Sneak Peak

April 2008

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At Christmas, all the kids draw names on my husbands side of the family. This year, I drew my brother-in-law. I was thrilled because I had the perfect gift idea. No, I did not get him the Harley Road King you see above. He already has it. I told him I would like to photograph his bike and then he could hang the series of the three images in his room dedicated to all things Harley at his house.

This is a sneak peek at what I have been working on for him. The hardest part about this little project is I can't seem to decide on which images to use! I really like them all! Maybe I am a bike chick....at the very least I LOVE the way they look!

I am hoping he likes them when I am finished. I think they will look great and he can enjoy them for many years! I am expecting a ride very soon! Please check out my blogger friend SARCH who is also a motorcycle rider! He has a special post right now in honor of Motorcycle Awareness Month!

I have to run...I am picking up my better half who has been in China for the past TWO WEEKS!
See you tomorrow!


fishing guy said...

Anna: Thanks for sharing this, it's a great photo. I have friends who are bikers and they would love this photo.

timtim said...

Awesome shot. Say hi to your hubby!

tommie said...

This is awesome, what a special gift you will be given him.

On a side note, do you read Scott Kelby's blog? He just shot a series of a Harley: http://www.scottkelby.com/blog/2008/archives/1297

Sarch said...

Wow, another great shot Anna! I can only imagine what you could do with a Gold Wing!

Thanks so much for the mention...very kind of you.

Great to hear that your picking up the other half. I know you're excited to see him again and I'll bet the feeling is mutual.

quilldancer said...

My first car was a motorcycle -- not, however, a Harley. Still, I love bikes! Awesome and original gift idea.

Stacy said...

China? That's my stomping grounds! :) I'm sure he's got some great stories to tell.

Your shots have been beautiful as always. I especially like the header this time. You're building a fan base over here!

Robert said...

Nice. I love the tones. And the lines/circles/angles. I would really love to see how you display the final product. Matted? Framed? Or????

napaboaniya said...

I'm a car and motorcycle fan :)
That's one beautiful capture you've got of your BIL's bike.

Heidi said...

Anna- I have "lurked" a couple of times and just have to say that you are a wonderful photographer. I really enjoy seeing your stuff!

May I add your blog to my blogroll?

Have a great week and thanks for the look.

John Roberts said...

I like the perspective and the toning. Another winner!

Anna said...

Whoaa didn't know John was in China... maybe because I haven't talked to you in AGES!!!! I've got a funky exams schedule the next couple of weeks so maybe I'll try to call you during the morning... Email me and let me know what time would work... It'd be great to talk to you. Miss you!!!!

photowannabe said...

Cool picture Anna. I am sure he is just going to love the series. It will be a very special gift.
2 weeks in China...hurry go get your Honey!!!