Moment of Reflection

In case you were wondering, I wasn't that productive today either. Case in point...I managed to go and get my haircut today. I have been trading U.S. celebrity magazines for haircuts at the salon next door...they are my guilty pleasure...( Did I just tell you all that? What is wrong with me?) Hey, a girl has to be resourceful! And as I laid back into the sink to get my hair washed...I just stared at this light fixture in the ceiling...reflecting on all the things that I had not done to prepare for my parents arrival. What a bad daughter! I was so anxious about it, I nodded off for a minute. Needless to say, I will be cleaning until the wee hours of the morning...this is a fact.


Kathy said...

In the words someone once told me "Let It Go".

Anonymous said...

I know your parents... they won't care if the place looks like a bomb went off, as long as you and the family are there, they will be extatic... I hope you also got some sleep... tell your parents that I said "hi", and will miss them here until they are back... cjc