Soothing Hues

The good news is...my parents and Aunt Jane are visiting from the States in 2 days. The bad news is...I haven't felt well for a few days now and I have so much to do to prepare for them. I wanted to try to be productive today but I couldn't get into a groove. Has anyone of you ever felt like that? As I was sitting at the computer, my husbands mac (YES, we are a die hard Macintosh family) went into sleep mode and all these beautiful patterns and colors started going across the screen. I have to say, I felt better when I grabbed my camera and tooks some pictures. After trying some different techniques with the flash and speed...this is the one that made me feel the best...almost blissful.

Then I went back to bed...maybe I can be productive tomorrow.


Kathy said...

With the TLC your family will give, you'll be better in no time. Forget the "to-do" list, just get some rest. Love Ya

Anonymous said...

Get some rest! They will be thrilled just to see you:) I know Aunt Jane has been preparing and is estatic about about coming to see you all! You have fun and give everybody my love.

Anonymous said...

Great photo, Anna!