Go Purple and Gold!

Banner Time.
July 2008

My iTunes:  Waiting For My Real Life to Begin by Colin Hay

What an awesome worship today!

Thanks to the uber-talented musicians that visited our church today.  I wish them all the best and cannot wait to see them when they come back through Atlanta in September again!  All who came to church this morning were blessed by their gifts....so thanks guys!

I snapped this shot the other day while my daughter and her cheer buddies were painting banners for the upcoming fall football season.  It was screaming at me for a pic....so here it is.  There is actually no gold here but you get the picture!  It just didn't make sense to say "Go purple!".....

Have a wonderful week everyone!  Please, please, please check out the song up top I am listening to tonight on iTunes.  If you liked Men At Work in the 80's you will remember Colin Hay.  This song is amazing and I heard it on the new series The Cleaner on the USA network.  Also awesome!    Let me know what you think of them both!


Robert said...

We missed church today because of being overly tired from all the parties yesterday. I know, bad excuse. But your words here are encouraging. I'm glad you had a wonderful time of worship. Music is such a wonderful expression of worship. We are truly blessed to have it.

I'm glad you heard the purple and gold screaming at you. You did them justice with this shot.

Luke Wiley said...

a cup of purple paint makes for a good photo subject! very nice!

Christy said...

Great shot, and I'll try to check out the songs!

Mark said...

Ah, there's nothing to date yourself quite like starting a sentence with, "If you like Men at Work in the 80's." Thanks, Anna, for helping some us remember how old we are.

Does that mean we have to act like adults, whatever that means?

Cool purple. I remember those banners well, but not because I was a jock. One of the high schools I attended, I was in band and we had to time a certain piece of music just right for when the players burst through the banner.

It's interesting to get a peek behind the making of the banner instead of only seeing it get wrecked.

Rebecca said...

Isn't this a GREAT song?? I feel bad now because I heard it last year....shoot girl, this is another reason we're kindred spirits - we're in love with music...which I already knew, but somehow had forgotten. Ok, I now resolve to share any new music finds with you at all times. Seriously.

In other news, that picture makes me want to stick my hands right in the paint! :)

quilly said...

I haven't turned on regular TV in so long, I know nothing about popular culture.

I know I like this photo. It is reminiscent of scenes from my classroom. I could almost smell the tempura.

Britt said...

Yay LHS football! Love this shot!

Elaine said...

Ahhh--football! I always loved the start of a new school year and football season. It was a major part of life in Texas. My friends in Missouri just don't get it!

I have been AWOL lately--life got in the way, as did a lack of inspiration! Anyway, I am going to spend a couple of months in Augusta, GA, and I hope the new surroundings will get me started again.

Faye Pekas said...

I see why this was calling to be photographed.

Glad worship services were good for you :)

Laurie said...

I love shots of the "ordinary". This ordinary item is anything but ordinary in this photo.