sPeCiAl dEliVeRy

Oh Yeah! It is a perfect fit in my driveway!
June 2008

This one will probably get better
gas mileage that what I am getting
right now! You think?

My iTunes: Nine In The Afternoon by Panic at the Disco

It is all my fault.

When Robert called and asked if he could pick my brain about the upcoming wedding he was shooting this weekend I was happy to help (after I was convinced he wasn't a psycho...). When our conversation ended he said he would like to send a little something along to me. Being the sarcastic person I am I told him there was no need for him to send me that Ferrari I had been wanting....

Fast forward to today.

I got my Ferrari....all two inches of it. It is a bute! Thanks so much Robert for being so funny and making me almost get into an accident when I started laughing so hard after opening it. Yes, I opened it while driving...BAD ANNA! ;) I snapped these shots tonight...I wanted to get my new car in my driveway. Pretty cool huh?

I know....ya'll are jealous! Hehehehe. Don't be...know I have two boys rolling on the floor fighting over it as I type!

My sons, Jack and Sam gave me some facts about my new car:

1. The Enzo Ferrari was named after the designer.
2. It is the fastest Ferrari.
3. There was a limited editions made.
4. It is the most expensive Ferrari made.

Wait??? Was I supposed to leave it in the package? Darn it.

Have a good one everyone!


Anna said...

I think I should get a blue one to match... it's pretty much the only type of car i'll have for a while.... stupid higher education that costs so much that makes it so i can't get a REAL ferrari!

Lacey Lichi said...

That's funny. I've missed you guys. I said that before too. And I'll keep missing you. This summer just needs to be over- I've got 201 too many things on my plate. Give me a month and I'll, God willing, get back to the land of the living. Congrats on all of the jobs! You are really making it. I have many questions for you but I will wait until my whole brain is back together and make a very long phone call!

Britt said...

hahaha... I got a blue punch buggy for my 16th birthday! (it probably wasn't actually Hot Wheels, but the size was the same...)

quilly said...

I love it. Great senses of humor BOTH of you.

As our first Christmas approached my (now ex-) husband asked me what I wanted as a gift. I said, off-hand, that a new house or a new car would be nice. He promptly told me to pick one, I could either have the Barbie House or the Match Box car but I could not have both.

Luke said...

very nice! like both shots!

timtim said...

I want a new car too!!

Robert said...

Sarcastic? You were kidding? Do you know what that thing set me back??? I just assumed that was the payment demanded for your services and if not paid, some guy named Guido would come knocking on my door saying something about my kneecaps. Well I'm glad you are enjoying it. Sorry for only sending one and having the boys fight over it. And you're right, it looks way cool in your driveway. Thanks again for everything. :)

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

LOL!! What a great sense of humor!! Don't worry, only 1 out of 200 cars stay in the package at my house.

Robin (PENSIEVE) said...

Cute, Anna. These bloggers are p.r.e.t.t.y. funny people, yes?

I've been as busy as Lacey it seems over the past several weeks...longer. AND...I'm without my camera another month. It's killing me :(. We're headed to the beach Saturday and I was SO THRILLED TO HAVE A DECENT CAMERA THIS YEAR to take wonderful pictures.

Instead? I've got a sad point and shoot that barely captures a moment.

Off to look at your beauties...and then, to leave wistful but inspired.

Mark said...

Had you not mentioned your driveway, I would have thought the car was parked on Berber carpet.

I'm glad to see Robert paid your fee. I hope he gets better mileage from your suggestions than you will from that Tahoe. Yikes!

Carletta said...

What a fun post and a cute thing Robert did!
The pictures are great.

photowannabe said...

Love this post Anna...you and Robert made quite a deal. Nice to get what you asked for. LOL.

christy said...

How fun! I make it a practice to give cars to people for their 16th birthdays -- matchbox, of course :)

Heidi said...

How fun! I just loved your comment to him and his reaction to send you this is classic!

Dianne said...

I love the shot on the Tahoe bumper! that's pretty much how we drive here in NJ. less space between cars cuts down on resistance, great for conserving energy ;)

I left a little something for you at my blog - today's post. A wee thanks for all the projects.

Bunny Trails said...

That's so funny! My dad did that for me for Christmas one year. I wanted a Porsche so badly. And he gave me one. The same size as yours. Being a teenager, I gave him some sort of look and he said, "You just said a Porsche. You didn't say what size." Fun stuff! :D