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Flowers For My Mom
March 2007

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Happy Mothers Day!

This is part one of my Mothers Day post for 2007. Why part one, you may ask? Here in the UK, today is Mum's Day (that is what I call it) and of course we will also be celebrating Mother's Day for the US in May. Let's face it, when you're a mom...you can observe the holiday twice and no one will say a thing! :) I can hardly let this day go by without telling my own mother how much I love her and miss her. I have written about her here. She is a wonderful woman who loves me well. It is hard to be so far from her.

Flowers are a lovely sentiment to give for Mother's Day. They are beautiful, fresh, fragrant, feminine and natural. These qualities are similiar to those that I would give to a mother...to my own mother in fact. While I wasn't going to be sending any flowers this year, I did take a walk to our local florist LILYMA, to check out their selection of flowers to photograph. The owner Charlotte, graciously allowed me to take my time and snap whatever I fancied. I don't have to tell you all, I was like a kid in a candy store. It was fun for me and I really appreciate her letting me hang out there for a bit. She is a quite gifted floral designer with a natural artistic eye. I loved to see all she was creating. Hopefully I can share more with you all about her and the shop another time.

As my eye wandered, these roses stood out. The beautiful hues of the pinks and greens just drew me in for a closer look. I also liked the leaves that had fallen on to the white diplay. As I got closer through my lens, I realized that they weren't the freshest to pick in the store. Regardless, they were still my favorite. I chose these for you mom! I love you.

Take care.


I wanted to add my job tonight went GREAT! I had so much fun. The family was filled with funny and laid back people which made me feel right at home. Thanks to you all for all your thoughts and prayers. They are much appreciated!


kenju said...

Did you realize this is posted twice? Nonetheless, it is a very nice post and I agree about your mom, she is a lovely woman! I am an authority on that...LOL....having know her since before you were born! The roses are beautiful; that is one of my favorite varieties. I will enjoy seeing what you found in the flower shop!

bluemountainmama said...

anna- i knew you'd do well...that's good to hear! i wish i had known you back when i got married....you would have been able to catch the spirit of the event so well in photos. it was in a big barn with wooden church pews and haybales for seats, strings of lights, lanterns,fiddlers, wildflowers....even complete with barn cats. very fun!

and that's what a true photographer does....captures the "spirit" of its subject. you know, someone started a wonderful program to recruit artistic photographers to take pictures of foster kids who need adopted. before, they basically just had photos that looked like mugshots on the different states' websites. these photographers have been able to capture the kids personalities so wonderfully and the adoption rate has skyrocketed! cool, huh? here's an article about it: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4531391

Anonymous said...

Anna your Mom must be something special...she raised YOU didn't she? :)

My apologies for the week-long absence. Life is extremely busy at the moment and my blogging has taken a beating from of my lack of free time.

Know that you and my other blogging friends continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

The flowers are beautiful!

Carmi said...

You are a great daughter, wife and mom. This entry reaffirms it, Anna.

I'm so glad everything went well for your shoot today. I hope you'll share some details on the experience in the days to come: I'm sure it'll be a captivating read.

srp said...

Wow, a 60th anniversary! My mom and dad will have their 56th in June. Glad the job went well and I know the pictures will be great.

Mother's definitely need two special days. We are influenced by our mothers so much. Since we reflect our mother's values, your mother really must be an extraordinary woman. After all, you are her daughter.

Have a blessed week.

Beverly said...

The flowers are lovely. Your tribute to your mother, beautiful. I'm sure that she misses you as much as you miss her.

Cris said...

Hey Anna, have you listened to K-love? It's an internet radio station, with christian songs. My mom lives away (not as far away as yours) and I just miss so much not being able to just get in the car and go there just to chat. Take care.

Anonymous said...


ok well what is ur user name for the webcam on ur mac1!!!!! i have to know!!!! ok.... and if it doesnt work when i give you ours then it is because we have dial up.... well um we could talk through typing!!!

Anonymous said...


ok well what is ur user name for the webcam on ur mac1!!!!! i have to know!!!! ok.... and if it doesnt work when i give you ours then it is because we have dial up.... well um we could talk through typing!!!

CG said...

Oh Anna, I am sorry you are so far away from your mom!! {{HUGS}}

photowannabe said...

Yipee..I'm so glad it went well for you. That was a real blessing and comfort for you I'm sure.
Happy Mom's Day...