Gates of Iron

In some of my favorite movies that are shot here in London...like Notting Hill for instance*...neighborhoods have these iron gates in front of the residences. I really like the look of these gates. The black iron against the white homes. I am a fan of clean lines that border on being abstract. This is visually pleasing to me. It is very common to see these gates in the city around some of the more "posh" areas. I pass by this gate on the way to and from the boys school. I stopped today and got some pics of it...I am sure my neighbors all thought I was CRAZY! Oh well.

*Notting Hill starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant is a great movie...go rent it if you haven't seen it!


Anonymous said...

Just want you to know I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog and photos! :)


Anna said...

Thanks Rebecca...I really enjoy doing it.