Station Lines

Windsor Castle Station
March 2007

What I am Listening To: The Metro by Berlin...an oldie but a goodie...check it out.

Been long day here but things are well. I will be keeping this short and sweet, after this I have an appointment with my new US magazine, a pillow and a blanket!

I snapped the top shot at Windsor on our field trip as we we walked through the train station. The bottom image is another view. It goes without saying that I could have sat under that roof all day long. I would have admired the lines and tried to figure out new and interesting ways to shoot it! Although I did manage to get a few shots, this was not the day for relaxation or creative shooting. So this is what you are going to get...two of my favorite shots from that morning. As always, I reserve the right to revisit this subject on a later post! :)

Hope you like it. Have a good night...

More Lines
March 2007

~Also, a friend got a print of one of my images and hung it in their home. They snapped a picture of it and posted it on their blog. I thought was cool. Click here to check it out. Thanks Craig...it looks even better after it was matted and framed!


The Harbour of Ourselves said...

beautifully captured again - you can see why the impressionists were so taken by beauty such as this...

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Hey! I didn't mean to remove my post... I only meant to change it! so orry! again, neat picture. Somehow, together they make me think of stepping into a storybook and going somewhere good... the train station looks like the perfect beginning to an interesting destination (some story from the past)! Your picture looks great in a frame, too! =) good night!

Anonymous said...

How cool Anna....someone has one of your pictures nicely framed and hanging on their wall. What a compliment! Congratulations!

Alice said...

Anna, I can just see you looking up and turning you camera to all different angles trying to get the perfect pictures!

It was neat to see you picture in a picture frame on Craig's wall. Maybe you can share the one you put on our wall when you were here (the watering can). I look at it all the time and the words you wrote with it mean so much to me.

Love, Mom

Mike said...

Great shots, but then I love trains and all things trains.

Isn't it neat to see one of your pictures on someone's wall. It is so nice they shared that with you!

Have a great day.


srp said...

Love the hanging lamps. They have so much character. And that print was gorgeous! As always.

photowannabe said...

Anna, you are an artist. Be proud. I can see how you would want to study those lines on th e second picture. It has photo opp. written all over it.

CG said...

What a beautiful roof; I am sure there are many more photos to be found here!

Memories Catcher said...

Great shots.What a beautiful roof.Good colors and light.Well done!

david santos said...

Hello, Anna!
This fhotos are fantastic. Thank you
Have a good weekend

bluemountainmama said...

cool about the photo at your friend's house! i might just have to do the same at some point... the problem would be choosing one!

so how many days until john comes home?

Corey Bienert said...

great shots as usual anna.

i'm glad your spreading the word about us out there.

its always cool knowing that there's people that you dont know that know about you...or your band.

thanks again :)

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Anna

Nice shots and lines. I remember seeing the station but if I remember correctly we crossed the tracks on a bridge from the mall which had the option of an elevator or steps to get down. We had driven up so we didnt get to use the train.

Woohoo on the print, it looks wonderful. Good matting and framing are so important and they have done it beautifully to enhance the picture even more.


Mr. Althouse said...

Of course, I love the lines here. Unlike some of the bolder, more aggressive lines that seem to run with abandon off into the distance... you know, like rails, fences and columns, I like these because they appear so much more finite and delicate. Each support is important, but not without the others. There's a lot to see here.


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