Day Out in the City

You might be expecting a photo of Big Ben...but one of my favorite things in Central London is the parks. I love that in a city so massive that they have saved these spaces for people to enjoy. They are immaculately maintained and are filled with wildlife, plants, flowers and trees. Many of the trees have stood there for almost 200 years. This tree is in St. James Park. It covers 58 acres in front of Buckingham Palace. That is some front yard for Her Majesty the Queen and I am glad she shares. This is a Plane tree and there are many that run along the outside of the park in a perfect line. I wish they could tell stories of all that has happened beneath them...don't you?


Stephanie said...

I don't know how you do it but the shot is just exceptional, and trees are the one thing that ALWAYS amaze me, for reasons I can't even put into words, but you may have hit on something, since I am such a "gossip" hound I know I know NOT GOOD, but maybe I would love to know what they have seen and survived.

Love ya girl!

Thanks I look forward to this everyday!

Stephanie said...

Okay now I am gonna be hokey, but as I always do I go back and look at it again, I see 5 major arms from that tree and I see John, you and those wonderful children, you all are being planted. Yuck I know I am such an emotional goof ball, but these things just strike me and keep me focused on His path, not mine.

Thanks again sweetie!

kenju said...

Anna, what is a place tree? I love the photo of it; so strong and up-right.