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March 2007

What I'm Listening To: Instrumental Year by Before Summer Ends

  • Before Summer Ends

  • First things first. I received the Before Summer Ends CD in the mail I ordered a couple of weeks ago. It is really good and we all love it. Nice job guys! It puts a smile on my face when I come across new music and so I was psyched to get it.

    On that note, I love getting mail here...actually we all enjoy it. It doesnt happen often because most people dont send things so far away...too much work I think. But every now and then we get something from home...a card, a letter...sometimes a care package. It is pretty cool when we get something other than a bill. :)

    Other than our mail, it was pretty uneventful today. Between wrapping mummies (see the link below) with the boys while we learn about the Egyptians to helping John pack for his trip to India, it has been busy. John leaves in the morning and will be gone for 16 days. Ouch...that is gonna hurt I think. He is going for work and while he will be very busy, it is a trip of a lifetime. I hope he has fun. I could have gone but with the start of homeschooling, I opted to stay here. The kids don't need any more change right now and honestly, I don't either. I am already bummed to think of all the wonderful sights that my eyes could see and my lens could capture if I were going. Maybe another time. We all went to dinner tonight at Gauchos before he goes. It is a quaint little Italian restaurant with exposed brick and dim lights. Very cozy. I snapped this shot as we walked in. I have always liked this lantern hanging in the doorway.

    Do me a favor and keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers these next few weeks while he is away. Thanks!

    Would you want to see their mummies? Click below.
  • Mummy Pics

    The Harbour of Ourselves said...

    great shot, walked past there myself yesterday!

    Mr. Althouse said...

    Never been to India, but I remember learning of an English (she might have been American, I can't remember) photographer/journalist who lived in an Indian ghetto and armed the children living there with cameras. She collected and presented the images captured by these kids, many of them destined for the same life their parents were living. Some, however, were able to rise above and escape the cycle of poverty, prostitution and drugs that awaited them. Powerful documentary.

    I like the composition here. It is very inviting and warm... it has a homey feel to it.


    Chad Oneil said...

    Very cool shot!

    kenju said...

    Maybe you will get another opportunity to see India, Anna. I will keep you and the boys in my prayers, and Godspeed John on his journey.

    Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

    Anna will keep you all including John in my thoughts and prayers. I have missed a few of your posts. I love the one over the roof tops, while I was living in London I often used to see this sight because it is so congested and everything is on top of each other but your shot here has captured the very essence of that for me. I tried to capture it but failed. Also like the lantern shot.



    bluemountainmama said...

    another reason you don't get much mail is b/c it's so daggone expensive! i bought a bunch of clothes at yard sales for my nephews and nieces....it cost more to ship them over there than i paid for them.

    i will pray for you during your hubby's absence....16 days is a long time! you can bug motherskylark when you get lonely.... hehehe!

    Anonymous said...

    I'll be praying for your husband's safety and that of you and your children.

    That picture is very inviting. I can only imagine the draw if you can smell the Italian food from the sidewalk.

    Mike said...

    My thoughts and prayers will be with your family over the next few days.

    Thanks for your encouragement and comments


    Carmi said...

    16 days....wow. I have trouble being away for a week: I admire your courage!

    If he takes a point-and-shoot with him, maybe he can be your photographer-by-proxy. I've got to think that the gift of the visual arts must travel in your family.

    You are all in my prayers as he sets off on this epic journey. I promise to keep you mildly photographically and topically amused from my side of the ocean.

    Jacob Boll said...

    hey, im glad you like it. if you havent yet, listen to the hidden tracks. if you go to the last song and fast forward, you'll get to them. the first is a song called red vines. its about this licorice that we fell in love with. the song explains it all. then go past that a little and you'll here us slap happy at 2 in the morning recording some funny stuff.

    srp said...

    What a trip! He doesn't do photography too does he?

    Have fun with those mummies. Nyssa did this too.

    Oh yes. This is a very warm and inviting picture.

    photowannabe said...

    What an opportunity for your husband. I'll keep you in my prayers and for unity while hubby is gone.
    Peace and joy
    Sue of photowannabe

    John Roberts said...

    You have a unique approach to framing and cropping. Sometimes, I wish you would leave a little more room around the edges. But that's a personal quibble. I enjoy your work.

    Taswir said...

    nicely framed. which place in india is John going to? I am sure he will have a good time and you will get to hear great stories when he comes back

    eurorebs said...

    Hey! I will definitely be praying for all of you over the next two weeks. I know he will have an amazing trip! I would love to go there someday too. I have enough connections to the place... :)

    Yea, I know what you mean about mail, especially from so far away! And the funny part is I KNOW this and yet I fail to mail anyone anything! Ah well...that's a part of my personality I'm working on :)

    Love the shot, by the way. Makes me want to go there for dinner...TONIGHT! :)

    Oh, and the comment you left - hilarious. I seriously thought it was Sadie :) Love you!

    CG said...

    I would love to go to India and I hope John has a safe and enjoyable trip. I bet you will miss him a lot!

    Love the quirky doorway pic. xx

    Respectful said...

    Cool pic! I love the lighting.