Halls of the Abbey

When I have gone to Westminster Abbey before, I have never been by myself in a room there. Today was the day. This place is packed all the time with tourists from all over the world! I could not believe that when I looked up...I was sitting alone looking down an empty hallway...so I snapped this as fast as I could. The iron in the windows looks out into a courtyard area that is surrounded by the abbey. It is breathtaking. The Abbey has been here since 1045 and is the resting place for Kings, Queens, writers, painters and many, many others. Princess Diana's funeral service was held here although she is buried at her family estate in Althorpe. This is also the site where Elizabeth was crowned Queen of England in 1953 at the age of 27. SO MUCH HISTORY! This picture seemed very nostalgic to me. Hope you like it.

To read more go to www.westminster-abbey.org/

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kenju said...

It is hard to believe that you found that area void of people. What a great photo, Anna!