Quiet Retreat

Since 1094 the Church of St Mary has been atop Harrow-on-the-Hill. From our home it is a five minute walk. I included a bonus picture of the church for you. When I visit there this archway welcomes me and always makes me pause and reflect. Just after you walk under this arch there are gravesites that are dated as far back as the church has been standing. I love the thick, rugged wood and the verse that is etched..."The Lord is risen indeed. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."


kenju said...

Anna, you are so blessed to live among such ancient history (even for a short time). We in the US have only 230 years of it and cannot easily imagine the antiquity that abounds there. Drink it all in (and share it with us!).

Beverly said...

A beautiful church, and a wonderful verse.