fun participating when I can. I look forward to the next challenge!

Anna said...

Aw that's too bad the kids are sick... Miss you too! We will definitely have to talk when you're back from the trip I can't wait to hear about all your guys' adventures.

photowannabe said...

I enjoyed the color projects too. I think it did sharpen myview of my everyday world. Thanks for the challenge and I hope the kids are better.

quilly said...

I have very much enjoyed the color project posting and I wish I'd been with you from the beginning.

annette said...

Ah so you have done red!! Look forward to the next colour project, hope the kids are soon well. thanks Anna. :0) annette