All Smiles
March 2007

What I'm Listening To: There's Only One (Holy One), Caedmon's Call

This is the first image that I have posted that I did not take. There is a good reason for this I promise!

Actually, I am not sure who snapped it...but I am glad they did. My better half John, is the silly American in the middle of all those smiling kids. It seems they are each jockeying for the position closest to him in the shot. So cute. I couldn't resist posting this on the eve of his return home. Some people have seen this but I wanted to make sure to share it with my blogging friends. Many of you have followed my journey the last few weeks since he has been gone in India. I have asked for prayer for everything...from keeping him safe to extra patience with my children as I cope on my own. Thanks so much to each of you for your encouragement and prayers. I thought that you might like to see a small glimpse of what he has been up to 4200 miles away from me!

This shot was taken earlier in his trip. The group he is with were visiting a school in the slums of Sugandh. The smiles here are some of the biggest I have ever seen... I mean on the kids and John! You wouldn't imagine all the devastation that lies within a few steps from here by seeing these faces. A good friend of mine saw this photo and remarked that John was proably thinking of his own kids at home when this was taken. That was a sweet sentiment for me to hear...thanks Tim.

As I am writing this, he is still quite sick. As he boards the plane in Dehli in about 5 hours bound for Heathrow, I am praying that God would relieve him swiftly from this illness and give him rest. I am hoping that being in his bed, in his home, with all of us will be some sort of remedy and comfort for him.

See you tomorrow!


nobodygethurt said...

awesome picture!

you can't see any images on mine because i'm currently upgrading my flickr account to a pro account and i'm reuploading all my dslr pictures in their original, full-size formats. check back later on tonight and they should be back up!


Mr. Althouse said...

That's a great shot. I hope all is well soon for you and your family. I don't know what your husband's business in India was, but it sure made a bunch of kids happy!


Jennifer said...

OK! Wow! What a sweet shot. Amazing... And how did you get this? As your voice was still in my head... I was thinking what image did anna put up of their today here in london... I would have never of guessed... but perfect, really. I will show this to Matt!
good night! x

Bob-kat said...

That is a great pic - so happy! Wishing your hubbya safe trip back.

Thanks for your well wishes about my thinking blog award. I was chuffed to bit to get it and congratulation on yours. it is well deserved. I was wondering if it is ok to add you to my blogroll?

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Anna, this should greet you when you wake up and D day is here LOL. Hope hubby recovers quickly and that it is not too serious. That is a problem working in the poverty stricken environment he is coming from.

((((HUGS)))) and have a great day.


bluemountainmama said...

love it the second time, too! :)

Julie Blair said...

Anna: great pics on your blog. Thanks for visiting mine! The kids sure look happy. Hope your hubby gets well soon. I send healing thoughts and prayers.

And hugs!


Brad & Stacey said...

Hi Anna!
Thanks for checking our blog out!
I have loved looking at your photos and have heard of you from John H.
I know I should probably know this, but are you with World Harvest? Would you mind sharing a little more about your family? Our e-mail is 5hunters@gmail.com

kenju said...

Anna, I sure hope that John can get rid of the Dehli Belly before he boards the plane. I spent one whole flight from CA in the plane's rest room, and it is NO fun!

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

you know a certain carpenter had some pretty strong words about what we do with children......

seems to me your other half just made him smile, maybe even shed a tear, because i believe some tears stay on into some better place than we are now....

AB said...

I love all those wonderful smiles!

So glad John's on his way home, and I'm praying that he feels better soon.

Sending you {{{HUGS}}}


John Roberts said...

I pray that your husband has an uneventful and safe trip. I'm sure he'll recover quickly once he's back home.

How can I contact you privately? I have something I've written that I'd like a few people like you and your husband to read, but not in a public forum yet. Please contact me through the email link on my blog and let me know how I can get this too you. Thanks!

talj said...

Not sure how long these flights are but I really hope John is home safe with you now and feeling much better!

This is a wonderful photo filled with so much joy in what I can only imagine is pretty sad conditions. Thank you for sharing this with us!

{{{HUGS}}} to you all x

Alice said...

I'm so glad that John is coming home today. My prayers is for him to have a speedy recovery. But most of all for your family to have a great day sharing stories and blessing with each other. Welcome home...John. Love, Alice

Cris said...

Cute kids, he feels so at ease with them.

CG said...

Fantastic smiles all round! This is really a photo to treasure :)

Anonymous said...

This shot should be titled "Hope for the World".

With two different people groups together and smiling like that, how can you help but think there is still hope out there.

John must be a special person Anna.

Chad Oneil said...

Your husband, John, looks like he could be in "Caedmon's Call". He just has the "Caedmon's look" there ;)

Anonymous said...

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