A Day to Sail

Kai Kanani II
May 2008

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I am taking a break from Hana for today and sharing some images of the day we went sailing. This massive catamaran anchors off the shore from our hotel The Maui Prince. I remember seeing it the first day and wondering what life might be like on it. I bet my mom and dad are thinking the same thing right now.

Turns out...life is pretty darn good. It is a charter boat that takes tourists out for scuba diving, snorkeling, whale watching and trips to turtle town. They also catch some amazing fish off this thing as well. Tracey and I signed up for the 4 hour trip to Molokini where we would get to snorkel, eat, drink and then sail...

These images are from when we were on the boat (more to come later of the fun we had in the water!) The crew was great fun as well. Mainly kids in their 20's taking a break to work in Maui for a few months. They pass their time by sitting on surfboards and making sure novice snorkelers don't drown themselves or something. Dad, they may have an opening for you! All I kept thinking is..."My dad needs to live here!"

What an awesome job!

Anyhow, enjoy the pics! BTW, I hope these blues come through on your screen....NO PHOTOSHOP HERE! I have never seen water so blue in my life....in so many shades! The wedding ones are coming...I am almost done editing! YAY!

Safety Ring

Sailing Knot

Blue and White

Our Captain
(I was getting a pic of the bartender and he just had to sneak his face into the shot...he thought he was too fast for my shutter finger....he was wrong!)

Looking Up


quilly said...

You are so lucky. I am still awaiting my change to sail.

cjc said...

I've done that trip... It was great. I shot 2 rolls of film of the friends that were with me... I had a blast snorkeling, but love to sail so the whole day is an awesome memory, and we saw some whales up close on the ride back...

Sounds like you had a great trip!!!

JFargo said...

I really love the first and third shots! I mean, they're all good, but those two I particularly like.

And no, I don't know why I think a picture of a tied rope is cooler than the captain shot. It's just how I am. :)

fishing guy said...

Anna: Very nicely done with the sailboat.

photowannabe said...

This looks like a dream time you had in beautiful Maui. I love the life preserver shot.
Have a terrific weekend.

Robert said...

I so want to go back. Through your words and these few images, I feel that much closer. I swear I could live there. But my wife grew up in Alaska and misses the cold. So for now it's stay put in California. I'm looking forward to more images from Maui. And seeing as the alphabet project I've been working on is coming to a close, and it is LATE May, I thought I'd check to see if you have a new project coming. I'd be tempted to start one of my own but I know you were planning one.

timtim said...

Lover that sailing knot photo! They are all great! What a wonderful time you must have had. Can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Anna, I thought the beach and palm tree post was a Perfect 10, but you've outdone yourself with the sailing pics. Right when Mom and I have finally put to rest our fondest memories of bareboating in the BVI's, you've succeeded in again stoking the fire. Shame on you!



Lacey Lichi said...

The sailing knot is my favorite picture. It would look great in a frame in a nautical room.