A Taste of India

This is India's most popular sweet called jalebi. They are made with plain flour, gram flour, lentil flour, water, then deep fried in butteroil and lashed with syrup. I wish I could tell you that I have tried them but I haven't gotten up the nerve yet...I just thought they looked cool all stacked up like that! Maybe next time!


kenju said...

When I first looked at it, I thought it was raw hamburger! I think you should try one, Anna, and let us know how it tastes. I once had an Indian Avon lady, who made me something sweet from her country and it was fabulous; all covered with powdered sugar. That might be good, so I'd say try one.

Stephanie said...

WOW, it looks liek something children would love so colorful and it looks gooy? Let me know what it taste like, you have to try it now that you have shown it!

Love ya
Photo beautiful as usual