A World Away...

This is a bit more serious of a picture than you are used to seeing from me...no flowers or kids today. I am not sure who paid to have this new billboard put up, but it is less than a mile from our home. This is a sentiment that most Americans are not used to seeing about themselves. Although, if you have ever lived outside the US you will know that it can be a pretty common view. I was pretty shocked and saddened to see it on our drive tonight. I miss home.


John said...

But I'm came out of America...they must have not met me yet..

kenju said...

I understand why this one makes you sad - it does me also. But we must have freedom of speech, and so they are allowed to publish their views - even on billboards.
The best we can do is to act in such a way to prove them wrong.

Stephanie said...

awwwwww, that stinks, but isn't great that you all are there and you all are great. We can't all be right all the time huh, silly blokes!

Love ya

Chad Oneil said...

America is Awesome!!!!!!!!

Ted Byrne said...

Okay... Okay... I can understand a few grumbles from the folks who's pants we beat back in the 1770's... heh heh... Surely the result of that campaign must have contributed to the "nothing good outta America" feelings... But hey, we kept the language, and where would Elvis, Paris Hilton and Kentucky Fried Chicken be without that legacy, eh?

Speaking of the language and the 1700s... I wonder what accent George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton spoke? Do you think their speech patterns would resonate better with the voices of Wales, Scotland, or say... London than the current American sounds?

Or would they have sounded more Australian or New Zealand-like? Gads... I image that even the American lilt must be grating to the "awuflness-of-America" sympathizers, eh?

Ah well... nice capture. Thanks for sharing.